LO-FI BEATS, Epic Media Net, O N L Y Lofi
Everything is Over
2:07 January 18, 2023
C Major

visions Information

Acousticness 99%
Danceability 68%
Energy 9%
Instrumentalness 96%
Liveness 14%
Loudness 67%
Speechiness 5%
Valence 19%
Loudness -19.779 dB

visions Recommended Songs

Lofi Beats to Study by Chill Hip HopLofi Beats to StudyChill Hip HopD♭ Minor312A92
Blue and Green by Zleept, Miu TikkuBlue and GreenZleept, Miu TikkuC Minor105A170
Vibrant by LO-FI BEATS, Studying, Reading Background Music PlaylistVibrantLO-FI BEATS, Studying, Reading Background Music PlaylistB♭ Minor13A68
Human Evolution Is Near by LO-FI BEATSHuman Evolution Is NearLO-FI BEATSF♯ Major52B77
I Wanna Migrate by Chilled GoatI Wanna MigrateChilled GoatC Minor45A78
Jazz It by LO-FI BEATSJazz ItLO-FI BEATSA♭ Major54B140
Stylish Lofi and Cafe by Lofi HarryStylish Lofi and CafeLofi HarryC Major38B150
Smooth Talk by ChilledcowSmooth TalkChilledcowD♭ Major73B174
Adore Lofi by LofiMATAdore LofiLofiMATE♭ Major35B84
Cascade by Lofi ZachCascadeLofi ZachD Major710B80
Playful Music for Chilling Out by Lo-Fi & ChillPlayful Music for Chilling OutLo-Fi & ChillA Minor38A149
2am Stars by Chilled Goat2am StarsChilled GoatC Minor45A84
hammock nap by instant erahammock napinstant eraA Minor48A116
Misty Sea by Clark ParkMisty SeaClark ParkD♭ Major23B85
Lofi Love by Lofi MattLofi LoveLofi MattC Minor45A84
Cinnamon by Coffe Lofi, Ronnie Relaxation, Astral ProjectionCinnamonCoffe Lofi, Ronnie Relaxation, Astral ProjectionC Minor45A196
Holding On by Lofi JordanHolding OnLofi JordanF♯ Minor611A75
Open Spaces by Clark ParkOpen SpacesClark ParkB♭ Minor33A170
Lofi Cartoon by Chill Hip HopLofi CartoonChill Hip HopB Major51B92
Illusional Fantasy by ChilledcowIllusional FantasyChilledcowE Minor69A80
Como Erestu by Lofi Hip-Hop BeatComo ErestuLofi Hip-Hop BeatC Minor105A170
Shades by SUFIKKShadesSUFIKKG Major39B90
Better together by ZleeptBetter togetherZleeptG Minor06A80
Gentle Lofi Streams by Lofi Hip-Hop Beats, Beats De Rap, LO-FI BEATSGentle Lofi StreamsLofi Hip-Hop Beats, Beats De Rap, LO-FI BEATSB Major01B110
Genesee Dreamin' by Lofi DreamsGenesee Dreamin'Lofi DreamsE Major512B90
Going time by SUFIKKGoing timeSUFIKKC Minor55A85
Lofi Heart by Lofi JordanLofi HeartLofi JordanG Minor36A95
Shine On by Lofi NickShine OnLofi NickD♭ Major33B159
Canopies by Lofi Sleep Chill & Study, LO-FI BEATS, Lofi ChillCanopiesLofi Sleep Chill & Study, LO-FI BEATS, Lofi ChillC Major28B170
Easy Study by Lo-Fi & ChillEasy StudyLo-Fi & ChillA Minor38A75
Pure Vibes Lofi by Jamie LofiPure Vibes LofiJamie LofiB♭ Major36B135
Lofi Lullaby by Lofi DreamsLofi LullabyLofi DreamsC Major38B160
LoFi Sunrise by Lofi JoeLoFi SunriseLofi JoeE Major312B80
Coffee Syrup by Lofi HarryCoffee SyrupLofi HarryB Minor310A170
Lofi Time by LofiMATLofi TimeLofiMATC Major38B84
Mellow Music by Lofi Sleep Chill & Study, Lofi Hip-Hop Beats, LO-FI BEATSMellow MusicLofi Sleep Chill & Study, Lofi Hip-Hop Beats, LO-FI BEATSD♭ Major23B156
Planet in the Secret by Chilled CowPlanet in the SecretChilled CowC Minor45A84
Static Radio by Lo-Fi & ChillStatic RadioLo-Fi & ChillC Minor25A170
Freedom by Lofi GirlFreedomLofi GirlF Major17B80
Lofi Tears by LofiMATLofi TearsLofiMATD♭ Major33B80
Its A Bad Day by Chilled GoatIts A Bad DayChilled GoatE Minor39A133
Lofi Depths by Lofi NationLofi DepthsLofi NationF Minor34A90
Hi Joe! by Lofi ZachHi Joe!Lofi ZachF Major37B140
Toke With Me by Sad LoFi Boy, LO-FI BEATSToke With MeSad LoFi Boy, LO-FI BEATSE Minor29A75
Soften Shimmer by Clark ParkSoften ShimmerClark ParkD Major310B85
Clock strikes by Chilled CowClock strikesChilled CowF Major27B77
Page Turner by LO-FI BEATSPage TurnerLO-FI BEATSB Minor210A124
Sleep Music Beat - Instrumental by Lofi Hip Hop NationSleep Music Beat - InstrumentalLofi Hip Hop NationB♭ Major66B80
Regulate (lofi version) by golden era, lofi.remixesRegulate (lofi version)golden era, lofi.remixesE Minor29A168
Como Una Salbaje by Lofi Hip-Hop BeatComo Una SalbajeLofi Hip-Hop BeatD♭ Major13B88
L-M Records/RCA Records