Convert Spotify To Amazon Music

Convert your Spotify song links into Amazon Music song links.

How to convert Spotify songs into Amazon Music songs

If you are tied to the Amazon ecosystem, making the switch from Spotify to Amazon Music is not a bad choice. In fact, it won't be a regrettable choice once you realized that our Spotify to Amazon Music conversion tool seamlessly allows you to convert Spotify link into Amazon Music links. Although you can use our smart link API at, manually verifying songs ensures that your playlists and song library gets transferred correctly without any issues. In order to convert your Spotify links into Amazon Music links, first you must get the Spotify song track, which can be obtained when you right-click on a track in order to get the sharable song URL. Once, you have gotten the shareable song URL, paste the song URL up above this website. Within seconds, our conversion tool will generate an Amazon Music link, which is tied to the Spotify track link. From there you can either add the track to your library or share it with Amazon Music listeners.

Share Spotify Links with Amazon Music listeners

Our Spotify to Amazon Music conversion tool is a great way for you to easily share your Spotify song links with your friends and family who uses Amazon Music. There shouldn't be a barrier between music streaming platforms, so our smart music link application breaks that barrier and allows listeners from all different streaming platforms to share their music between each other. If you would like a more automated approach to share your music, check out

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Last updated on: February 26, 2024