Thug With Me (feat. Mozzy) - Tunde, Mozzy Information

-2.969 dB


"Thug With Me (feat. Mozzy)" by Tunde, Mozzy had its release date on February 22, 2024. Thug With Me (feat. Mozzy) is 2 minutes and 53 seconds long and may contain bad words that may be unsuitable for children. Since Thug With Me (feat. Mozzy) only contains only one song in the album, we like to consider this song as a single. Furthermore, we believe that the track originated from United States. In terms of popularity, Thug With Me (feat. Mozzy) is currently average in popularity. Although the tone can be danceable to some, this track does projects more of a negative sound rather than a postive one.

Thug With Me (feat. Mozzy) BPM

With Thug With Me (feat. Mozzy) by Tunde, Mozzy having a BPM of 117 with a half-time of 58 BPM and a double-time of 234 BPM, we would consider this track to have a Moderato (at a moderate speed) tempo marking. Because of this, we believe that the song has an overall moderate tempo. Looking at the BPM of this song, this song might go great with walking. The time signature for this track is 5/4.

Thug With Me (feat. Mozzy) Key

This song has a musical key of D Major. Or for those who are familiar with the camelot wheel, this song has a camelot key of 10B. So, the perfect camelot match for 10B would be either 10B or 11A. While, 11B can give you a low energy boost. For moderate energy boost, you would use 7B and a high energy boost can either be 12B or 5B. Though, if you want a low energy drop, you should looking for songs with either a camelot key of 10A or 9B will give you a low energy drop, 1B would be a moderate one, and 8B or 3B would be a high energy drop. Lastly, 7A allows you to change the mood.


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