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Finding Any Song's BPM and Key

Welcome to! We provide song data such as the key and BPM of almost every song. With over 82 million tracks to choose from, you can now access song data that are typically hidden from streaming services. Being one of the largest BPM and key database search websites out there, our large music database allows us to creates innovative applications such as harmonically matching tracks and tracking the BPM and keys of Spotify playlists.

Popular Song Charts

Unlike other music charts, it is standard for to include the musical key, camelot key, and BPM (tempo) of each track. Our goal is to cater not only to music listeners, but to musicians, producers, and DJs by providing useful metadata. If you would like to learn more about each song or find song recommendations, click on either the album cover or song's name to learn more about the song! To listen to a song, hover over to the song's ranking number to display the play button.

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Today's Top 100 Songs

The Top 100 Song Chart contains today's most popular hits! The ranking on this chart are based on streaming data, radio plays, and music sales.

Discover Popular Songs Based On BPM or Key

Find the most popular songs based on a particular BPM or music key. From there you can discover and listen to the top 100 songs based on that specific key or BPM.

Find Songs Based On The BPM Or Tempo

Enter a numeric value to obtain a list of songs based on a BPM/tempo. The tempo must be between 30 BPM and 250 BPM.

Find Songs Based On Music Or Camelot Key

Select any of the 24 music keys in order to acquire a music chart based on that musical/camelot key.

Analyze A Spotify Playlist With BPM And Key Data wants to provide DJs and producers a free and easy solution to organize their beat-matched set with our Spotify Playlist Analyzer. Instead of using third-party applications or transferring your playlist out of Spotify, simply paste in your public Spotify playlist URL in the search bar above and press enter. From there, your Spotify playlist will be organized into 7 different columns, which includes the playlist order, track name, artist, musical key, energy, camelot key, and BPM. Based on those 7 columns, you can organize and sort each of those columns by clicking on their header. From there, the column will organize the entire playlist in either ascending or descending order based on that column, which will easily help you find the perfect song transitions and allow you to create an amazing set!

BPM Song Finder

Discover the BPM of over 70 million songs with our easy to use BPM finder. Simply search for a song with our BPM finder search bar and within seconds the BPM (tempo) and key of the song will display on your screen. If you would like to view more information about the song, you may click the song information to get information like other songs within the same album, recommended songs, harmonic matches with our camelot wheel, and song analysis. Also find out when a song is release, if it is explicit, and the link to the song from various music streaming platforms.

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