Stealing The Sun Back by Savage Family

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Song For the Children-(Canupa Gluha Mani) A Gift For the Moveme by Savage FamilySong For the Children-(Canupa Gluha Mani) A Gift For the MovemeSavage FamilyE Major12B100
2Steal the Sun Back by Savage FamilySteal the Sun BackSavage FamilyD♭ Major3B92
3Sacrifice by Savage FamilySacrificeSavage FamilyD Major10B160
4Truth in Lies by Savage FamilyTruth in LiesSavage FamilyG Major9B139
5Freestyle For Freedom by Savage FamilyFreestyle For FreedomSavage FamilyF♯ Major2B80
6Don't Forget Who We Are by Savage FamilyDon't Forget Who We AreSavage FamilyD♭ Major3B139
7Model Unamerikkkan by Savage FamilyModel UnamerikkkanSavage FamilyF Major7B85
8Survival of the Fittest??? by Savage FamilySurvival of the Fittest???Savage FamilyD Major10B130
9Fuk a Bunch of Indians (What They Think) by Savage FamilyFuk a Bunch of Indians (What They Think)Savage FamilyF Major7B81
10Raise Up! by Savage FamilyRaise Up!Savage FamilyD♭ Major3B150
11Ancestors (Family Mix) by Savage FamilyAncestors (Family Mix)Savage FamilyD♭ Major3B131
12End It by Savage FamilyEnd ItSavage FamilyG Major9B83
13Non Existent by Savage FamilyNon ExistentSavage FamilyB Major1B94
14No Copromise by Savage FamilyNo CopromiseSavage FamilyE♭ Major5B90
15Lozt in This World by Savage FamilyLozt in This WorldSavage FamilyA Minor8A136
16Rize Again by Savage FamilyRize AgainSavage FamilyA Minor8A76
17(bonus) Lonely People (You Ain't Alone) by Savage Family(bonus) Lonely People (You Ain't Alone)Savage FamilyE Major12B88
18(bonus) Ancestors (First Concept) by Savage Family(bonus) Ancestors (First Concept)Savage FamilyD♭ Major3B131