Kolybelnaya - Extended Mix

Krasa Rosa, Ranta, Miroshin
Krasa Rosa & Friends
7:56 May 19, 2023
D Major

Song Analysis

-9.826 dB


Krasa Rosa, Ranta, Miroshin made "Kolybelnaya - Extended Mix" available on May 19, 2023. Since Kolybelnaya - Extended Mix is still less than 10 minute long, it is still considered a pretty long duration song compared to the average song length. This song does not appear to be explicit due to the lack of the "E" tag. The track order of this song in Krasa Rosa's "Krasa Rosa & Friends" album is number 8 out of 8. On top of that, United Kingdom appears to be the country where this track was created.

We consider the tempo marking of Kolybelnaya - Extended Mix by Krasa Rosa, Ranta, Miroshin to be Allegro (fast, quick, and bright) because the track has a tempo of 122 BPM. Based on that, the speed of the song's tempo is fast. Activities such as, walking, can go well with this song.

This song is in the music key of D Major. This also means that this song has a camelot key of 10B. Based on our statistics, Kolybelnaya - Extended Mix's popularity is unknown right now. Even with the track produces more of a neutral energy, it is pretty danceable compared to others.


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