Daniel Caesar
April 7, 2023
Number of Tracks
Republic Records
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1Ocho Rios by Daniel CaesarOcho RiosDaniel CaesarD Major10B128
2Valentina by Daniel CaesarValentinaDaniel CaesarF Minor4A92
3Toronto 2014 (with Mustafa) by Daniel Caesar, MustafaToronto 2014 (with Mustafa)Daniel Caesar, MustafaC Major8B135
4Let Me Go by Daniel CaesarLet Me GoDaniel CaesarG Minor6A153
5Do You Like Me? by Daniel CaesarDo You Like Me?Daniel CaesarB Major1B120
6Always by Daniel CaesarAlwaysDaniel CaesarA Major11B136
7Cool by Daniel CaesarCoolDaniel CaesarG Major9B62
8Disillusioned (with serpentwithfeet) by Daniel Caesar, serpentwithfeetDisillusioned (with serpentwithfeet)Daniel Caesar, serpentwithfeetA Major11B97
9Buyer's Remorse (feat. Omar Apollo) by Daniel Caesar, Omar ApolloBuyer's Remorse (feat. Omar Apollo)Daniel Caesar, Omar ApolloA Major11B86
10Shot My Baby by Daniel CaesarShot My BabyDaniel CaesarD Major10B128
11Pain Is Inevitable by Daniel CaesarPain Is InevitableDaniel CaesarG Major9B153
12Homiesexual (with Ty Dolla $ign) by Daniel Caesar, Ty Dolla $ignHomiesexual (with Ty Dolla $ign)Daniel Caesar, Ty Dolla $ignA♭ Minor1A199
13Vince Van Gogh by Daniel CaesarVince Van GoghDaniel CaesarD Major10B90
14Superpowers by Daniel CaesarSuperpowersDaniel CaesarF Major7B90
15Unstoppable by Daniel CaesarUnstoppableDaniel CaesarG Major9B153