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imogen heap by puddlejumper27 Spotify Playlist

imogen heap

by puddlejumper27

Spotify ID: 1Ne2heXgQLPTzxj9LA11Xv

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1HeadlockImogen HeapG Minor46A120
2Goodnight and GoImogen HeapD♭ Major73B110
3Have You Got It in You?Imogen HeapD Minor57A111
4Loose EndsImogen HeapA Minor68A116
5Hide and SeekImogen HeapA Major211B121
6Clear the AreaImogen HeapB♭ Minor83A180
7Daylight RobberyImogen HeapG Major89B120
8The WalkImogen HeapE♭ Minor72A143
9Just for NowImogen HeapE♭ Major45B150
10I Am in Love with YouImogen HeapA♭ Major54B110
11Closing InImogen HeapA♭ Minor71A168
12The Moment I Said ItImogen HeapA Major211B176
13Speeding CarsImogen HeapD♭ Major43B84
14Not Now But SoonImogen HeapB Major71B142
15You Know Where to Find Me - InstrumentalImogen HeapE♭ Minor22A137
16You Know Where to Find MeImogen HeapE♭ Minor32A137
17Tiny HumanImogen HeapB Major31B125
18Tiny Human (Instrumental)Imogen HeapB Major41B125
19First Train HomeImogen HeapF♯ Major52B100
20Wait It OutImogen HeapE♭ Major45B153
21EarthImogen HeapD Major510B95
22Little BirdImogen HeapE♭ Major25B148
23SwoonImogen HeapB♭ Major66B120
24TidalImogen HeapG Minor86A164
25Between SheetsImogen HeapA♭ Major34B110
262-1Imogen HeapE♭ Minor42A130
27Bad Body DoubleImogen HeapC Major68B166
28Aha!Imogen HeapF Minor54A88
29The FireImogen HeapF♯ Minor011A85
30CanvasImogen HeapF♯ Minor611A139
31Half LifeImogen HeapD♭ Major13B110
32First Train Home - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapF♯ Major42B100
33Wait It Out - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapE♭ Major45B153
34Earth - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapD Major510B95
35Little Bird - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapA♭ Major04B148
36Swoon - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapB♭ Major66B120
37Tidal - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapG Minor86A164
38Between Sheets - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapA♭ Major34B110
392-1 - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapE♭ Minor42A130
40Bad Body Double - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapC Major68B166
41Aha! - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapF Major67B88
42The Fire - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapD Major110B82
43Canvas - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapF♯ Minor511A139
44Half Life - Instrumental VersionImogen HeapD♭ Major13B110
45You Know Where to Find MeImogen HeapE♭ Minor32A137
46EntanglementImogen HeapG Major59B90
47The Listening ChairImogen HeapF Minor44A172
48Cycle SongImogen HeapC Minor95A174
49Telemiscommunicationsdeadmau5, Imogen HeapD♭ Minor412A180
50LifelineImogen HeapD♭ Minor612A110
51Neglected SpaceImogen HeapE Major212B115
52Minds Without FearImogen HeapB♭ Minor73A87
53Me the MachineImogen HeapD Major510B112
54Run-TimeImogen HeapA Minor78A120
55Climb to SaktengImogen HeapF Major27B84
56The BeastImogen HeapA♭ Minor51A150
57Xizi She KnowsImogen HeapF Major87B150
58Propeller SeedsImogen HeapE♭ Major45B130
59You Know Where to Find Me - InstrumentalImogen HeapE♭ Minor32A137
60Entanglement - InstrumentalImogen HeapG Major49B90
61The Listening Chair - InstrumentalImogen HeapF Minor34A172
62Cycle Song - InstrumentalImogen HeapC Minor85A174
63Telemiscommunications - Instrumentaldeadmau5, Imogen HeapD♭ Minor212A180
64Lifeline - InstrumentalImogen HeapD♭ Minor612A110
65Neglected Space - InstrumentalImogen HeapE Major112B115
66Minds Without Fear - InstrumentalImogen HeapB♭ Minor73A87
67Me the Machine - InstrumentalImogen HeapD Major510B112
68Run-Time - InstrumentalImogen HeapA Minor68A120
69Climb to Sakteng - InstrumentalImogen HeapF Major27B84
70The Beast - InstrumentalImogen HeapD♭ Major53B150
71Xizi She Knows - InstrumentalImogen HeapF Major87B75
72Propeller Seeds - InstrumentalImogen HeapE♭ Major45B130
73HeadlockImogen HeapG Minor46A120
74Goodnight and GoImogen HeapD♭ Major73B110
75Have You Got It in You?Imogen HeapD Minor57A111
76Loose EndsImogen HeapA Minor68A116
77Hide and SeekImogen HeapA Major211B121
78Clear the AreaImogen HeapB♭ Minor83A180
79Daylight RobberyImogen HeapG Major89B120
80The WalkImogen HeapE♭ Minor72A143
81Just for NowImogen HeapE♭ Major45B150
82I Am in Love with YouImogen HeapA♭ Major54B110
83Closing InImogen HeapA♭ Minor71A168
84The Moment I Said ItImogen HeapA Major211B176
85Headlock - InstrumentalImogen HeapG Minor36A120
86Goodnight and Go - InstrumentalImogen HeapD♭ Major73B110
87Have You Got It in You? - InstrumentalImogen HeapD Minor57A80
88Loose Ends - InstrumentalImogen HeapA Minor88A116
89CumulusImogen HeapC Minor45A120
90Clear The Area - InstrumentalImogen HeapB♭ Minor83A180
91Daylight Robbery - InstrumentalImogen HeapG Major99B120
92The Walk - InstrumentalImogen HeapE♭ Minor72A143
93Just For Now - InstrumentalImogen HeapC Minor45A150
94I Am in Love with You - InstrumentalImogen HeapA♭ Major44B110
95Closing In - InstrumentalImogen HeapA♭ Minor71A168
96The Moment I Said It - InstrumentalImogen HeapE Minor29A176
97Suite One: Platform 9 3/4Imogen HeapF♯ Major52B100
98Suite One: The Hogwarts ExpressImogen HeapA♭ Major64B172
99Suite One: Welcome to HogwartsImogen HeapD♭ Minor512A110
100Suite One: Wand DanceImogen HeapC Minor85A174
101Suite One: Albus Severus PotterImogen HeapE♭ Major35B77
102Suite One: The BlanketImogen HeapA Major411B88
103Suite One: Hut on the RockImogen Heap, Linda Neil, Arve HenriksenC Minor45A120
104Suite One: A MalfoyImogen HeapD Major710B168
105Suite One: Anything from the Trolley, Dears?Imogen HeapF Major77B88
106Suite One: Ministry of MagicImogen HeapE♭ Minor52A143
107Suite One: St. Oswald'sImogen Heap, Love the EarthE♭ Minor62A96
108Suite One: Wizarding WorldImogen HeapG Minor36A120
109Suite One: Shadows and SpiritsImogen Heap, Martin LoweD Major410B83
110Suite Two: Privet DriveImogen Heap, Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr., Clarence Montgomery, III, Love the EarthA♭ Major34B75
111Suite Two: McGonagall's OfficeImogen HeapC Major78B80
112Suite Two: The Forbidden ForestImogen Heap, Love the EarthA Major111B57
113Suite Two: Edge of the ForestImogen Heap, Love the EarthA Major211B61
114Suite Two: Dragons!Imogen HeapF♯ Major52B93
115Suite Two: DumbledoreImogen HeapD Minor37A83
116Suite Two: Staircase BalletImogen HeapD♭ Major43B110
117Suite Two: The DuelImogen Heap, Love the EarthD Major810B144
118Suite Two: Invisibility CloakImogen HeapA Minor28A86
119Suite Two: Moaning MyrtleImogen HeapA♭ Major14B148
120Suite Two: Scorpius AloneImogen HeapD♭ Major73B115
121Suite Three: A World of DarknessImogen HeapD♭ Major83B108
122Suite Three: Another HogwartsImogen Heap, Shekhar Ravjiani, Vishal DadlaniF Minor64A87
123Suite Three: DementorsImogen Heap, Love the EarthA Major511B130
124Suite Three: Expecto PatronumImogen HeapF Minor14A70
125Suite Three: In Trouble (Again)Imogen HeapB Major71B120
126Suite Three: Slytherin DormitoryImogen HeapF Major37B84
127Suite Three: The OwleryImogen Heap, Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr., Clarence Montgomery, IIIA♭ Minor41A137
128Suite Three: A New ProphecyImogen HeapB Minor510A139
129Suite Three: The AugureyImogen HeapD♭ Major83B48
130Suite Four: Extraordinary General MeetingImogen HeapB Major81B143
131Suite Four: Godric's HollowImogen HeapG Major79B90
132Suite Four: Paint and MemoryImogen HeapD♭ Major43B110
133Suite Four: Something WrittenImogen HeapB Minor510A88
134Suite Four: The Final BattleImogen Heap, Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr., Clarence Montgomery, IIIA♭ Minor61A84
135Suite Four: The ArrivalImogen HeapC Major28B71
136Suite Four: Lily and JamesImogen HeapF Major17B84
137Suite Four: Burning BedImogen HeapD Major210B118
138Suite Four: A Nice DayImogen HeapD♭ Major33B110
139Let GoFrou FrouF Major67B140
140Breathe InFrou FrouE Major712B97
141It's Good To Be In LoveFrou FrouF♯ Major52B100
142Must Be DreamingFrou FrouA Minor88A148
143PsychobabbleFrou FrouB Minor910A78
144Only Got OneFrou FrouD Major610B100
145ShhFrou FrouF♯ Minor811A131
146Hear Me OutFrou FrouA♭ Major74B180
147Maddening ShroudFrou FrouA Major611B88
148FlicksFrou FrouE Major812B176
149The Dumbing Down Of LoveFrou FrouG Major19B105

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