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Today's Top Hits with BPM & Key

Last Night by Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen
125 BPM
F Minor
Flowers by Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
126 BPM
F Minor
Kill Bill by SZA
80 BPM
A Major
Calm Down (with Selena Gomez) by Rema, Selena Gomez
Rema, Selena Gomez
107 BPM
B Major
Favorite Song by Toosii
83 BPM
B♭ Major
Ella Baila Sola by Eslabon Armado, Peso Pluma
Eslabon Armado, Peso Pluma
148 BPM
F Minor
All My Life (feat. J. Cole) by Lil Durk, J. Cole
Lil Durk, J. Cole
143 BPM
E♭ Major
Bad Bunny
144 BPM
A Minor
Creepin' (with The Weeknd & 21 Savage) by Metro Boomin, The Weeknd, 21 Savage
Metro Boomin, The Weeknd, 21 Savage
134 BPM
D♭ Minor
Fast Car by Luke Combs
Luke Combs
98 BPM
A♭ Major

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BPM and Key Finder?

A BPM (beats per minute) finder is a tool that can detect the tempo of a song, while a key finder analyzes a piece of music and identifies the key in which the song is played in.

Who uses BPM and Key Detection Software?

BPM and Key detection software can be used by DJs to help match the tempo and music key of different songs and create seamless song transitions, music producers as a tool to create song mashups or remixes, sound designers to ensure that their choice of music or sound effects are in sync with their content, fitness instructors to create workout playlists based on their tempo and energy, and music listeners who are just curious of the BPM or key of a song.

What is the Best BPM and Key Finder?

Even though there are many music analysis tools available online, none of them are alike. Many BPM and key finders may utilize different detection algorithms. Due to this, BPM detection software may sometimes be inaccurate, especially when a song has either irregular rhythms or inconsistent time signatures. Feel free to give our BPM and key detection software a try by using the search bar above.