Songs in 中國說唱巔峰對決 第六期 by 中國說唱巔峰對決

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1啥子聲音 by GAI周延, 功夫胖, 布瑞吉Bridge啥子聲音GAI周延, 功夫胖, 布瑞吉BridgeD Major10B140
2神奇寶貝的Cypher by MC HotDog, Capper, Tizzy T, GALI神奇寶貝的CypherMC HotDog, Capper, Tizzy T, GALID Major10B142
3不得不撒 by KEY.L刘聪, 盛宇DamnShine, 毛衍七, 萬妮達不得不撒KEY.L刘聪, 盛宇DamnShine, 毛衍七, 萬妮達D Major10B140
4一席之地Cypher by 杨和苏KeyNG, 早安, 黃旭, 艾熱 AIR, 王以太一席之地Cypher杨和苏KeyNG, 早安, 黃旭, 艾熱 AIR, 王以太D Major10B140
5We are 鋼 by 字母鋼We are 鋼字母鋼D Major10B140
61995 by 威爾Will.T1995威爾Will.TD Major10B140
7KEYONE(獨一無二) by JA符龍飛KEYONE(獨一無二)JA符龍飛D Major10B140
8活著 by 趙辰龍活著趙辰龍D Major10B140
9POSE!(拿樣) by 劉炫廷POSE!(拿樣)劉炫廷D Major10B140
10崩壞寶貝 by Jinx周崩壞寶貝Jinx周D Major10B140 Album Analysis

Based on our data, 中國說唱巔峰對決 第六期 by 中國說唱巔峰對決 is currently not as popular as other albums at the moment. Released on July 30, 2022, 中國說唱巔峰對決 第六期 currently has a total of 10 tracks by the label 秀動發行 and it's considered an album, not a single. The album's current copyright is (C) 2022 秀動發行 ShowStart Release, with it's UPC being 6941636744422.

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