4:28 May 19, 2023
C Major

Song Analysis

Acousticness 26%
Danceability 41%
Energy 73%
Instrumentalness 0%
Liveness 34%
Loudness 88%
Speechiness 26%
Valence 52%
Loudness -7.455 dB


Spyr made "MANGO THANKS" available on May 19, 2023. MANGO THANKS is explicit and may not be suitable for children. With the duration being about 4:28, this song is close to the average duration of a typical track. The song is number 10 out of 12 in ESY by Spyr. Going off of the ISRC code of this track, we detected that the origin of this track is from Greece.

The tempo marking of MANGO THANKS by Spyr is Vivace (lively and fast), since this song has a tempo of 160 BPM. With that information, we can conclude that the song has a fast tempo. This song can go great with running.

This song has a musical key of C Major. This also means that this song has a camelot key of 8B. The popularity of this song is currently not that popular right now. Since there is more of a neutral sound in this song, this makes the song somewhat danceable.


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