Find a Song's BPM and Key

Spotify Playlist Analysis

Sort your Spotify Playist by the Key or BPM

The Harmonic Mixing Solution

Our Spotify playlist analyzer is the perfect solution for any DJ or producer who needs a quick and easy solution in beat matching or planning an upcoming DJ set.

What is Analyzed in the Playlist

Music Key

Having trouble figuring out what key a song is? Don't worry, we make it easy for you to find the right key for any song. From now on you can create the perfect remix, mashups, and live sets.


Our energy scale is from 1 to 10. 10 having the most energy, while 1 having the least. Determine which songs are perfect for your audience based on the energy level of your tracks.

Camelot Key

We made it easy for you by converting the keys of a song to camelot keys. Allowing you to easily determine what songs you will next in your DJing software.


Find the right BPM of the track, allowing you to beat match with other tracks. You can now easily sync up two tracks within a matter of seconds using our sorted playlist table.

Simple and Easy to Use

Just type in your desired Spotify Playlist URI and within seconds, your Spotify playlist will now include track data such as energy levels, music keys, and BPM. As long as the playlist is public and has no local songs, there shouldn't be any problems. :)

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