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Odesza by 2ron9ebx826zfx61vlv5gtgkd Spotify Playlist


by 2ron9ebx826zfx61vlv5gtgkd

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren)ODESZA, MonsoonsirenF Major67B120
2Line Of Sight (feat. WYNNE & Mansionair)ODESZA, WYNNE, MansionairA♭ Major74B90
3Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)ODESZA, Madelyn GrantA♭ Minor51A120
4Late NightODESZAD Major610B125
5LoyalODESZAD Major910B140
6Light (feat. Little Dragon)ODESZA, Little DragonD♭ Major63B133
7MeridianODESZAF Minor74A90
8BloomODESZAD Major610B130
9Lost And Found (ODESZA Remix)Pretty LightsA Major711B90
10KotoODESZAG Minor66A100
11Falls (feat. Sasha Alex Sloan)ODESZA, Sasha Alex SloanF♯ Major72B161
12Across The Room (feat. Leon Bridges)ODESZA, Leon BridgesF♯ Major62B82
13For Us (feat. Briana Marela)ODESZA, Briana MarelaA Minor68A110
14BoyODESZAC Major78B140
15La CiudadODESZAA Minor88A108
16All We Need (feat. Shy Girls)ODESZA, Shy GirlsE Minor89A100
17Echoes (feat. Py)ODESZA, PyD Major510B140
18Thin Floors And Tall CeilingsODESZAG Minor56A139
19Everything At Your Feet (feat. The Chamanas)ODESZA, The ChamanasA Minor78A87
20It’s Only (feat. Zyra) - ODESZA VIP RemixODESZA, ZyraD Major910B120
21Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren) - ODESZA & Golden Features VIP RemixODESZA, Monsoonsiren, Golden FeaturesB♭ Major66B120
22Falls (Reprise) (feat. Sasha Alex Sloan)ODESZA, Sasha Alex SloanF♯ Major42B154
23Divide (feat. Kelsey Bulkin)ODESZA, Kelsey BulkinC Major68B85
24Line Of Sight (Reprise) (feat. WYNNE & Mansionair)ODESZA, WYNNE, MansionairA♭ Major54B77
25IPlayYouListenODESZAA Major711B125
26How Did I Get HereODESZAC Minor65A96
27My Friends Never DieODESZAE Minor69A170
28Always This LateODESZAE♭ Major65B170
29White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts)ODESZA, Jenni PottsD Major510B90
30Above the MiddleODESZAD♭ Minor812A110
31TodayODESZAD Major910B100
32RelyODESZAC Major98B120
33Hey NowODESZAB Major81B94
34Waited 4 U - ODESZA RemixSlow Magic, ODESZAF♯ Minor711A135
35Divinity - ODESZA RemixPorter Robinson, Amy Millan, ODESZAB Minor810A180
36Say My Name (feat. Zyra) - RAC MixODESZA, Zyra, RACA Major611B115
37All We Need (feat. Shy Girls) - Autograf RemixODESZA, Shy Girls, AutografA Major911B110
38SundaraODESZAF♯ Major72B120
39Something About You - ODESZA RemixHayden James, ODESZAB Minor710A105
40Faded - Odesza RemixZHU, ODESZAC Major78B125
41I Want YouODESZAD♭ Minor712A179
42Keep Her CloseODESZAA Minor88A130
43Without YouODESZAG Major69B75
44If There's TimeODESZAB♭ Minor63A140
45KusanagiODESZAC Major38B75
46Higher Ground (feat. Naomi Wild)ODESZA, Naomi WildD♭ Major93B105
47Just A Memory (feat. Regina Spektor)ODESZA, Regina SpektorC Major38B120
48Show MeODESZAA Major611B108
49Higher Ground (Reprise) (feat. Naomi Wild)ODESZA, Naomi WildF♯ Major52B105
50Corners Of The Earth (feat. RY X)ODESZA, RY XF♯ Minor711A120
51Don't StopODESZAB♭ Major86B80
52All We Need (feat. Shy Girls) - Beat Connection RemixODESZA, Shy Girls, Beat ConnectionF♯ Minor611A100
53Falls - The Knocks Get Up MixODESZA, Sasha Sloan, The KnocksF♯ Major82B109
54If You Don't (feat. Cumulus)ODESZA, CumulusC Minor65A118
55HomeODESZAF♯ Major52B110
56Open Wound (ODESZA Remix)Ki:TheoryE♭ Minor82A140
57Eve II (Odesza Remix)EmancipatorD Major710B122

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