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Ruthless Onslaught by cpuclb Spotify Playlist

Ruthless Onslaught

by cpuclb

fast & relentless punk // hardcore // noise rock // metal // art rock // post-hardcore etc

Spotify ID: 7Koohj2X04dHLPh08SeneL

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1Droppin' Many RaversSpazzA Minor108A115
2ProtesterNegative FXB Major81B104
3I Talk, You Listen - Version Lo-FiCombat Wounded VeteranA Major1011B82
4End Me in RichmondPlanes Mistaken For StarsG Major109B98
5Filthy Murder ShackAgoraphobic NosebleedE Major712B199
6The GardenHis Hero Is GoneD♭ Major93B102
7Deny EverythingCircle JerksD Minor107A189
8Cat And CanaryErase ErrataF♯ Major92B112
9Spray PaintBlack FlagD Minor87A85
10For a Good Time Call Someone ElseDeaf ClubG Major109B121
11Wolfs BloodMisfitsB Major91B126
12Then I'll See You in HellThe BlamedF♯ Minor711A167
13Elderly Pair Beaten With HammerEl Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez LopezA Minor108A88
14Slash in the SnakepitPreD Major1010B135
15Octopus TooMean RedsA Major1011B206
16Split Myself in TwoMeat PuppetsD♭ Minor912A128
17Fred Shitbreath - Demo VersionAnal CuntD♭ Major103B134
18Reject of SocietyCrassG Major99B182
19One YearJenny PiccoloA Major911B74
20Life is Our GraveXBXRXD Major1010B0
21IntroEd GeinB♭ Minor103A183
22Akimahenka - Remastered 2018Otoboke BeaverC Major98B116
23Gluing Carpet to Your Genitals Does Not Make You a CantaloupeThe LocustD♭ Major93B115
24Pay to CumBad BrainsA Major911B161
25GlassingPlanes Mistaken For StarsB♭ Major106B176
26Hot Dog Water Popsicle in the Hand of Eric Wood - C.F.D.L Split VersionSpazzF Major67B173
27Freakin OutDeathD♭ Major93B104
28Scratch or Stitch!Melt-BananaD♭ Minor1012A148
29UngratefulAgoraphobic NosebleedF♯ Major102B110
30Yellow Line TransferPig DestroyerB♭ Minor103A104
31Brutal PharmeceuticalHatred SurgeE Minor109A217
32Seeing RedMinor ThreatD Major810B169
33Biochron Space SuitExpanderF Minor104A172
34Lesser AnimalPig DestroyerF♯ Minor911A134
35L DopaBig BlackE Major912B111
36Magnetic Field of DreamsZealot R.I.P.D Major1010B106
37AffirmationClikatat IkatowiE Minor109A87
38The Mullet BurdenThe Dillinger Escape PlanF♯ Minor1011A160
39Into Another DimensionExtolA Major911B177
40CustomerThe ReplacementsE Minor99A111
41H.O.D.Distorted PonyB Major91B166
42Plague of FrogsLake Of DraculaG Major99B108
43Psst! Is That A Halfie In Your PantsThe LocustA Major1011B86
44PiranaTorcheC Major108B96
45Stuffed Party AnimalsHot NerdsE♭ Minor102A94
46You LoseThe ReplacementsD♭ Minor912A108
47No TimeNi Hao!E Major812B54
48Black Door MineBrutal TruthC Major108B159
49GleasonBurlD Major1010B128
50BurdenRotten SoundD♭ Minor1012A129
51Red TapeCircle JerksB Minor810A201
52Freaks To The FrontAmyl and The SniffersD♭ Minor1012A119
53Not These HomesDecahedronC Major98B189
54The FeastGenghis TronD Minor97A125
55Blinded by ScienceFlux of Pink IndiansG Major109B173
56My Better HalfOne Last WishF Major97B131
57Why FatherWalls of JerichoD Major1010B111
58ChokerAll Else FailedG Major79B107
59Bathroom LaughterPissed JeansE♭ Major95B98
60Nervous BreakdownBlack FlagB Minor910A90
61Killer Cut The Phone LineTora! Tora! Torrance!B♭ Major96B112
62The Sound of Your Smashed HeadFuck The FactsB♭ Major106B121
63Love Is ShortOtoboke BeaverC Major108B120
6413 MonstersLightning BoltB Minor1010A188
65BoilermakerThe Jesus LizardB Minor910A104
66Deeper Than InsideRites of SpringG Major99B118
67January Twenty SecondReversal Of ManF Major107B105
68Don't Talk To MeGG AllinF Minor74A90
69A Flight and a CrashHot Water MusicA Major1011B103
70Black CloudConvergeE Major1012B105
71The Misaligned Men Of FlomationFrodusE Major1012B107
72Sugar Coated SourThe Dillinger Escape PlanA Minor108A91
73Mike Morowaitz, the Fantasy FuckDaughtersA Minor108A186
74Chapter For Transforming Into a SnakeNileD♭ Major93B127
75Youth of TodayYouth Of TodayB Minor810A107
76LiarLiving SacrificeB Minor1010A127
77The Jealous AnswerThe BlamedD♭ Major93B95
78My Spine! My Spine! My Spine!Combat Wounded VeteranD Major1010B102
79Bad MoodHelmetE Major1012B154
80Moral EclipseCave InF Minor94A92
81HyperventilationsystemDaughtersB Minor910A98
82Chin MusicFuture Of The LeftF♯ Major82B91
83GuitarmyThe Blood BrothersE Major1012B150
84ElucidationAnimosityB♭ Minor103A139
85Receive HimVengeance RisingC Minor95A0

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