Discography by Arms Reach

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Intro by Arms ReachIntroArms ReachD Major10B106
2Right to Breathe by Arms ReachRight to BreatheArms ReachD Major10B126
3Foundation, Pt. 1 by Arms ReachFoundation, Pt. 1Arms ReachF♯ Minor11A111
4Rest in Pieces, Pt. 1 by Arms ReachRest in Pieces, Pt. 1Arms ReachD Major10B145
5Systems Failed by Arms ReachSystems FailedArms ReachD Major10B177
610 to 1 by Arms Reach10 to 1Arms ReachD Major10B121
7For Those Who Can't by Arms ReachFor Those Who Can'tArms ReachD Major10B126
8Get over It by Arms ReachGet over ItArms ReachC Major8B137
9Your Rules Not Mine by Arms ReachYour Rules Not MineArms ReachC Major8B162
10Come Clean by Arms ReachCome CleanArms ReachD♭ Major3B115
11What Is Freedom? by Arms ReachWhat Is Freedom?Arms ReachA Major11B127
12Release by Arms ReachReleaseArms ReachB♭ Major6B147
13Delusions of Grandeur by Arms ReachDelusions of GrandeurArms ReachB♭ Minor3A95
14Some Things Never Change by Arms ReachSome Things Never ChangeArms ReachB Minor10A108
15What Lies Ahead by Arms ReachWhat Lies AheadArms ReachB♭ Minor3A119
16Sick Dogs (Get Put Down) by Arms ReachSick Dogs (Get Put Down)Arms ReachA♭ Minor1A163
17Justice Squad by Arms ReachJustice SquadArms ReachD Major10B143
18Forced to Adjust by Arms ReachForced to AdjustArms ReachF Minor4A94
19Outright by Arms ReachOutrightArms ReachB♭ Minor3A120
20A.R. by Arms ReachA.R.Arms ReachA♭ Major4B130
21Remain by Arms ReachRemainArms ReachA Major11B120
22Deceived by Arms ReachDeceivedArms ReachB♭ Major6B84
23Just Another Product by Arms ReachJust Another ProductArms ReachA♭ Major4B119
24Social Games by Arms ReachSocial GamesArms ReachB♭ Major6B142
25Good Life by Arms ReachGood LifeArms ReachD Major10B111
26Rebuilding by Arms ReachRebuildingArms ReachB Major1B118
27Selfish Cunts by Arms ReachSelfish CuntsArms ReachA♭ Major4B78
28Homosexual Panic Defence by Arms ReachHomosexual Panic DefenceArms ReachA Major11B86
29Break the Chain (Infest) by Arms ReachBreak the Chain (Infest)Arms ReachE♭ Major5B93
30Conform (Siege) by Arms ReachConform (Siege)Arms ReachB♭ Minor3A69
31www.getafuckinglife.com by Arms Reachwww.getafuckinglife.comArms ReachD Major10B136
32Seasons for Growth by Arms ReachSeasons for GrowthArms ReachB♭ Major6B76
33Circle of Friends, Pt. 1 by Arms ReachCircle of Friends, Pt. 1Arms ReachA♭ Minor1A76
34Run for Your Fucking Life by Arms ReachRun for Your Fucking LifeArms ReachB♭ Major6B125
35Poverty 2000 by Arms ReachPoverty 2000Arms ReachA Minor8A76
36Christian Door Knockers, Pt. 1 by Arms ReachChristian Door Knockers, Pt. 1Arms ReachC Minor5A81
37Draw the Line by Arms ReachDraw the LineArms ReachE♭ Major5B129
38Constructive Criticism by Arms ReachConstructive CriticismArms ReachB♭ Major6B81
39Self Made Misery by Arms ReachSelf Made MiseryArms ReachD Major10B71
40God Free Youth by Arms ReachGod Free YouthArms ReachE♭ Major5B82
41Glorified Hatred, Pt. 1 by Arms ReachGlorified Hatred, Pt. 1Arms ReachA♭ Major4B126
42Open Arms by Arms ReachOpen ArmsArms ReachA Major11B158
43Invasion Day by Arms ReachInvasion DayArms ReachB♭ Major6B96
44Destroy Footy Culture by Arms ReachDestroy Footy CultureArms ReachE♭ Major5B151
45www.getafuckinglife.com by Arms Reachwww.getafuckinglife.comArms ReachG Major9B144
46More Than Music by Arms ReachMore Than MusicArms ReachC Minor5A152
47Rest in Pieces, Pt. 2 by Arms ReachRest in Pieces, Pt. 2Arms ReachD Major10B163
48Foundation, Pt. 2 by Arms ReachFoundation, Pt. 2Arms ReachE♭ Major5B113
49Circle of Friends, Pt. 2 by Arms ReachCircle of Friends, Pt. 2Arms ReachA♭ Major4B157
50Christian Door Knockers, Pt. 2 by Arms ReachChristian Door Knockers, Pt. 2Arms ReachG Minor6A145
51Glorified Hatred, Pt. 2 by Arms ReachGlorified Hatred, Pt. 2Arms ReachB♭ Minor3A126
64Flame Still Burns (Youth of Today) - Live by Arms ReachFlame Still Burns (Youth of Today) - LiveArms ReachG Major9B123