riensu, yoku, sai
2:43 January 18, 2023
D♭ Minor

tonight Information

Acousticness 24%
Danceability 87%
Energy 38%
Instrumentalness 0%
Liveness 10%
Loudness 84%
Speechiness 4%
Valence 75%
Loudness -9.518 dB

tonight Recommended Songs

Nouvi Nefilim (Talia Unity Mix) by Alphonso Kiing, Amato StjerneNouvi Nefilim (Talia Unity Mix)Alphonso Kiing, Amato StjerneA Major411B146
4u by christian blair4uchristian blairE Minor59A142
7eventeen by MUNZi, kairo6k7eventeenMUNZi, kairo6kD♭ Major73B130
dubz by Swagtastic666dubzSwagtastic666D♭ Major83B172
PLAY 4 KEEPZ by Swagtastic666PLAY 4 KEEPZSwagtastic666A♭ Minor91A148
jealousy by loveyouparadisejealousyloveyouparadiseC Major88B145
equipped by akoge, Xul, 2worthequippedakoge, Xul, 2worthD Major910B87
first by glowboyfirstglowboyD Major710B89
thats the way it goes i guess... by emoravethats the way it goes i guess...emoraveB Major81B144
I Am A Geeker Most Do Not Know This by Yeah0k!I Am A Geeker Most Do Not Know ThisYeah0k!B Major81B172
My year? by saturnMy year?saturnD♭ Major93B90
Haha fuck you by Tayservin!Haha fuck youTayservin!E♭ Major55B160
said it! by jsu., L33V3said it!jsu., L33V3A Major911B150
high school dropout: with a twist! by gingushigh school dropout: with a twist!gingusD Major1010B162
haven by BhertuyhavenBhertuyF Minor54A172
difference by gekii1, d1vdifferencegekii1, d1vA Major411B149
just like that by ri4hjust like thatri4hE Minor109A90
best for you by Bhertuybest for youBhertuyB Major81B115
i need you forever by Psych, d0llywood1i need you foreverPsych, d0llywood1C Major78B85
Waste by nomu.Wastenomu.D♭ Major103B150
expectations by oroahexpectationsoroahG Minor66A87
take your time by Yurmstake your timeYurmsE♭ Major75B158
say what by emotionalssay whatemotionalsA♭ Major74B136
president by coldspadespresidentcoldspadesC Major38B130
Talk Down ! by AditTalk Down !AditA Major511B154
all the time by Lost Winters, neopradaall the timeLost Winters, neopradaC Minor65A99
white tiger by 2holliswhite tiger2hollisG Major99B112
different perspective by heroinsickdifferent perspectiveheroinsickC Minor85A190
need me? by datealyfe, kairo6k, blxtyneed me?datealyfe, kairo6k, blxtyF Minor54A102
growin up by kaido's songrowin upkaido's sonA♭ Major34B170
try my best by mqtry my bestmqD♭ Major73B93
jame 2 by snowyjame 2snowyD Major710B130
collapse by Buffalobang, Spira mecollapseBuffalobang, Spira meD Major610B128
did you miss me by Psychdid you miss mePsychF Minor54A126
too nice by d1v, Sg Lilytoo niced1v, Sg LilyF Major77B89
fuckyou by Itsatrill, wubz, yokufuckyouItsatrill, wubz, yokuA Major711B81
strange addiction by Rabstrange addictionRabD Major010B128
skYe hi by Deth Coni, skaiwaterskYe hiDeth Coni, skaiwaterC Major58B137
decoy by gunrangedecoygunrangeB Major101B175
needa stop by jammy, d0llywood1needa stopjammy, d0llywood1D♭ Minor1012A180
Tears Froze by Crystal Statues, Yandere, Crescent, 9soulsTears FrozeCrystal Statues, Yandere, Crescent, 9soulsA♭ Major84B80
Exxdlena by Bubblegum BoyfriendExxdlenaBubblegum BoyfriendC Major68B154
stalker by Scruff, Kaido, christian blairstalkerScruff, Kaido, christian blairE♭ Major65B163
Live And Learn by kairo6kLive And Learnkairo6kC Major68B148
luvv by kaixanluvvkaixanG Minor66A74
Toxic/dead silence by jammyToxic/dead silencejammyA♭ Minor41A116
AQUAFINA by lostrushiAQUAFINAlostrushiD Major710B156
Does it really matter by PsychDoes it really matterPsychD♭ Minor512A126
walk around by cruseywalk aroundcruseyD♭ Major93B100
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