Convert Spotify Songs To Tidal Songs

Convert your Spotify songs into Tidal songs.

How to convert Spotify songs into Tidal songs

While we wait for Spotify to offer CD-quality, lossless audio, Tidal is not a bad alternative while we wait. In fact, Tidal already has lossless audio in their music streaming services. With that being said, we assume you are planning or have already made the switch from Spotify to Tidal, which is why you are here. To use Spotify to Tidal conversion tool, all you need to do is copy the Spotify track URL and paste it into the conversion text box above the website. Within seconds, our conversion tool will generate a Tidal song link based on your Spotify link. If you would like a more hands-off approach, feel free to check out our API at:

Share Spotify Links with Tidal listeners

With our Spotify to Tidal conversion tool, you can easily transfer your Spotify songs over to the Tidal platform. Our converter allows you to seamlessly migrate Spotify songs into Tidal songs so that they can be shared among your friends and family.

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Last updated on: September 25, 2023