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Pluto sorted by increasing order by xbrlasztby0yyoq17zy1cx1eh Spotify Playlist

Pluto sorted by increasing order

by xbrlasztby0yyoq17zy1cx1eh

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1CaedisThrowing SnowB Minor810A125
2XeroxedMushroomheadE Minor69A97
3XeroxedMushroomheadB Major81B93
4Warming Up the Brain FarmLo Fidelity AllstarsF♯ Major62B108
5The Final ActMushroomheadD♭ Major93B95
6Voodoo HouseLo Fidelity AllstarsD♭ Major13B100
7La La LaSaul WilliamsA♭ Major84B98
8Freakout 3Odd NosdamA♭ Minor51A93
9CutOdd NosdamF Major17B102
10PercaThrowing SnowB Minor810A125
11Prism (Part 2)Throwing SnowG Minor56A126
12These Filthy HandsMushroomheadE Major912B97
13Battleflag - Space Raiders EditLo Fidelity AllstarsB♭ Minor53A100
14As The Rain SpitsThrowing Snow, PyF Minor94A93
15The Good TimesLo Fidelity AllstarsD♭ Major93B99
16BattleflagLo Fidelity AllstarsB♭ Minor93A100
17Cantor's Dust (Part 1)Throwing SnowG Minor56A126
18The WristMushroomheadF Minor94A94
19Colony Collapse - Odd Nosdam Board Up RemixGenghis Tron, Odd NosdamC Minor95A105
20Prism (Part 1)Throwing SnowG Minor56A126
21AllegoryThrowing SnowG Minor56A126
22Pony PressureLo Fidelity AllstarsB Minor810A104
23528hz rvrsdOdd NosdamD Major510B136
24-1MudvayneB Minor910A96
25Recombinant ResurgenceMudvayneB♭ Minor63A99
2611th Ave. Freakout Pt 1Odd NosdamC Major28B107
27Seven DayzTek 9, Dj SpinnaB Major61B95
28The Wrist - Hand of Solo MixMushroomheadB♭ Minor53A100
29Empty SpacesMushroomheadE Major812B106
30Battleflag (feat. Pigeonhed)Lo Fidelity Allstars, PigeonhedB♭ Minor93A100
31Just EnoughLo Fidelity AllstarsF♯ Major22B100
32Battleflag - Live at the Big Beat BoutiqueLo Fidelity AllstarsC Major98B99
33BehestThrowing SnowF Minor44A100
34WhisperCatherineA♭ Major84B96
35Metronome - Freqax RemixBIG BROTHER 84, Justpim, FreqaxB♭ Minor93A101
36Southside LowdownLo Fidelity AllstarsF♯ Minor1011A130
37Deep Ellum... (feat. Jaime Liddell)Lo Fidelity Allstars, Jaime LiddellA♭ Minor91A99
38The Nang, The Front, The Bush & The ShitEl-P, Vast AireD♭ Major93B108
39Valentines BoastLo Fidelity AllstarsA Major411B95
40The Wrist - LiveMushroomheadD♭ Major93B100
41LIFOdd NosdamB Major31B83
42These Filthy HandsMushroomheadE Major912B98
43Battleflag - Radio EditLo Fidelity AllstarsG Major99B100
44Bonus BeatsLo Fidelity AllstarsF Major77B99
45Untimely MeditationsSaul WilliamsD Major710B95
46Too Much NothingMushroomheadD♭ Major93B95
47Southside LowdownLo Fidelity AllstarsB♭ Major106B97
48Trunk BombOdd NosdamB♭ Minor93A95
49TesseractThrowing SnowF♯ Minor511A93
50Kasparov's RevengeLo Fidelity AllstarsB Major81B98
51PantomimeOrgyE♭ Minor82A106
52I Got The Fear, Pt.4Meat Beat ManifestoB Minor910A103
53Hankerchief HeadMeat Beat ManifestoD Major910B106
54OpticonOrgyB♭ Minor93A100
55Untold StoriesMeat Beat ManifestoC Minor45A97
56RevivalOrgyG Major109B99
57Brainwashed This Way / Zombie / That ShirtMeat Beat ManifestoD♭ Minor612A101
58The TweekMeat Beat ManifestoB♭ Minor63A104
59Son of SamMeat Beat ManifestoG Major69B104
60Horn of JericoMeat Beat ManifestoD Major710B102
61CutmanMeat Beat ManifestoG Major99B107
62Future WorldsMeat Beat ManifestoC Major78B155
63The Circular Cosmic Spot - Electro the RobotMeat Beat ManifestoF Minor94A159
64Paradise FoundMeat Beat ManifestoF Minor94A159
65God O.D., Pt.3Meat Beat ManifestoB Major81B103
66Musica ClassicaMeat Beat ManifestoF Minor34A104
67I Got The FearMeat Beat ManifestoD♭ Minor912A103
68Flute ThangMeat Beat ManifestoF Minor34A104
69DescentFear FactoryD♭ Minor912A105
70Book Of ShadowsMeat Beat ManifestoD♭ Major93B103
71Digital BathDeftonesC Major88B118
72Solid WasteMeat Beat ManifestoD♭ Major93B106
73I Got The Fear, Pt.3Meat Beat ManifestoB♭ Minor83A101
74Mister PresidentMeat Beat ManifestoD♭ Major93B104
75BlindMeat Beat ManifestoF Minor34A104
76GranulationMeat Beat ManifestoF Minor34A104
77CirclesMeat Beat ManifestoD♭ Major83B107
78SupersoulMeat Beat ManifestoG Major79B105
79Genetic BlueprintFear FactoryF♯ Minor911A101
80Strap Down, Pt.3Meat Beat ManifestoD Major1010B107
81T-1000Fear FactoryE Major712B99
82Re-Animator, Pt.1Meat Beat ManifestoD♭ Major83B95
83Vapor Transmission - IntroOrgyB Major41B105
84The Water MarginMeat Beat ManifestoG Major99B104
85WildMeat Beat ManifestoF Minor34A104
86United Nations (E.T.C.)Meat Beat ManifestoB Minor1010A102
87The Height of Callousness - Force Fed Integrity MixSpineshankD♭ Major103B97
88StitchesOrgyB♭ Minor93A97
89Kick That ManMeat Beat ManifestoB♭ Minor73A107
90NowMeat Beat ManifestoD♭ Major63B104
91Future WorldsMeat Beat ManifestoF♯ Major92B103
92EuthanasiaMeat Beat ManifestoD♭ Major53B106
93Prime Audio Soup - Vegetarian Soup by Boards of CanadaMeat Beat ManifestoF Major67B100
9440 BelowSpineshankD♭ Major93B106
95ReanimatorMeat Beat ManifestoE Minor109A103
96RepulsionMeat Beat ManifestoB♭ Minor73A102
97No Words NecessaryMeat Beat ManifestoE Minor99A106
98EAT 5Odd NosdamD♭ Major73B66
99I Control - Audio Collage #2Meat Beat ManifestoG Major99B100
100107OrgyD♭ Major83B107
101Harry TrumanMindless Self IndulgenceD♭ Major83B100
102Black Shampoo (feat. U-God, Method Man, Tekitha & Dom Pachino)Wu-Tang Clan, U-God, Method Man, Tekitha, Dom PachinoB♭ Minor53A94
103Poison - Live @ The Tour Hout & Werchter Festival '96The ProdigyD♭ Minor1012A104
104Royally FuckedMindless Self IndulgenceD♭ Major73B99
105Kick the BucketMindless Self IndulgenceB Minor910A108
106Molotov BitchThe ProdigyF Minor104A103
107Method Man (feat. Method Man) - Home Grown VersionWu-Tang Clan, Method ManF♯ Major62B101
108Hellz Wind Staff (feat. Streetlife, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Method Man, RZA & Raekwon)Wu-Tang Clan, Streetlife, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Method Man, RZA, RaekwonD Major810B102
109The M.G.M. (feat. Ghostface Killah & Raekwon)Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, RaekwonD Major710B95
110The TrickThe ProdigyD♭ Major83B105
111CaressDeftonesD Major910B106
112Protect Ya Neck (feat. RZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, U-God, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killah & GZA)Wu-Tang Clan, RZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, U-God, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killah, GZAA♭ Minor61A102
113Diesel PowerThe ProdigyC Major98B106
114Bells of War (feat. U-God, Method Man, RZA, Masta Killa, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah)Wu-Tang Clan, U-God, Method Man, RZA, Masta Killa, Raekwon, Ghostface KillahB Major51B95
115Stand UpThe ProdigyF♯ Major102B100
116Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F' Wit (feat. RZA, Inspectah Deck & Method Man)Wu-Tang Clan, RZA, Inspectah Deck, Method ManB♭ Minor63A99
117The City (feat. Inspectah Deck)Wu-Tang Clan, Inspectah DeckA♭ Minor71A93
118Little Ghetto Boys (feat. Raekwon, RZA, Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah & Method Man)Wu-Tang Clan, Raekwon, RZA, Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah, Method ManD♭ Major63B100
119Baby's Got a Temper - InstrumentalThe ProdigyF♯ Minor911A106
120Lyrical SwordsRas Kass, Wu-Tang Clan, GZAD Major610B93
121HexagramDeftonesF♯ Major102B98
122It's Yourz (feat. Raekwon, U-God, RZA, Inspectah Deck & Ghostface Killah)Wu-Tang Clan, Raekwon, U-God, RZA, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface KillahB Minor810A93
123PoisonThe ProdigyB Minor1010A104
124Last Time I Tried to Rock Your WorldMindless Self IndulgenceC Major98B105
125Lucky YouDeftonesF♯ Major62B100
126Baby's Got a Temper - Main MixThe ProdigyF♯ Major102B106
127Older Gods (feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & GZA)Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, GZAA Major711B93
128The Big GundownThe ProdigyF Major107B104
129HeadupDeftonesE♭ Major95B105
130Clan In Da Front (feat. RZA & GZA)Wu-Tang Clan, RZA, GZAF♯ Major62B96
131Severe Punishment (feat. U-God, GZA, Raekwon, RZA & Masta Killa)Wu-Tang Clan, U-God, GZA, Raekwon, RZA, Masta KillaE Minor79A102
132WhipstickagostopMindless Self IndulgenceB♭ Minor73A96
133Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)DeftonesD♭ Major103B93
134Da Mystery of Chessboxin' (feat. Method Man, U-God, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killah & Masta Killa)Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man, U-God, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killah, Masta KillaD Major410B105
135Poison - 95EQThe ProdigyD♭ Minor912A104
136Poison - Environmental Science Dub MixThe ProdigyD Major610B104
137Protect Ya Neck (feat. RZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, U-God, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killah & GZA) - Shao Lin VersionWu-Tang Clan, RZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, U-God, ODB, Ghostface Killah, GZAA♭ Minor61A102
138Engine No. 9DeftonesD Major1010B94
139Method Man (feat. Method Man, Raekwon, GZA, RZA & Ghostface Killah)Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man, Raekwon, GZA, RZA, Ghostface KillahG Major59B102
140Bloody CapeDeftonesB Major91B96
141Poison - 95EQThe ProdigyD♭ Minor912A104
142Molotov BitchThe ProdigyF Minor104A103
143Baby's Got a Temper - DubThe ProdigyF♯ Minor911A106
144RicketsDeftonesA♭ Major104B97
145Step Up, GhettoblasterMindless Self IndulgenceB♭ Minor83A94
146LotionDeftonesD♭ Major103B103
147Shame On a Nigga (feat. Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard & Method Man)Wu-Tang Clan, Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method ManD♭ Major53B100
148No Man ArmyThe Prodigy, Tom MorelloE Minor109A108
149Ready for LoveMindless Self IndulgenceA♭ Minor71A108
150BitchesMindless Self IndulgenceA Major711B96
151Ya'll Been Warned (feat. Method Man, RZA, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon & Masta Killa)Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man, RZA, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, Masta KillaA♭ Major84B96
152Either We Together Or We Ain't (S1W Stepstrumental)Public EnemyE Minor79A95
153Protect Ya Neck - Radio EditWu-Tang ClanA♭ Minor51A102
154Method Man - Skunk MixWu-Tang ClanF♯ Major52B97
155Da Mystery of Chessboxin' - Radio EditWu-Tang ClanA♭ Minor41A105
156Method Man - Smoked Out VersionWu-Tang ClanB Minor510A102
157Uzi (Pinky Ring) (feat. U-God, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, RZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa & GZA)Wu-Tang Clan, U-God, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, RZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa, GZAF♯ Minor911A104
158High Price, Small RewardGZA, Masta KillaG Major69B96
159Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F' Wit - Radio EditWu-Tang ClanB♭ Minor63A99
160That's The WayPete Rock, The Soul BrothersF♯ Major62B96
161WolvesWu-Tang Clan, George ClintonD Major710B108
162Radioactive (Four Assassins) (feat. GZA, Raekwon, Method Man & Masta Killa)Wu-Tang Clan, GZA, Raekwon, Method Man, Masta KillaA Minor88A98
163Method Man - Radio EditWu-Tang ClanB Minor610A102
164Method Man (feat. Method Man) - Home Grown VersionWu-Tang Clan, Method ManF♯ Major62B101
165Cars on the Interstate…C.C.F. Division, Wu-Tang ClanC Major88B99
166Chrome Wheels (feat. RZA, Raekwon, Prodigal Sunn & Madame Dee)Wu-Tang Clan, RZA, Raekwon, Prodigal Sunn, Madame DeeB Minor810A94
167Rules (feat. RZA, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa, Streetlife, Raekwon & Method Man)Wu-Tang Clan, RZA, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa, Streetlife, Raekwon, Method ManF♯ Major92B96
168Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F' Wit - InstrumentalWu-Tang ClanB♭ Minor53A99
169WindmillWu-Tang ClanF♯ Major72B102
17066.6 Strikes AgainPublic EnemyB Minor710A104
171Wailin' - InstrumentalOutkastD♭ Major43B95
172Protect Ya Neck - Shao Lin VersionWu-Tang ClanA♭ Minor51A102
173Y'avait tant d'étoilesPatricia KaasG Major09B101
174Protect Ya Neck - Bloody VersionWu-Tang ClanA♭ Minor51A102
175Close NowTricky, MartaF Major17B106
176PhestoHieroglyphicsF♯ Major72B96
177Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off) - Dirty DJ MixWu-Tang ClanA♭ Major54B105
178Ignorance Is Bliss / Cyber CypherneticDon DavisB♭ Major06B106
179Weakness (Part II)ConsolidatedF♯ Minor511A104
180Song of HopeDJ SpookyA Major411B105
181Soul Power (Black Jungle) (feat. Flavor Flav, Raekwon, Masta Killa, Ghostface Killah, U-God & Method Man)Wu-Tang Clan, Flavor Flav, Raekwon, Masta Killa, Ghostface Killah, U-God, Method ManF♯ Minor911A100
182Method Man - Extended Radio EditWu-Tang ClanB Minor610A102
183Method Man - Crazy C.'s Suthun Fried Radio MixWu-Tang Clan, Crazy C.D♭ Major53B95
184After the Laughter Comes Tears - Tearz VocalWu-Tang ClanB♭ Minor43A93
185In the HoodWu-Tang ClanF♯ Minor911A108
186Da Mystery of Chessboxin' - InstrumentalWu-Tang ClanD Major210B105
187The ChaseDJ CamA Major411B105
188Method Man (Remix) - Radio EditWu-Tang ClanA♭ Minor51A97
189Method Man - Crazy C's Suthun Fried InstrumentalWu-Tang Clan, Crazy C.B Minor410A95
190Dreams in ColourHelena HauffE♭ Major45B101
191Method Man (Remix) - InstrumentalWu-Tang ClanA♭ Minor41A97
192Back In the Game (feat. Method Man, Inspectah Deck, GZA, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah & Ronald Isley)Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, GZA, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Ronald IsleyB♭ Minor73A96
193Countdown To ArmageddonPublic EnemyE Major512B101
194Dub At Its HeightsMC Tunes, 808 StateD♭ Major83B105
195Rushing ElephantsWu-Tang ClanD♭ Major83B94
196Method Man (Remix) - A CappellaWu-Tang ClanG Major39B97
197Method Man - Crazy C's Swisher MixWu-Tang Clan, Crazy C.D♭ Major53B95
198FragmentsDel The Funky Homosapien, Wu-Tang ClanF♯ Minor911A93
199StarterWu-Tang Clan, Sunny Valentine, Tash MahoganyB♭ Minor93A95
200Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)Wu-Tang ClanC Minor85A105
201Double CrossDJ SpookyE Minor79A104
202PrevailPete Rock, Smif-N-Wessun, RaekwonD♭ Major93B84
203Somebody's SinsTrickyG Major39B106
204Une dernière semaine à New YorkPatricia KaasB Minor210A108
205SkålbrekkaBiosphereA♭ Major54B95
206WarOutkastB♭ Minor83A106
207Glitter and GoldPete RockB Minor810A95
208Mi CasaMethod Man, RedmanG Major79B95
209Friends and NeighborsMr. Lif, InsightF Minor94A104
210ChronomentrophobiaOutkastA♭ Major54B95
211Ouverture - LivePatricia KaasA Minor38A105
212Diamond on My NeckDJ CamD♭ Major43B95
213The TraitorMenahan Street BandE♭ Minor62A101
214CloudsThe PharcydeD Minor57A95
215Wailin'OutkastD♭ Major43B95
216Crows 2Aesop RockD♭ Major73B95
217Daft Punk Goes Hip HopDJ CamD♭ Major83B96
218Organ DonorDJ ShadowD♭ Minor612A106
219FNDDJ CamG Major59B95
220Glitter & GoldPete Rock, Camp LoG Major99B95
221Pump ActionOverseerE Major812B105
222EngageParisB Minor510A76
223808 ClubDJ CamG Major79B106
224Show 'Em Whatcha GotPublic EnemyF Minor94A108
225ReverieDisclosure, CommonB Major81B101
226Sabbath Rhumba - Original MixLimewaxD♭ Major103B95
227Burnt SoulFront Line AssemblyG Major79B106
228Claude debussy/d'un cahier d'esquisses (performed by debussy himself)DJ SpookyF♯ Major12B105
229Beastin' (MCA)RedmanD♭ Major83B95
230Soul Assassin, Pt. 1DJ CamA Minor38A105
231Terror SellsT-K.A.S.H., ParisC Major88B105
232Negativland-Asdphalt rmxDJ SpookyA♭ Major84B95
233Get The F... Outta DodgePublic Enemy, True MathematicsD♭ Major73B96
234Nothing to Be DesiredDavid BowieD Major710B108
235Stock No.1 - MixedAndré CeccarelliB♭ Major76B106
236Graffiti - Pt. 1Stereo MC'sF♯ Minor911A105
237Been Use Ta (feat. Pusha T) - Bonus TrackDJ Shadow, Pusha TA Major1011B96
238ReverieDisclosure, CommonB Major81B101
239Hard Truth Soldiers - Alternate MixPublic Enemy, ParisD♭ Major83B108
240Something Wicked2PacB♭ Minor33A104
241YearningRedmanE Minor79A104
242Head Noddin'DJ True Justice, Rasco, J-Ro, MIC TG Major79B106
243Homegrown (feat. O'jeke)The Pharcyde, O'jekeD Minor87A96
244Former FutureRob SonicD♭ Major63B108
245SunsetDJ CamA Minor38A105
246Too Much PossePublic EnemyE Minor79A104
247Muggin' Ain't Thuggin'Paris, Tha Eastsidaz, T-K.A.S.H.E Minor79A104
248KoralsCall SuperE Minor79A104
249Wailin'OutkastD♭ Major43B95
250Get The Fuck Outta Dodge - Escapism 1991Public Enemy, True MathematicsG Major79B106
251Espionage - Bob Sinclar RemixDJ CamC Minor95A101
252A Letter To The New York PostPublic EnemyG Major79B106
253Bounce - 7th Heaven RemixSamantha Jade, 7th HeavenD♭ Major93B105
254Pre War TensionLonely Guest, Joe Talbot, Tricky, MartaB Major51B106
255Lazy EyeAesop RockF♯ Major82B96
256Dysfunctional Relationship - LP MixConsolidatedD♭ Major33B96
257ElysianBonoboF♯ Minor411A95
258BuggFaceOutkastG Major89B105
259DisseshowedoSouls Of MischiefG Major59B95
260VeronikaTrickyA Major911B95
261The Road AheadOrbitalC Minor95A101
262Sunset HarbourDJ CamB Minor510A105
263Gilla House CheckRedmanD♭ Major73B96
264Espionage - Bob Sinclar RemixDJ Cam, GuruC Minor95A101
265I RejectBileA Major1011B104
266Tod & Teufel - 2008 RemixDie KruppsD Major910B104
267AcceleratePete RockA♭ Major84B105
268911 Is A Joke - LivePublic Enemy, Pop Diesel, James BombD♭ Major103B104
269Cool BreezePete Rock, The Soul BrothersE Minor59A95
270The Hate That Hate Made - Power Of God MixParisF♯ Minor811A104
271Gun FeverHieroglyphicsD Major810B95
272Livin' It UpHieroglyphicsG Major89B95
273Wired (Radio)Sister Machine GunD♭ Major93B106
274Dysfunctional RelationshipConsolidatedB♭ Minor73A101
275100 Metre DashDJ ShadowF♯ Major102B105
276Is That Your Life - RemixTrickyD♭ Major33B96
277Is That Your LifeTrickyC Minor45A96
278Brand New You're RetroTrickyA Minor98A108
279Something To MeT-K.A.S.H., Paris, The CoupD♭ Major83B101
280Je t'aime, je ne t'aime plusPatricia KaasA♭ Major44B108
281The Making Of Burn Holywood BurnPublic EnemyF Minor54A95
282Meet WomackSouls Of Mischief, Adrian YoungeC Minor75A96
283Thug 4 Life2PacC Major88B105
284Meet Womack - InstrumentalSouls Of Mischief, Adrian YoungeF Major67B96
285Brand New You're RetroTrickyA Minor98A108
286Love HaterOutkastC Major78B95
287The Hate That Hate Made - Power Of God MixParisD♭ Minor912A104
288Espionnage - Bob Sinclar RemixDJ Cam, Guru, Bob SinclarF Minor84A101
289OwnershipDel The Funky Homosapien, Parallel ThoughtC Minor95A101
290C.O.N.F.O.R.M. (feat. Gift of Gab, Lateef the Truth Speaker, Infamous Taz)DJ Shadow, Gift Of Gab, Lateef The Truth Speaker, Infamous TazF♯ Minor1011A96
291Graffiti - Pt. 2Stereo MC'sE Major812B108
292HakimTrickyF Major57B101
293Espionage - Bob Sinclar Remix InstrumentalDJ Cam, GuruC Minor95A101
294Gangster ChronicleTricky, Bella GottiD♭ Minor912A101
295Pre War TensionLonely Guest, Joe Talbot, Tricky, MartaB Major51B106
296Tod & Teufel - 2008 RemasterDie KruppsB Minor810A104
297I've Been Waiting for YouDavid BowieA Minor98A104
298Welcome To The WorldMr. LifD♭ Major83B95
299For Real Y'allSouls Of MischiefF♯ Minor811A96
300Cocaine JesusSister Machine GunD♭ Major73B106
301First The Sheep Next The ShepherdPublic EnemyD♭ Major93B95
302Sound and Vision - 1999 RemasterDavid BowieD Major810B106
303Rock Is DeadMarilyn MansonA Major911B171
304U Can'tEPMD, Redman, Das EFXB Major71B95
305Keep Em CloseDJ Shadow, NumpA Major911B171
306Bang BangParisG Major89B104
307Primary RhymingMC Tunes, 808 StateD♭ Major83B105
308Plastic NationPublic Enemy, ParisB♭ Minor73A96
309Real Black Girl (Revolutionary Love)Dead Prez, N.I.M.R.O.D., Jamila, M1, SticD♭ Minor812A95
310Liquid Hip HopDJ CamG Major69B95
311Put It UpPublic EnemyB♭ Minor83A95
312And Now... Ladies and Gentleman (Générique)Patricia KaasA Minor38A96
313Night Of The Living BaseheadsPublic EnemyG Major89B106
314Sound and Vision - 2017 RemasterDavid BowieD Major810B106
315The War DanceParisA Major911B171
316Love, Honor, RespectConsolidatedG Major69B106
317911 Is A JokePublic EnemyF♯ Minor811A104
318Feel Like An EnemyGZA, Hell Raizah, Killah Priest, Trigga, Prodical SunD♭ Major93B96
319Horndog - Radio EditOverseerE Major912B105
320Known UnknownsDJ Spooky, Thurston Moore, Mike LaddG Major99B95
321I Don't Wanna KnowCharli XCXC Major48B105
322PonyboySOPHIED♭ Major43B108
323So What, Pt. 2DJ CamB♭ Major46B106
324Dash It In The Mirror (feat. Sanjay)DJ Spooky, SanjayE Minor99A140
325Getaway CarAesop Rock, Breeze Brewin, CageF♯ Major72B96
326PonyboySOPHIED♭ Major43B108
327Getaway Car (Featuring Cage and Breeze Brewin) - InstrumentalAesop RockE Major512B96
328The Wacky World of Rapid TransitDel The Funky HomosapienF♯ Minor811A108
329Souljah's Revenge2PacB♭ Minor73A95
330GoldenHieroglyphicsD Major710B95
331True EndeavorsDel The Funky HomosapienA Major911B171
332Gun FeverHieroglyphicsD Major810B95
333Anti-Nigger MachinePublic EnemyG Major69B101
334Getaway CarAesop Rock, Breeze Brewin, CageF♯ Major72B96
335House Of The Rising SonPublic EnemyE Minor89A104
336Here I Go (Mixx Dj Johnny Juice)Public EnemyG Major99B96
337Dj wally/zeta reticulli mixed w/ gertrude stein/if i told him, a completed portrait of picassoDJ SpookyC Major78B101
338Feel Like I DoDisclosure, Al GreenG Major59B105
339Skew It on the Bar-B (feat. Raekwon)Outkast, RaekwonD Major810B108
340Return of the VanguardParisB♭ Minor63A104
341SodaThe Cinematic Orchestra, London Metropolitan OrchestraA Minor18A95
342E.T. (Extraterrestrial) - InstrumentalOutkastA Minor38A95
343The Beauty WithinDead PrezG Minor86A104
344Gun FightMr. Lif, MetroD♭ Major103B95
345Omen - Radio EditDisclosure, Sam SmithA♭ Major84B106
346So What Part 2DJ CamG Minor46A106
347Scrappy LoveTrickyA♭ Major74B105
348Scrappy LoveTrickyA♭ Major74B105
349Jam 4 URedmanB♭ Minor53A95
350MultiphonicDJ Spooky, Rob SwiftC Minor95A108
351Zero Dark ThirtyAesop RockA♭ Major94B106
3521990 NOWRedmanA♭ Major94B105
353Keep Me In Your ShakeTricky, NnekaD♭ Major63B101
354Weird KidChris Malinchak, KieszaF Minor84A105
355School 'emEdo. G, Pete RockB♭ Minor83A96
356NighttrainPublic EnemyF♯ Minor1011A108
357Lost & FoundDJ CamB♭ Minor43A95
358Weird KidChris Malinchak, KieszaF Minor84A105
359Singing The BluesTrickyG Major89B104
360I'm Gettin Money2PacE Minor99A96
361School 'em (Instrumental)Edo. G, Pete RockB♭ Minor73A96
362HorndogOverseerE Major712B105
363Drunk With A Loaded PistolEl-PC Major78B108
364Guerrilla RadioRage Against The MachineB Major101B104
365What You Need Is JesusPublic EnemyF Major97B95
366Don't Let Me DownSister Machine GunF♯ Minor811A96
367SunStereo MC'sE Minor109A105
368Racing StripesAesop RockB Major81B105
369Rebirth of a NationPublic Enemy, ParisD♭ Major103B104
370How To Get AssT-K.A.S.H., Paris, The CoupD Major910B101
371The SideshowDJ Shadow, Ernie FreshG Major89B101
372Something In The WayTrickyA Minor58A106
373ExcitingHieroglyphicsB♭ Minor83A96
374Singing The BluesTrickyG Major89B104
375Espionage (Cutee B Remix)DJ CamC Major58B95
376A Glimpse at the StruggleMr. LifB Minor910A95
3771st Place (feat. Moka Only)The PharcydeD♭ Major63B96
378Jumpin'Moon Boots, NiiaF Minor64A95
379Distant VoicesDJ KrushB Minor710A95
380Under the GunSupreme Beings of LeisureD♭ Major93B105
381U Can't - Instrumental VersionEPMD, Redman, Das EFXB Major31B95
382Let Them Thangs Go2PacE Minor99A105
383This GodGLASS CUTTERS, Jel, Odd NosdamC Major58B136
384Stay On Your ToesDel The Funky HomosapienD Minor77A96
385Racing Stripes - InstrumentalAesop RockB♭ Minor83A105
386New Whirl OdorPublic EnemyF Minor94A95
387Limitations (feat. Casual & Del Tha Funkeé Homosapien)Souls Of Mischief, Casual, Del The Funky HomosapienG Major69B96
388Can A Woman Make A Man Lose His Mind?Public EnemyB♭ Minor83A95
389Espionage - Cutee B RemixDJ Cam, GuruF♯ Minor1011A108
390Serious - Dirty VersionEPMD, Redman, Das EFXE Minor59A95
391This Is a CollectiveConsolidatedB♭ Minor83A108
392Zero Dark Thirty - InstrumentalAesop RockA♭ Major94B106
393Too Much To Swallow - Part IUtah SaintsB Major71B104
394TrystMachines Of Loving GraceC Major98B105
395California Uber AllesThe Disposable Heroes Of HiphoprisyG Major89B95
396Knew UThe PharcydeA Major711B96
397Pep RallyRob SonicF♯ Major92B95
398Naked (With My Headphones On) - ZIDA RemixRat City, Kiesza, ZIDAA Major911B104
399Head Rush - InstrumentalPete RockD Major810B95
400The Last OneHieroglyphicsF♯ Minor611A95
401An Eagle In Your MindBoards of CanadaF♯ Major52B96
402CivilizationFront Line AssemblyA Major711B95
403SileneBiosphereB Minor1010A92
404Strugglin'2PacG Major99B105
405BurnThe CureD Minor97A104
406Have U.N.E. PullBlack SheepF♯ Major62B97
407Gimme The FingaBlack SheepB♭ Minor53A98
408The Eyes Of TruthEnigmaF♯ Minor711A95
409A Promise - PC’s Cirali MixThe Cinematic Orchestra, Heidi Vogel, Patrick CarpenterF Minor84A101
410Anansi's Gambit (DJ Spooky's on the Island of the Lost Souls Mix)DJ SpookyF♯ Major52B108
411Strugglin'TrickyG Minor26A105
412The Choice Is YoursBlack SheepA♭ Minor71A101
413Caracal Album Mini MixDisclosureF Minor84A95
414YesBlack SheepD♭ Minor612A98
415Mademoiselle chante de BluesPatricia KaasF Minor84A108
416Flavor Of The MonthBlack SheepB♭ Minor53A97
417RisikofaktorDie KruppsB♭ Minor103A108
418L A S MBlack SheepB Minor210A100
419Keeping the MotionDJ KrushA♭ Major34B95
420Black With N V (No Vision)Black SheepD♭ Major73B100
421I Want Your Attention - Kiwi RemixMoon Boots, Fiora, KiwiE Minor89A108
422VigilanteFront Line AssemblyF♯ Minor911A106
423Il me dit que je suis bellePatricia KaasB♭ Minor73A120
424To Whom It May ConcernBlack SheepD♭ Major53B97
425HindsightDJ ShadowD♭ Major43B95
426Puppy Toy - Tom Elmhirst Radio EditTricky, Tom ElmhirstG Major99B108
427The Third Planet V.1BiosphereD♭ Major23B101
428Victim of a CriminalFront Line AssemblyD♭ Major93B108
429Mademoiselle chante le blues - LivePatricia KaasC Minor65A105
430Gravity AssistBiosphereE Minor09A95
431MinuartaBiosphereD♭ Major33B95
432The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)Black SheepB♭ Minor73A101
433The Third Planet - v.1BiosphereD♭ Major23B101
434Fear & XtcCurrent ValueB♭ Minor73A120
435For Doz That SleptBlack SheepB Major81B107
436Night of the Long KnivesParisB♭ Minor73A120
437NlogaxBoards of CanadaE♭ Minor52A105
438Strugglin'TrickyG Minor36A105
439Pet PeevesDel The Funky HomosapienB Minor910A95
440Ceux qui n'ont rienPatricia KaasB Minor710A96
441Gotta Get UpBlack SheepF♯ Major62B95
442City LightsBlack SheepB♭ Minor63A95
443Iberia EtereaBiosphereB♭ Minor33A101
444Try Counting SheepBlack SheepD♭ Major73B100
445South American GetawayBurt BacharachF Major17B104
446SileneBiosphereD Minor07A95
447BallerinaBiosphereG Major39B95
448Always Crashing in the Same Car - 2017 RemasterDavid BowieC Major78B105
449Hoes We KnowsBlack SheepA♭ Minor41A97
450Asphalt (Tome II)DJ SpookyA♭ Major84B95
451Sound and Vision - 808 'lectric Blue Remix InstrumentalDavid Bowie, 808 StateG Major59B108
452SunshineBlack SheepD Minor67A95
453InvasionJeru The DamajaG Major79B94
454Me And My BrotherBlack SheepE Minor69A94
455Still In The GhettoBlack SheepD♭ Major53B99
456GiantJuno ReactorB Minor1010A100
457Divine DesignJeru The DamajaF♯ Minor811A96
458N.S.E.W.Black SheepA♭ Minor81A102
459Ooops808 State, BjörkA Minor98A101
460Swamp ThingJuno ReactorG Major99B105
461Ancodia808 StateD Major610B106
462B-Boys ThemeBlack SheepB Minor910A106
463StatikJeru The DamajaD Major710B95
464EverydayBlack SheepB Minor710A96
465Ancodia - Taters Deep Nit 7” Mix808 StateD Major810B106
466The Choice Is YoursBlack SheepB♭ Minor53A101
467Bonded808 State, Mike DoughtyD♭ Major93B102
468Ancodia - Taters Deep Nit Funky Beat Mix808 StateD Major810B106
469North South East WestBlack SheepB♭ Minor73A101
470Where Do I BeginThe Chemical BrothersD Major710B102
471Ancodia808 StateC Major98B107
472To Whom It May ConcernBlack SheepD♭ Major63B97
473You Can't Stop The ProphetJeru The DamajaD♭ Major93B96
474You Can't Stop The Prophet RemixJeru The Damaja, Pete RockB Minor910A96
475GalvanizeThe Chemical BrothersG Major79B104
476God Is GodJuno ReactorB Minor1010A100
477Ooops808 State, BjörkA Minor88A101
478Leave HomeThe Chemical BrothersD Major810B108
479D. OriginalJeru The DamajaB♭ Major86B93
480ShortyBlack SheepA Major911B96
481The Choice Is Yours (DJ Anointed)Black SheepB♭ Minor63A102
482Sound and Vision - David Richards 1991 RemixDavid Bowie, David RichardsB Minor710A106
483Flavor Of The MonthBlack SheepB♭ Minor73A97
484Lopez - Metaphorically Edited808 State, James Dean Bradfield, Brian EnoD♭ Major93B102
485Lis TenBlack SheepA♭ Minor81A95
486Conquistador Part 2 (K.U.R.O. Remix)Juno ReactorB♭ Minor93A107
487Me & My BrotherBlack SheepE Minor69A93
488City LightsBlack SheepB♭ Minor63A95
489Joyrider - Natural Mix808 StateD♭ Major93B102
490PikuThe Chemical BrothersG Major79B103
491Dream OnThe Chemical BrothersA Major611B104
492Jungle MusicJeru The DamajaB♭ Minor73A95
493Mental StaminaJeru The Damaja, Afu-RaD♭ Major73B97
494Rap WarsJeru The DamajaB Minor910A102
495Revenge Of The Prophet (Part 5)Jeru The DamajaD♭ Major73B172
496Lopez - Metaphorically808 State, James Dean Bradfield, Brian EnoD♭ Major93B102
497Chico's GrooveThe Chemical BrothersC Major88B98
498My Mind SprayJeru The DamajaA♭ Minor81A93
499Non-Fiction - OutroBlack SheepD♭ Minor712A94
500Sound and Vision - 808 Gift MixDavid Bowie, 808 StateG Major59B108
501We Swarm - Beats Antique RemixBeats Antique, The Glitch MobF♯ Minor711A108
502Sweet DemureBeats AntiqueA Major611B96
503Doors of DestinyBeats Antique, Micha, LeightonD Major810B105
504froth sippingJoy OrbisonF Major57B100
505StriplightA.P.E.D Major710B95
506Poison - RemasteredThe ProdigyB Minor910A104
507El Phantasmo And The Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama - Wine, Women And Song Mix (Explicit)White Zombie, Charlie ClouserA♭ Minor81A106
508What's Hardcore?K'NAAND Major710B93
509Shoots and Ladders - Hyper RemixKorn, The Dust BrothersB♭ Minor93A107
510Extra ExtraBeats AntiqueD♭ Major73B95
511B777Utah SaintsD Major710B105
512Extra Extra - LiveBeats Antique, Empire Strikes BrassB♭ Minor93A95
513I Make My Own RulesFlea, Dave Navarro, Chad SmithD Major1010B106
514The BlockBeats Antique, Too Many ZoozD♭ Major83B100
515Coming On Strong - Beatmasters 7"The Shamen, The BeatmastersD♭ Major63B107
516Break MeBeats AntiqueB♭ Minor93A100
517More Human Than Human - Meet Bambi In The King's Harem Mix (Explicit)White Zombie, Charlie ClouserF♯ Major82B101
518TribhuwanPurple PenguinG Major79B105
519SemblanceBeats AntiqueD♭ Major53B95
520Three Simple WordsUtah SaintsD Major810B101
521TrinkitBeats AntiqueA♭ Minor71A106
522GrandstandBeats AntiqueG Major59B100
523CaterpillarBeats AntiqueD♭ Major73B95
524To The HipBootmanC Major78B102
525SoulutionUtah SaintsB♭ Minor83A98
526Spirit - Hip Hop MixKitachiB Minor910A103
527Rising TideBeats Antique, LynxE Minor59A100
528NesvaloBeats Antique, Eva SalinaD♭ Major63B95
529States of MindUtah SaintsD Major810B103
530Cat SkillzBeats Antique, Mix N Blend, NarchA♭ Major74B100
531KismatBeats Antique, Alam KhanD♭ Major43B100
532Coming On Strong - Beatmasters 12" VocalThe Shamen, The BeatmastersD♭ Major63B108
533Doors of Destiny - LiveBeats AntiqueB♭ Minor93A95
534Untitled - Hidden TrackBeats AntiqueF Minor44A95
535Area 51Red SnapperB Major31B95
536Skin Up Pin UpMansun, 808 StateG Major109B106
537Tortured ManHoward Stern, The Dust BrothersD Major810B105
538Voodoo People - Dust Brothers Remix RemasteredThe Prodigy, The Dust BrothersA Minor98A108
539Comin' On Strong (Beat Edit)The ShamenD♭ Major83B107
540PuzzleBeats AntiqueG Major59B105
541Acoustic BluesCool BreezeF♯ Minor711A95
542Let It All GoBeats Antique, Preservation Hall Jazz BandC Major88B105
543ONE MAN ARMYThe Prodigy, Tom MorelloA Major1011B107
544Trance Atlantic GlideUtah SaintsE Minor89A103
545COYPJoy OrbisonB♭ Minor43A100
546ClashBeats AntiqueB Minor810A95
547Kick The P.A.Korn, The Dust BrothersD♭ Major63B100
548DiscoveredBeats AntiqueB♭ Minor93A97
549Jailbird - The Dust Brothers MixPrimal Scream, The Dust BrothersA Minor98A99
550Plasmic HeadFreakniksG Minor76A94
551ThumpMR WIGGLESG Major69B106
552Ak-47MR WIGGLESD♭ Major63B106
553GatlingMR WIGGLESD♭ Minor1012A106
554Glock 9MR WIGGLESD♭ Minor1012A106
555Hater PlayersBlack Star, Apani EmceeB♭ Minor53A96
556Jb StyleMR WIGGLESC Major68B104
557Stranger (feat. Elliphant)Peking Duk, ElliphantD♭ Minor912A105
558Rumble in the BronxMR WIGGLESC Major108B104
559German LugerMR WIGGLESD♭ Minor1012A106
560DerringerMR WIGGLESD♭ Minor1012A106
561Sticks and StonesMR WIGGLESF♯ Major102B105
562ChunkyMR WIGGLESD Minor37A103
563Astronomy (8th Light)Black Star, Weldon IrvineF♯ Major72B94
56425 Nickel PlateMR WIGGLESD♭ Minor1012A106
565This Is How We Roll (Skeet Rip)MR WIGGLESF Minor64A103
566FadingVallis AlpsA Major511B98
567Semi AutomaticMR WIGGLESF♯ Minor711A105
568Tray 8MR WIGGLESD♭ Minor1012A106
569Morse Code SosMR WIGGLESD Minor87A107
570B Boys Will B BoysBlack StarE Major812B107
571Mrs MacaroniThe WigglesA Major711B107
572Fix UpBlack StarD♭ Major73B93
573HooMR WIGGLESD Minor37A103
574Beasts from the EastMR WIGGLESD♭ Minor412A106
575BumpMR WIGGLESA Minor108A101
576357 MagnumMR WIGGLESD♭ Minor1012A106
577Colt 45MR WIGGLESD♭ Minor1012A106
578Rock Steady Crew 2021Hilnigger, Badman DanF♯ Major62B104
579Some SayNeaE♭ Minor32A105
580Future FunkMR WIGGLESA Major411B106
581HowWereLivinMR WIGGLESD♭ Minor512A103
582ClassicMR WIGGLESD Major510B103
583Buz da FunkMR WIGGLESD♭ Major53B108
584'rraineJoy Orbison, EdnaD Major510B94
585Bronx AnthemMR WIGGLESE Minor79A107
586Clap You Hands for the PioneersMR WIGGLESA Minor98A108
58781bJoy OrbisonG Major79B100
588Krunk FunkMR WIGGLESB♭ Minor53A106
589Walther P-38MR WIGGLESD♭ Minor1012A106
590Arab FunkMR WIGGLESC Major58B106
591JunkMR WIGGLESD♭ Major63B106
592A Hun 56 StreetMR WIGGLESB Major81B106
593Eatem UpMR WIGGLESB♭ Minor93A106
594sparkoJoy Orbison, HerronB Minor410A100
59512 GaugeMR WIGGLESD♭ Minor1012A106
596Wha!MR WIGGLESD♭ Major73B103
597RemingtonMR WIGGLESD♭ Minor1012A106
598Mr. WigglesParliamentF♯ Minor411A100
599RugerMR WIGGLESD♭ Minor1012A106
600Who You Funkin' With?Afrika Bambaataa, The Soulsonic Force, Melle MelC Major108B108
601FreqMR WIGGLESA Minor68A107
602Zulu Nation Throw DownAfrika Bambaataa, Zulu Nation, Cosmic ForceF♯ Minor611A104
603Zulu Nation ThrowdownAfrika Bambaataa, Zulu Nation, Cosmic ForceC Major98B108
604Zulu Nation Throw DownAfrika Bambaataa, Zulu Nation, Cosmic ForceC Major108B108
605Do the Right ThingLovebug StarskiF♯ Minor611A104
606Fresh is the WordMantronixG Major89B98
607Too HotSwollen MembersB♭ Minor93A105
608Classical - Vocal VersionBusy BoysD♭ Major93B99
609Vicious RapTanya WinleyD♭ Major93B99
610Mob CityMR WIGGLESA♭ Major64B103
611Flash FunkMR WIGGLESA♭ Major104B107
612MonsterMR WIGGLESD Minor37A103
613Behind the ScenesDJ Format, AbdominalD♭ Major93B77
614Cold Gettin' DumbJust-IceD♭ Major83B96
615Jock BoxThe Skinny BoysB Minor910A94
616Breaking Bells - ClubT La RockD♭ Major93B99
617Over DriveMR WIGGLESD♭ Minor712A107
618JimbrowskiJungle BrothersD♭ Major93B99
619UltronMR WIGGLESB Minor810A98
620Funk JunkMR WIGGLESD♭ Major73B99
621GhostriderMR WIGGLESD♭ Major73B103
622Funk YouAfrika BambaataaB Minor1010A102
623BeastMR WIGGLESD Minor37A103
624We Know Something You Don'T KnowDJ FormatF Major87B97
625You've Gotta Believe (Vocal)Lovebug StarskiD♭ Major93B99
626Zulu Nation Throw DownAfrika Bambaataa, Zulu Nation, Cosmic ForceA Minor38A88
627Wiggle WalkMR WIGGLESF Minor44A103
628Rhymin' & Rappin'Paulette Winley, Tanya WinleyA Major911B105
629South BronxBoogie Down ProductionsF♯ Minor611A104
630Behind The Scenes - Single MixDJ Format, AbdominalG Major99B99
631Smokin' Cheeba CheebaHarlem Underground BandA Minor38A88
632What Are We Gonna Do?Ultimate 3 MC'sD♭ Major93B99
633Games People PlaySweet GF♯ Minor611A104
634The HornsMR WIGGLESF Minor64A100
635Patty DukeCloud OneD♭ Major93B99
636D-Nice Rocks the HouseDJ Scott La Rock, D-NiceD♭ Major93B99
637Sucker D.J.'s (I Will Survive)Dimples D.F♯ Minor611A104
638CompressorMR WIGGLESA Major611B107
639Dig ItMR WIGGLESB Minor410A100
640Streets Is TalkinMR WIGGLESG Major69B103
641Keep It GMR WIGGLESB Minor610A95
642Ugly People Be QuietCash Money & MarvelousF♯ Minor611A104
643Because I Got It Like ThatJungle BrothersF♯ Minor611A104
644Strong Island - Blue MixJVC ForceF♯ Minor611A104
645It's Yours - Radio MixT La RockF♯ Minor611A104
646Zulu Nation Throw DownHarlem Underground BandC Major88B107
647It's My TurnStezoF♯ Minor611A104
648Vicious RapTanya WinleyG Major89B108
649Needle to the GrooveMantronixD♭ Major93B99
650Electric RelaxationA Tribe Called QuestB Major51B98
651The MessageGrandmaster Flash & The Furious FiveD♭ Major63B101
652360 (What Goes Around)Grand PubaG Major49B102
653Soul Flower - RemixThe PharcydeG Major89B103
654BoomRoyce Da 5'9"B Minor710A94
655Rite Where U StandGang Starr, JadakissF♯ Major92B94
656Award TourA Tribe Called QuestG Major69B97
657My Favorite MutinyThe CoupF Major97B105
658Fight The PowerPublic EnemyD Major610B106
659JayouJurassic 5F♯ Major62B99
660Gotta UnderstandJurassic 5D♭ Major53B97
661When I B On Tha MicRakimD Major510B96
662The InfluenceJurassic 5B Minor910A99
663Full ClipGang StarrD♭ Major73B95
664Shook Ones, Pt. IIMobb DeepB♭ Minor83A94
665Chief RockaLords Of The UndergroundD♭ Major73B100
666SlamOnyxE Major712B98
667Microphone FiendEric B. & RakimB Major81B94
668Oh ShitThe PharcydeD Major810B104
669Comin' ThruChali 2naC Major78B97
670Be (Intro)CommonG Minor86A94
671High FidelityJurassic 5E Minor89A97
672Still Not a Player (feat. Joe) - Radio VersionBig Pun, JoeE Minor69A94
673Action SatisfactionJurassic 5E Minor89A93
674Don't Sweat The TechniqueEric B. & RakimE Major912B106
675Da RockwilderMethod Man, RedmanF♯ Minor711A99
676Anti-MatterKing Geedorah, Mr FantastikC Major88B95
677Work It OutJurassic 5, Dave Matthews BandB♭ Major76B96
678Soul ClapShowbiz & A.G.G Major79B104
679Alphabet AerobicsBlackalicious, Lateef The Truthspeaker, Cut ChemistB♭ Minor53A97
680Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)M.O.P.D♭ Major83B94
681DropThe PharcydeB♭ Minor73A95
682Guess Who's BackRakimF♯ Minor811A94
683I Won't Let It DieUgly DucklingB Minor910A102
684Tennessee - RemasteredArrested DevelopmentD♭ Minor912A100
685I'm Ignoring YouArrested DevelopmentA Minor88A93
6864000 MilesBlackalicious, Chali 2na, Lateef The TruthspeakerD♭ Major93B77
687Harder Than You ThinkPublic EnemyB Minor910A104
688Hate It Or Love ItThe Game, 50 CentA Major811B100
689Mind Playing Tricks on MeGeto BoysB♭ Minor53A94
690Simon SaysPharoahe MonchD♭ Major93B93
691Check Yo SelfIce CubeD♭ Major73B101
692The 6th SenseCommonD♭ Major83B94
693The LightCommonG Major69B97
694Express Yourself - RemixN.W.A.F♯ Minor811A96
695He Got GamePublic Enemy, Stephen StillsE Major612B97
696Benzi Box (feat. CeeLo Green)DANGERDOOM, CeeLo GreenD Major510B97
697Let Me Clear My Throat - Old School Reunion Remix '96DJ KoolG Major99B103
698Hypnotize - 2014 RemasterThe Notorious B.I.G.A Major711B94
699Survival of the FittestMobb DeepB Minor710A95
700Ain't No Half-Steppin'Big Daddy KaneB♭ Minor73A101
701WorkGang StarrG Minor86A93
702Platinum Plus (feat. Big Daddy Kane)Big L, Big Daddy KaneB♭ Minor63A98
703Straight Outta ComptonN.W.A.A♭ Major94B103
704Watch Out NowThe BeatnutsB Minor610A100
705Threes CompanyMarley MarlF♯ Major82B93
706Insane in the BrainCypress HillB Major61B102
707Children's StorySlick RickD♭ Major43B103
708Loungin'Guru, Donald ByrdB♭ Minor63A99
709Paid In FullEric B. & Rakim, Marley MarlG Major99B99
710Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)Digable PlanetsD♭ Minor312A98
711What's GoldenJurassic 5B♭ Minor83A94
712Fuck Tha PoliceN.W.A.A♭ Minor81A99
713Whut!DialectrixD♭ Major73B93
714They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)Pete Rock & C.L. SmoothD Major710B102
715Next Level - Nyte Time MixShowbiz & A.G.B Minor510A93
716Bring The PainMethod ManD Major510B102
717MathematicsMos DefD♭ Minor712A94
718The High WayFliptrixA♭ Minor71A95
719Shimmy Shimmy YaOl' Dirty BastardC Major58B96
720Nas Is LikeNasB Minor810A94
721They Want EFXDas EFXF Minor54A98
722The Humpty DanceDigital UndergroundB♭ Minor73A104
723Jump AroundHouse Of PainE Minor79A107
724Talkin' All That JazzStetsasonicE Minor89A108
725Music EvolutionBuckshot LeFonqueB♭ Minor53A93
726When The Clock Ticks - Feat. J. SandsJazz LiberatorzB Major61B97
727Mama Said Knock You OutLL Cool JB♭ Minor83A102
728The Nosebleed SectionHilltop HoodsB♭ Minor83A97
729Mo Money Mo Problems (feat. Puff Daddy & Mase) - 2014 RemasterThe Notorious B.I.G., Mase, DiddyF♯ Minor911A105
730O.P.P. (Re-Recorded)Naughty By NatureE Minor109A98
731Just BecauseAZA Minor68A107
732One More TimeDialectrixA Minor98A98
733I'm A Swing ItHouse Of PainB Major61B99
734Juicy - 2005 RemasterThe Notorious B.I.G.A Major811B96
735Satisfied?J-LiveF♯ Major82B99
736Happy Like the SunkingSubculture Sage, IllamanB Minor810A94
737Can I Kick It?A Tribe Called QuestE Minor69A97
738No VaselineIce CubeB Minor1010A106
739No Role ModelzJ. ColeB♭ Minor53A100
740I Got It MadeSpecial EdB♭ Minor53A95
741Get It TogetherBeastie Boys, Q-TipB Major61B101
742Buggin' OutA Tribe Called QuestB♭ Minor43A96
743It Ain't My FaultKrafty Kuts, Dynamite MC, Chali 2naB♭ Minor93A104
744Nuthin But A G ThangSnoop DoggB Minor710A95
745Still D.R.E.Dr. Dre, Snoop DoggB Major81B93
746Who Got Da PropsBlack MoonA♭ Minor71A100
747Got Your Money (feat. Kelis)Ol' Dirty Bastard, KelisD♭ Major53B103
748Family RapBreakestraG Major99B104
749Real Hip-HopDas EFXE Minor89A93
750NostalgiaMarco Polo, Masta AceF♯ Minor811A108
751Case of the P.T.A.Leaders of the New SchoolB Minor810A108
752Them That's NotJ-LiveB Major91B95
753InvincibleCapone-N-NoreagaA Major811B97
754Old ManMasta Killa, Ol' Dirty Bastard, RZAC Major88B104
755All for OneBrand NubianD Major610B101
756The LegacyGroup Home, GuruG Major89B96
757Ego Trippin'Ultramagnetic MC'sG Major109B95
758What's NextLeaders of the New SchoolD♭ Major93B98
759Rhymes Like DimesMF DOOM, DJ Cucumber SliceC Major88B100
760RadioactiveLarge ProfessorG Minor66A95
761Pop Shots - produced by DJ PremierOl' Dirty BastardG Major59B94
762GhettoGhostface Killah, Raekwon, Cappadonna, U-GodA Minor98A100
763What a MessXzibitD♭ Major83B97
764Punks Jump Up to Get Beat DownBrand NubianD♭ Minor712A98
765Rock to the RhythmLexiconC Major68B95
766Outta HereKRS-OneF♯ Major82B96
767My FantasyFreestyle FellowshipF♯ Minor911A96
768For The RecordToraeE Major712B95
769The Days Of OldParisA♭ Minor61A93
770Hands HighKrafty Kuts, Chali 2naB♭ Minor93A100
771I Ain't No JokeEric B. & RakimB Minor610A104
772DanceDanny BrownB♭ Minor93A97
773I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are)Grand PubaB♭ Minor63A95
774None Of Y'all BettaJadakiss, Sheek, Styles PB♭ Major96B98
775Symphony 2000EPMD, Redman, Method Man, Lady LuckD♭ Major83B95
776The Shit is Real - DJ Premier RemixFat JoeG Major99B93
778CookFatlipC Major68B94
7797th SealFreestyle FellowshipA♭ Minor71A101
780Follow InstructionsM.O.P.A Minor78A94
781World PremierILL BillB Minor910A93
782YouEvidenceC Major68B93
783ClockworkDilated PeoplesD♭ Major83B97
784Sunshine MenFreestyle FellowshipF♯ Minor511A94
785Don't Let It Go To Your HeadBrand NubianF♯ Minor511A100
786It's All RealPitch BlackD♭ Major73B96
787Won't TradeQ-TipB Major51B96
788Thought So (Drunkin' Style)Cold Crush Brothers, Jamalski, Grandmaster Caz, AkbarB♭ Minor53A97
789Dont Look BackASME Minor99A106
790Straight Out The JungleJungle BrothersD Major810B100
791Slow DownBrand NubianA Major911B96
792Tonight (feat. J Live, M3 & Erica Dee)DJ Nu-Mark, J-Live, M3, Erica DeeF Minor84A95
793Lessons of TodayRah DiggaF Minor84A95
794DoomsdayMF DOOM, MF GrimmF♯ Minor811A95
795Feel so GoodMaseB Minor710A105
796Slang Blade (feat. Senim Silla)Binary Star, Senim SillaF Minor84A100
797What I'm AfterLords Of The UndergroundB♭ Minor73A96
798Back To The GrillMC SerchB Major61B101
799The Best PartJ-LiveA♭ Major84B95
800Melodic StrollTM Juke, Bread & WaterD Minor77A105
801I Can't Wake UpKRS-OneD♭ Major103B101
802Doo Wop (That Thing)Ms. Lauryn HillD Minor57A100
803Ray GunBADBADNOTGOOD, Ghostface Killah, MF DOOMD Major810B105
804Sometimes I Rhyme SlowNice & SmoothF♯ Minor711A108
805Get FunkyThe BeatnutsB♭ Minor63A95
806Rat RaceGift Of GabD♭ Major63B98
807Ducky BoyJurassic 5D♭ Minor812A94
808Coco Mango Diced (Boy Scout Mix)Damu The Fudgemunk, MF DOOMD♭ Minor712A95
809It Ain't Nutthin'MF DOOM, MF Grimm, The HerbaliserD♭ Major83B99
810High In The CloudsOl' Dirty BastardC Major88B97
811The Next EpisodeDr. Dre, Snoop DoggE♭ Minor92A95
812More Than U KnowPrince Paul, De La SoulE Minor69A104
813Red Light Green LightCharizma, Peanut Butter WolfG Major79B103
814TomorrowJohn Legend, Nas, Florian PicassoD Minor87A96
815QuillsThe RootsD♭ Major73B94
816Down With the KingRun–D.M.C.D♭ Major63B96
8171nce Again (feat. Tammy Lucas) - Radio VersionA Tribe Called Quest, Tammy LucasB♭ Minor53A94
818Everything Is FairA Tribe Called QuestF♯ Major72B98
819Fire & Earth (100% Natural)X-ClanD♭ Major53B96
820Jackin' For BeatsIce CubeG Major99B104
821GlacialForeign BeggarsC Major98B98
822Fumbling Over Words That RhymeEdanF♯ Major102B102
823Input Source Select - Vinticious VersionDe StaatB Major81B95
824Ladies & GentlemenPete Rock, Camp Lo, Talib KweliB♭ Minor93A97
825More Soup (feat. MF Doom)Moka Only, MF DOOMD♭ Major83B94
826Get DownCraig MackD♭ Major63B94
827We The People....A Tribe Called QuestD♭ Major83B93
828WorldwideWax Tailor, Ghostface KillahF Minor84A94
829Grandma HipsYour Old Droog, Danny BrownB♭ Minor83A99
830Hit the HookerEazy-EB♭ Minor83A104
831High RoadVerb T, Illinformed, Eric the RedB Major71B94
832Drilly RucksackOcean WisdomD♭ Major53B95
833My Favorite LadiesDoomD Major710B100
834I'm Only Out For One ThangIce Cube, Flavor FlavF♯ Major52B93
835Grown UpDanny BrownB Major81B94
836The Only OneDanger Mouse, Jemini the Gifted OneD♭ Major83B97
837Off the Books (feat. Big Pun & Cuban Link)The Beatnuts, Big Pun, Cuban LinkB Major81B101
838WhenimondamicLootpackD Major710B97
839NO CDLoyle Carner, Rebel KleffB♭ Minor83A95
840Wu Tang RemixChina Mac, Method ManB Minor810A97
841The Sun GodHi-TekD♭ Major83B93
842Monkey SuiteMadvillain, Madlib, MF DOOMF♯ Minor611A93
843Big Trouble in Little ChinaDJ Yoda, Action Bronson, Alice RussellE Minor69A99
844EPMDNas, Hit-BoyC Major78B95
845Something From NothingAwon, Imperial, K.I.N.E.T.I.K.B♭ Minor73A93
846San AndreasDan BullG Major89B97
847South Bronx Subway RapGrandmaster CazD Major910B104
848Mortal ThoughtKRS-OneA♭ Minor61A96
849Abstract DragonBusta Rhymes, Q-TipC Major88B96
850Brick City Mashin'!RedmanD♭ Major83B94
851R.E.C. RoomInspectah DeckD Major510B98
852RegulateRoyal Flush, Mic GeronimoD♭ Major73B93
853Africa's Inside MeArrested DevelopmentB♭ Minor63A107
854The Heavyweight FunkFunkdoobiestB Minor810A94
855Ain't Trippin (feat. Ghettosocks & Timbuktu)El Da Sensei, The Returners, Ghettosocks, TimbuktuB Major91B95
856High As HellKeith MurrayC Minor75A97
857Put Up Or Shut UpGang Starr, KrumbsnatchaB♭ Minor73A94
858Joints & JamBlack Eyed PeasB♭ Minor73A107
859Instant FlavaBlabberMouf, ChristmazB Minor710A99
860Sure ShotBeastie BoysD♭ Major83B98
861Design of the FutureThe Architect, Dizzy DustinA♭ Minor71A98
862Epiphany (DJ Nu-Mark Remix)Panacea, DJ Nu-MarkD♭ Major93B100
863The UnknownMark b, BladeF♯ Minor611A96
864Nightcrawler (feat. Method Man)CZARFACE, Method ManF♯ Minor811A98
865The Old Prince Still Lives at HomeShadF Major47B93
866Can't Hold OnMEDE♭ Minor82A94
867Pon De AttackDa Bush BabeesD♭ Major83B101
868California SoulSyntax Records, MaximillianF♯ Minor811A94
869Callin' OutLyrics Born, Joyo Velarde, Gift Of Gab, BlackaliciousB♭ Minor73A95
870No Delayin'Nice & SmoothB♭ Minor83A99
871Survival TacticsStyles Of BeyondD♭ Major83B99
872Mass AppealGang StarrB♭ Minor73A96
873Fakin' the Funk (Bonus Track) - 2017 Remastered VersionMain SourceB Major71B104
874Blowin' Up The SpotGang StarrD Minor87A93
875Guard The FortChali 2na, Krafty Kuts, Lyrics Born, Gift Of GabD♭ Major93B99
876King KongL.A. SymphonyA♭ Minor81A95
877Check the RhimeA Tribe Called QuestB Minor410A96
878It Ain't Going DownFunkdoobiestB♭ Minor43A98
879Street Talkin'Slick Rick, OutkastF Minor54A102
880Winter Takes AllCommon MarketB Major71B93
881We Trying to Stay Alive (feat. Refugee All Stars)Wyclef Jean, Refugee All StarsD♭ Major63B99
882Eye on the Gold ChainUgly DucklingC Major98B104
883Say Goodnight (Dirty)ReksC Major98B94
884F.A.Y.B.A.N.ScrewballG Major79B95
885Eazy-er Said Than DunnEazy-E, Dr. DreA♭ Minor81A103
886Sleepy Hollow People - Vocal VersionKlaus Layer, K.A.A.N.B♭ Minor93A94
887Sayin' Somethin'Edo. GB Minor910A94
888The Piece MakerCut Killer, Tony Touch, GangstaarD♭ Major83B98
889Stars & ShardsLoyle CarnerA Minor98A100
890BaknaffekDas EFXG Major59B95
891King's ParadiseRakim, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed MuhammadD♭ Minor512A96
892DoomsdayMF DOOMB Major71B96
893Cloud Kickin'Ivy SoleE♭ Minor82A94
894STREET LIVIN'Black Eyed PeasE Minor79A100
895SkillsGang StarrE Major812B125
896When the Shit Goes DownCypress HillE Minor49A96
897ThickD.I.T.C., A.G., Big L, O.C.A Major911B93
898Velvet SlideStoop Kids, J.OC Major88B95
899Rated "R"RedmanB♭ Minor73A98
900What It IsBlack Eyed PeasF Minor54A100
901Buck 'em Down - Da Beatminerz MixBlack MoonG Major69B97
902So RuffRedmanD♭ Major73B100
903Give the Drummer SomeUltramagnetic MC'sB Minor910A108
904WopbabalubopFunkdoobiestE Minor69A93
90599 ProblemsICE-T, Brother MarquisF♯ Minor911A100
906Get It TogetherTM Juke, Bread & WaterE Minor59A94
907BuddyDe La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Phife, Q-TipB♭ Minor63A99
908Runnin'The PharcydeB♭ Minor83A94
909Crazy Rap (Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags)AfromanA Major411B99
910DirtDJ Format, AbdominalD Major810B95
911Don't TripThe Game, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, will.i.amG Major69B101
912Where Ya at? (feat. Phife)Shaquille O'Neal, Phife DawgB Minor310A100
913The Next Step IIPeople Under The StairsB♭ Minor93A99
914The Grave and the ConstantFun Lovin' CriminalsD♭ Major43B94
915Wait UpQ-TipF♯ Major72B96
916BecomingArrested Development, ConfigaB♭ Minor83A94
917Word from the WisePoor Righteous TeachersB♭ Minor63A97
918Gimme the Loot - 2005 RemasterThe Notorious B.I.G.G Major79B94
919Strictly BusinessEPMDB♭ Minor93A96
920Doped UpJaz-OE Major712B104
921Hustlin' DazeDonell Jones, Guru's JazzmatazzF♯ Minor611A95
922Voodoo Child (Starring Afu Ra) [Dj Premier Remix]DJ CamF♯ Major72B93
923HellohiheyLifesavas, Gift Of Gab, J-Live, Lateef The Truthspeaker, Lyrics Born, Blackalicious, DJ ShadowF♯ Major62B96
924The MilitiaGang Starr, Big Shug, Freddie FoxxxD♭ Major83B94
925Quiks GrooveThe Game, DJ Quik, Sevyn Streeter, MicahD Minor77A105
926Common Free StyleThe RH Factor, CommonD Major410B104
927Public Enemy Number Won [feat. Mike D, Ad-Rock, and Run DMC]Public Enemy, Mike D, Ad-Rock, Run–D.M.C.F♯ Major92B102
928Strong IslandJVC ForceF♯ Major92B96
929Gunn ClappO.G.C.D♭ Major43B93
930Jimmi Diggin' CatsDigable PlanetsD♭ Major43B95
931Hip Hop DrunkiesTha Alkaholiks, ODBG Major79B98
932I Know You Got SoulEric B. & RakimD Major710B104
933Fat Cats, Bigga FishThe CoupD Major410B105
934N 2 Gether NowLimp Bizkit, Method ManF♯ Minor811A103
935Nutshell Pt. 2 (feat. Busta Rhymes and Redman)Phife Dawg, Busta Rhymes, RedmanF♯ Major82B94
936Step into a World (Rapture's Delight)KRS-OneC Major88B95
937IncredibleKrumbsnatchaF♯ Minor911A97
938We're All In The Same GangKing Tee, Digital Underground, Young MC, MC Ren, Dr. Dre, ICE-T, Above The Law, Tone-Loc, Michel'le, Def Jef, Body And Soul, MC Hammer, Eazy-EB Minor910A102
939Come Get MeNasD♭ Minor612A97
940Show & ProveBig Daddy KaneB♭ Minor83A93
941The GodfatherSpoonie GeeG Minor76A105
9425th HorsemanLifesavas, Gift Of Gab, J-Live, Lateef The Truthspeaker, Lyrics Born, Blackalicious, DJ ShadowE♭ Major65B95
943Bounce To The OunceO.G.C.A♭ Major74B94
944Touch 'EmKoi ChildB♭ Minor93A95
945Clap Your HandsBlack Eyed PeasF♯ Major82B95
946VaporsBiz MarkieD♭ Major63B93
947Don't CurseHeavy D & The Boyz, Pete RockD♭ Minor712A105
948CrooklynCrooklyn DodgersA♭ Major64B96
949Return of The Crooklyn DodgersCrooklyn Dodgers 95', DJ Premier, Chubb Rock, O.C., Jeru The DamajaD♭ Major83B94
950Mad IzmChannel LiveB Minor710A96
951Show You Life (feat. Honorable & Zeqway)Shabaam Sahdeeq, Honorable, ZeqwayB♭ Minor63A97
952I Still Love HerShabaam SahdeeqC Major98B96
953Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag Getting Crushed By BuildingsLL Cool JD♭ Major43B101
954Bubblin'Shabaam SahdeeqE Minor79A99
955The OriginatorsJaz-OB Major71B101
956Who's at My DoorShabaam Sahdeeq, Kia Jackson, TahirE Minor79A99
957The Streets Won't Let Me GoShabaam SahdeeqE Minor69A94
958DownHemlock Ernst, Kenny SegalE♭ Minor92A104
959You Played YourselfICE-TB♭ Minor63A99
960NumbersOrganized KonfusionG Major49B93
961Step OffThe Furious FiveB♭ Minor63A99
962You Can Do ItIce Cube, Mack 10, Ms. ToiD♭ Minor812A100
963Fed Up with the BullShabaam Sahdeeq, HonorableE Minor79A99
964Machine Gun Funk - 2006 RemasterThe Notorious B.I.G.E Minor79A94
965Water the SeedsShabaam Sahdeeq, Emilio Rojas, Tye PhoenixE Minor79A99
966Let 'Em KnowSouls Of MischiefB♭ Minor63A101
967MistadobalinaDel The Funky HomosapienB♭ Minor93A100
968Step To My GirlSouls Of MischiefB♭ Minor73A96
969Because I'm MeThe AvalanchesA♭ Major84B95
970Women Lose Weight (feat. Slick Rick)MorcheebaF♯ Major62B93
971Keep It Honest (feat. Skyzoo & John Robinson)Shabaam Sahdeeq, John Robinson, SkyzooD Major810B93
972Mic StanceAfu-RaG Major99B96
973Lifestyles Of The Hood And Shameless - I Commend youShabaam SahdeeqB♭ Major96B108
974I WishSkee-LoG Major89B98
975So Fresh (feat. Biz Markie & Slick Rick)Will Smith, Biz Markie, Slick RickF♯ Major92B94
976MelodyShabaam Sahdeeq, Eric RicoD Major1010B98
977Easy RiderAction BronsonB Major91B94
978Can't Be TogetherShabaam SahdeeqE Minor79A99
979Warm It UpKris KrossD♭ Major83B103
980Get It Get It (feat. Prince Charming)Shabaam Sahdeeq, Prince CharmingB Major61B93
981Release Yo' DelfMethod ManF♯ Minor711A98
982BounceShabaam Sahdeeq, Science Of LifeE Minor79A99
983DennehySerengetiB Minor810A93
984Giggin' On 'Em (feat. Phife)Shaquille O'Neal, Phife DawgF♯ Major52B96
985Let's Organize (feat. Q-Tip)Organized Konfusion, Q-TipD♭ Major83B107
986Lets Move ItShabaam SahdeeqE Minor79A99
987BreakdownFU-SchnickensA Major711B98
988Speed LawMos DefB Minor710A98
989Got My Mind Made UpShabaam SahdeeqE Minor79A99
990We RShabaam Sahdeeq, Bronze K, DriftF♯ Major82B93
991How I Could Just Kill a ManCypress HillF♯ Major72B102
992Lyrical SourcerShabaam Sahdeeq, Hasan Salaam, Kevlaar 7A Major711B91
993Round of Applause (feat. Dynamite MC)The Nextmen, Dynamite MCC Major98B98
994Cause I Can Do It RightBig Daddy KaneD♭ Major73B108
995Young Black IntelligentMasta Ace, Pav Bundy, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Chuck DG Major79B95
996American History XILL BillC Minor65A95
997That's How We DoShabaam SahdeeqE Minor79A99
998Pick It UpRedmanF♯ Major72B94
999Why U Wanna HateShabaam SahdeeqA Major711B91
1000No Surrender - Celph Titled MixShabaam Sahdeeq, Kool G RapF♯ Major72B96
1001HiroshimaEdo. G, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Fokis, Craig GG Major99B93
10023-DShabaam SahdeeqF♯ Major72B96
1003The Time in BetweenAfta-1A♭ Minor31A95
1004Motion Picture (Bonus Track)Shabaam SahdeeqF♯ Major72B96
1005FreedomShabaam Sahdeeq, RkitechF♯ Major72B96
1006BaaabyTa'RaachD♭ Major53B98
1007Fascination - 2016 RemasterDavid BowieD Major810B108
1008Be About ItShabaam Sahdeeq, OuterspaceF♯ Major72B96
1009Momma TimeKankickA♭ Minor41A95
1010Chinatown ChillSuff DaddyD Major710B93
1011Fame - 2016 RemasterDavid BowieB♭ Major66B95
1012Hiroshima (Instrumental)Edo. G, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Fokis, Craig GD Minor87A178
1013Supa Suff KatoSuff DaddyF Major67B107
1014So Far, So GoodElaquentD Minor77A93
1015HarmonicsEric LauB Major51B94
1016Steady PaceShabaam Sahdeeq, J57D♭ Major83B94
1017Gladiator SchoolShabaam Sahdeeq, Ruste JuxxF♯ Major72B96
1018Superstar featuring Mos DefGe-ology, Mos DefA♭ Major84B93
1019Get ItShabaam SahdeeqF♯ Major72B96
1020Keepers of the Lost ArtShabaam SahdeeqA Major911B94
1021Steady PaceShabaam Sahdeeq, J57F♯ Major72B96
1022Smoke ScreensShabaam Sahdeeq, J57, Rim Da Villan, Gorilla NemsD♭ Minor812A95
1023Its RainyEric LauF♯ Major62B94
1024GelisFlakoB♭ Minor13A106
1025Harps in SpaceEric LauF♯ Major42B96
1026In ParadiseEric LauG Major79B97
1027Burgundy WhipMadlibF♯ Minor511A95
1028He Who DaresShabaam Sahdeeq, Lewis ParkerF♯ Major72B96
1029The Secret Life of Arabia - 2017 RemasterDavid BowieD Minor97A105
1030LimitlessShabaam SahdeeqF♯ Major72B96
1031HatersShabaam Sahdeeq, LovelF♯ Major72B96
1032Cut from a Different Cloth (Bonus Track)Shabaam SahdeeqF♯ Major72B96
1033Smoke Screens - InstrumentalShabaam Sahdeeq, J57F♯ Major72B96
1034TimelessShabaam SahdeeqF♯ Major72B96
10353-D - InstrumentalShabaam SahdeeqF♯ Major72B96
1036Ways of WarShabaam Sahdeeq, Blaq Poet, Ruste JuxxA Major711B91
1037LimitlessShabaam SahdeeqF♯ Major72B96
1038Steady Pace - InstrumentalShabaam Sahdeeq, J57F♯ Major72B96
1039Thunderin'Shabaam Sahdeeq, Nick WizA Major911B108
1040Honey DripsFlakoA Minor58A94
1041No Surrender - Alchemist MixShabaam Sahdeeq, Kool G RapF♯ Major72B96
1042Graffiti the WorldShabaam Sahdeeq, El Da SenseiF♯ Major72B96
1043DestinyPhat Kat, M. RutherfordB♭ Minor93A93
1044Man DownShabaam Sahdeeq, J57F♯ Major72B96
1045U Don't Want NoneShabaam Sahdeeq, D.V. alias KhrystF♯ Major72B96
1046Keep Keepin' On, Pt. 1.5Shabaam SahdeeqF♯ Major72B96
1047Can I Get U HiSa-ra Creative PartnersD♭ Major93B96
1048Man DownShabaam Sahdeeq, J57, J Hood, D.V. alias KhrystD♭ Major83B96
1049Elegant SmokeOh NoB Minor810A95
1050Ricochet - 2018 RemasterDavid BowieG Major99B102
1051Everyone Says 'Hi'David BowieC Major88B98
1052Los Angeles TimesXzibit, EndoG Major99B93
1053All Aboard (feat. Reva Devito)Dark Time SunshineF♯ Major92B95
1054Watch The Sky For MePowerman 5000C Major68B97
1055Starman - 2012 RemasterDavid BowieF Major47B100
1056Breaking Glass - Live at the Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, 13th October, 1995David BowieA Major911B98
1057Operate, AnnihilatePowerman 5000A Major911B94
1058Teenage Wildlife - Live at the Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, 13th October, 1995David BowieB Major71B108
1059Leon Take Us OutsideDavid BowieB Major31B107
1060Looking for Lester - 2003 RemasterDavid BowieB Minor910A108
1061Rock 'n' Roll Suicide - 2012 RemasterDavid BowieC Major38B103
1062They Know Who You ArePowerman 5000F♯ Major92B105
1063Hand-Me-DownsSoul PositionD♭ Major93B95
1064I Have Not Been to Oxford TownDavid BowieD Major710B97
1065Fuck Tha PoliceDopeG Major99B95
1066Prom QuizGrayskulF♯ Major72B93
1067Outside - Live at the Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, 13th October, 1995David BowieC Major78B106
1068The Friend SongThe Union UndergroundA♭ Minor101A100
1069What U See Is What U GetSevendust, XzibitD♭ Major73B93
1070Whispers of the Waves (feat. Gord Downie)Buck 65G Major79B94
1071I Have Not Been To Oxford Town - Live at the Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, 13th October, 1995David BowieG Major99B97
1072Wake UpDopeF♯ Minor811A102
1073Panic in Detroit - 2013 RemasterDavid BowieB Minor810A94
1074Kimberly's GhostDopeG Major99B106
1075Sunday - Moby RemixDavid BowieD♭ Major83B100
1076Lady Grinning Soul - 2013 RemasterDavid BowieE Major612B93
1077OutsideDavid BowieC Major88B102
1078Golden Years - 2016 RemasterDavid BowieF♯ Minor711A108
1079Shook Ones, Part IIMobb Deep, EverlastF♯ Major92B95
1080SundayDavid BowieD♭ Major63B100
1081Segue - Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette)David BowieG Minor36A94
1082I Am NothingDopeE Minor99A101
1083Word on a Wing - 2016 RemasterDavid BowieB Major61B98
1084Make RoomSugar Ray, Tha Liks, Tha AlkaholiksD Major710B96
1085Tyler's SongCoal ChamberC Major98B98
1086B-Boy Document '99The High & Mighty, Mad Skillz, Mos DefD Major710B93
1087FallSevendustE Major1012B107
1088Graffic TrafficTame OneE Minor69A99
1089Survival of the FittestSick Of It All, Mobb DeepA♭ Minor101A97
1090SunburnFuelE Minor89A94
1091Miracle Goodnight - 2003 RemasterDavid BowieG Major69B102
1092Wanna Be MartyrFull Devil JacketD♭ Major103B104
1093This StoryEyedea & AbilitiesB Minor1010A103
1094DecemberStatic-XF Major67B105
1095Only When I'm DrunkCrazy Town, Tha Liks, Tha AlkaholiksF♯ Minor911A104
1096The OnlyStatic-XA♭ Major104B105
1097Trip With JesusThe Union UndergroundG Major109B108
1098Slow BurnDavid BowieF Major97B107
1099Wild Is the Wind - 2016 RemasterDavid BowieA Minor68A98
1100When the Sun HitsSlowdiveD Major510B94
1101Every SingleBrotha Lynch HungA♭ Major54B94
1102California Uber AllesThe Disposable Heroes Of HiphoprisyD♭ Minor612A94
1103Ming MongMains IgnitionF♯ Major82B94
1104Stupid Doo Doo Dumb/Crest Creeper/Uninvited/Young Black BrothaMac DreF♯ Minor711A94
1105Blue GrasslandSoulstanceD Major810B94
1106Dub OneBud BongoD Major610B94
1107Love Dat DonkeyMac DreF♯ Major82B94
1108Show Your LoveDJ CamF Minor64A94
1109Are 'Friends' Electric?Groove ArmadaC Major68B94
1110The Lower We FlyOutsideB♭ Minor23A94
1111MoonlightKorelessF♯ Minor211A94
1112Child SongThe Cinematic OrchestraG Major49B120
1113Keep Me LiftedMichael Franti & SpearheadF Minor64A94
1114ChemoConsolidatedB♭ Minor83A94
1115The Lower We FlyOutsideB♭ Minor23A94
1116Sextet: 2nd MovementSteve Reich, NexusG Minor16A94
1117Check Out Time2PacF♯ Major72B94
1118Million TownStrange Cargo, William OrbitB Minor510A94
1119Yes Yes NoDJ CamG Major69B94
1120FlagMoebiusA Minor78A109
1121Da Real Deal (feat. Dubee)Mac Dre, DubeeF♯ Minor711A94
1122Hasty Boom Alertµ-ZiqA Major911B94
1123Chicken BoneSYDNEY with sister RD Major510B94
1124Cassandra Gemini: FaminepulseThe Mars VoltaB Minor810A94
1125It Froze MeThomas RagsdaleF Major37B94
1126Sword RemovedDj BookieB♭ Minor83A94
1127Sex, Drugs, Rap...Mac DreF Minor64A79
1128On My Way HomeEnyaD Minor37A94
1129The Emancipation ProcrastinationChristian Scott aTunde AdjuahB Minor610A94
1130My FriendGroove ArmadaD Minor97A94
1131Aye Nam Ghumat Taranae ManAhmad ZahirF♯ Minor611A94
1132Interrogation / Lonesome Subway / Grimm's HouseThe Chemical BrothersD♭ Minor512A127
1133TravelsOutside, Anita Kelsey, Robb GallagherD♭ Major53B94
1134ValsaSteve Reich, Leo Brouwer, Maurice Ravel, Radamés Gnattali, Camerata Argentina de GuitarrasF♯ Major32B114
1135Black SheepSneaker PimpsE♭ Major65B94
1136The Desert Music: I. Crotchet = 192Steve Reich, Kristjan Järvi, Tonkünstler-Orchester, Chorus Sine NomineG Minor46A94
1137ThunderbirdWhitefield BrothersG Major109B94
1138Langer AtemRoedeliusE♭ Major45B94
1139Take My Hand (feat. Swamburger & Aesop Rock)Dark Time SunshineF♯ Major82B95
1140Spider And I - 2004 Digital RemasterBrian EnoF Major17B94
1141Sextet: 2nd MovementSteve Reich, NexusG Minor16A94
1142On Your ShoreEnyaE Major012B94
1143California Uber AllesThe Disposable Heroes Of HiphoprisyG Major89B94
1144Root Of All EvilParisF♯ Minor911A94
1145Don't Stop the MusicBits & PiecesD♭ Major83B94
1146All I Need (feat. Beth Hirsch)Air, Beth HirschG Minor46A94
1147Uninvited (feat. Da Looie Crew)Mac Dre, Da Looie CrewB♭ Minor73A94
1148Scan of WavesBiosphereE Major012B94
1149The Gadfly Suite, Op. 97a: X. NocturneVarious ArtistsC Major28B105
1150Free UpBonnot, M1, Dead PrezD Minor87A132
1151Coming Of AgeDead Prez, N.I.M.R.O.D., SticF♯ Major62B94
1152I'm a WreckMojo Nixon, Skid RoperE Major712B94
1153Love Sign - Shock G's Silky RemixPrince, Shock GC Major58B100
1154AmplificationDiatribeA♭ Major94B94
1155Caught By The RiverDovesD♭ Major73B94
1156Last HeartPrinceA Minor88A105
1157Pride AssassinNapalm DeathD♭ Major93B94
1158SweatMeg Lee ChinD♭ Minor712A94
1159Glimpse Into GenocideNapalm DeathG Major109B94
1160Fucked Up - Explicit Album VersionDead PrezD♭ Minor512A94
1161Right Back Here In My ArmsPrinceD♭ Major73B99
1162Revival GunPromonium JestersD♭ Major83B94
1163Say Goodbye HollywoodEminemA Minor78A94
1164What's My NamePrinceB Major71B93
1165Sofa King - Danger Mouse RemixDANGERDOOM, Danger MouseF Minor64A94
1166BeatswaysickModerat, BUSDRIVERB Minor810A94
1167This Is Raymond BienNegativlandF Major87B115
1168The PentagramSepulturaD Major1010B94
1169One 4 KutmahRas GE Minor89A94
1170Dream FactoryPrinceD♭ Minor812A105
1171Not Meant for MeWayne StaticB Minor910A94
1172Sex MusicBeak>D Major610B94
1173JackieYves TumorF Minor94A94
1174Suzy Is A Headbanger - RemasteredL7G Major79B94
1175In This Bed Eye ScreamPrinceE Major812B93
1176the tiny man is BACKSlugabedC Major48B94
1177AirsickLaurel HaloA♭ Major64B94
1178Jam of the YearPrinceB Minor710A93
1179Can You Feel It?Trevor SomethingB Major51B94
1180Attitude - LiveSepulturaC Major108B94
1181OmnicidePromonium JestersD♭ Major83B94
1182Know You Don'tJelD Major710B94
1183I Just Don't Know What to Do With MyselfThe White StripesC Major78B95
1184Blackbird - Remastered 2009The BeatlesG Major19B94
1185FloodNeurosisA Minor68A94
1186Poom PoomPrinceB Major71B96
1187P. Control - RemixPrinceE Major912B107
1188Acknowledge MePrinceA♭ Minor91A104
1189Hide the BonePrinceB Major91B98
1190Circus MysteryMojo Nixon, Skid RoperB Minor410A94
1191She Lives in My Lap (feat. Rosario Dawson)Outkast, Rosario DawsonB Minor910A94
1192I'm the Man Who Loves YouWilcoF Major77B94
1193Mr. HappyPrinceG Major59B98
1194AmazonM.I.A.B Major91B94
1195In MetalLowB Minor310A94
1196I Know You Want ItKhiaE Minor99A94
1197The Air Near My FingersThe White StripesG Major79B94
1198Sofa KingDANGERDOOM, MF DOOMB Major61B94
1199If I Can't50 CentB Minor610A94
1200Wherever U Go, Whatever U DoPrinceD Major310B99
1201Hot In HerreNellyB Minor710A107
1202StylePrinceA♭ Minor71A95
1203EmancipationPrinceF Major77B97
1204Hot Wit U (feat. Eve)Prince, EveB♭ Minor83A100
1205Giving Up The GhostDJ ShadowB♭ Minor83A107
12067Prince, The New Power GenerationA Major711B101
1207Da, Da, DaPrinceC Major78B98
1208Eye Love U, But Eye Don't Trust U Anymore (feat. Ani DiFranco)Prince, Ani DiFrancoG Major19B103
1209Giving Up The Ghost - Original VersionDJ ShadowB♭ Minor83A107
1210Dreamin' About UPrinceC Major68B95
1211NowPrinceD♭ Major93B100
1212Ribbons - RemasteredSisters of MercyA♭ Major94B94
1213No Desire for RevengeThe MasonicsA Minor98A157