Convert Spotify Songs To YouTube

Convert your Spotify links to YouTube links.

Transfer your Spotify playlists to your YouTube playlist

You can seamlessly convert your old Spotify playlist to your new YouTube playlist using our conversion tool. If you want a more automated solution, feel free to use our API at:

Share Spotify Links with YouTube listeners

Not everyone uses or can afford Spotify premium. So, what's the next best alterative that is free? That would be YouTube. With our music streaming conversion tool, you can easily transition your existing Spotify playlist or library into a YouTube playlist. Whether you prefer YouTube or would like to have a free alternative, we've got you covered in making the music streaming switch as simple as possible.

How to convert a Spotify playlist into a YouTube playlist

  1. Visit a Spotify playlist.
  2. Right click on each track.
  3. Click "Share".
  4. Click "Copy Song Link".
  5. Paste the Spotify song link into our Spotify to YouTube conversion tool above.
  6. Once the YouTube link is generate.
  7. Visit the YouTube link.
  8. Click on "Save" and put the song in your desired playlist.

If you choose to convert your Spotify playlist manually as shown above, you are ensuring and also verifying that the conversion process between Spotify and YouTube is completely accurate. If you would like a more offhand approach, feel free to use

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Last updated on: February 27, 2024