10 Years by Tres Crow

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Cuz You Make Me Happy by Tres CrowCuz You Make Me HappyTres CrowG Major9B76
1The Way It Is (feat. Greenland) by Tres Crow, GreenlandThe Way It Is (feat. Greenland)Tres Crow, GreenlandB♭ Major6B135
2Piano Song by Tres CrowPiano SongTres CrowB Major1B142
2April (feat. Greenland) by Tres Crow, GreenlandApril (feat. Greenland)Tres Crow, GreenlandD Major10B157
3When It All Began by Tres CrowWhen It All BeganTres CrowD Major10B95
3What You Have Done (feat. Greenland) by Tres Crow, GreenlandWhat You Have Done (feat. Greenland)Tres Crow, GreenlandD Major10B157
4The Communion (feat. Greenland) by Tres Crow, GreenlandThe Communion (feat. Greenland)Tres Crow, GreenlandE Major12B77
4New Year's Eve by Tres CrowNew Year's EveTres CrowF♯ Major2B105
5Hang Around by Tres CrowHang AroundTres CrowE Minor9A79
5White Lines by Tres CrowWhite LinesTres CrowC Major8B164
6The Darkness by Tres CrowThe DarknessTres CrowG Major9B155
6Municipal At Arms by Tres CrowMunicipal At ArmsTres CrowF♯ Major2B117
7Wind in the Moor by Tres CrowWind in the MoorTres CrowA♭ Major4B118
7Catch That Mystery by Tres CrowCatch That MysteryTres CrowE Major12B96
8As the Moon Sets by Tres CrowAs the Moon SetsTres CrowF♯ Major2B123
8Spacial Awareness (feat. Oblivion) by Tres Crow, OblivionSpacial Awareness (feat. Oblivion)Tres Crow, OblivionE♭ Major5B97
9Lift Me (feat. Oblivion) by Tres Crow, OblivionLift Me (feat. Oblivion)Tres Crow, OblivionD♭ Major3B131
9Pink Elephants by Tres CrowPink ElephantsTres CrowC Major8B74
10See the Sun (feat. Oblivion) by Tres Crow, OblivionSee the Sun (feat. Oblivion)Tres Crow, OblivionD♭ Major3B153
10Save You by Tres CrowSave YouTres CrowD Major10B120
11Hum (feat. Oblivion) by Tres Crow, OblivionHum (feat. Oblivion)Tres Crow, OblivionF Minor4A80
11Straightjacket by Tres CrowStraightjacketTres CrowF Major7B144
12Sing This Song (feat. Noble Three) by Tres Crow, Noble ThreeSing This Song (feat. Noble Three)Tres Crow, Noble ThreeE♭ Major5B96
12Over (feat. Oblivion) by Tres Crow, OblivionOver (feat. Oblivion)Tres Crow, OblivionD♭ Major3B118
13Maine (Noble Three) [feat. Noble Three] by Tres Crow, Noble ThreeMaine (Noble Three) [feat. Noble Three]Tres Crow, Noble ThreeG Major9B98
13Basilea (feat. Oblivion) by Tres Crow, OblivionBasilea (feat. Oblivion)Tres Crow, OblivionB Major1B78
14Kings (feat. Oblivion) by Tres Crow, OblivionKings (feat. Oblivion)Tres Crow, OblivionA♭ Major4B95
14My Loneliest Year (feat. Noble Three) by Tres Crow, Noble ThreeMy Loneliest Year (feat. Noble Three)Tres Crow, Noble ThreeG Major9B130
15The Road (feat. Noble Three) by Tres Crow, Noble ThreeThe Road (feat. Noble Three)Tres Crow, Noble ThreeD Major10B118
15Free to Feel (feat. Oblivion) by Tres Crow, OblivionFree to Feel (feat. Oblivion)Tres Crow, OblivionD♭ Major3B102
16My Hope (feat. Oblivion) by Tres Crow, OblivionMy Hope (feat. Oblivion)Tres Crow, OblivionD♭ Major3B86
16Party Crashers (feat. Noble Three) by Tres Crow, Noble ThreeParty Crashers (feat. Noble Three)Tres Crow, Noble ThreeF Major7B123
17Shipwrecked (feat. Noble Three) by Tres Crow, Noble ThreeShipwrecked (feat. Noble Three)Tres Crow, Noble ThreeG Major9B80
17The Camp David Chord (feat. Oblivion) by Tres Crow, OblivionThe Camp David Chord (feat. Oblivion)Tres Crow, OblivionA♭ Minor1A50
18Our Love (feat. Noble Three) by Tres Crow, Noble ThreeOur Love (feat. Noble Three)Tres Crow, Noble ThreeC Major8B136
18Enos Mills (feat. Oblivion) by Tres Crow, OblivionEnos Mills (feat. Oblivion)Tres Crow, OblivionF♯ Major2B119
19The Language of Dissent (feat. Oblivion) by Tres Crow, OblivionThe Language of Dissent (feat. Oblivion)Tres Crow, OblivionE♭ Major5B182
19Call Me Somehow (feat. Noble Three) by Tres Crow, Noble ThreeCall Me Somehow (feat. Noble Three)Tres Crow, Noble ThreeE Major12B132
20Maine by Tres CrowMaineTres CrowG Major9B145
21Souls (Tick the Minutes Away) by Tres CrowSouls (Tick the Minutes Away)Tres CrowA♭ Major4B94
22Cold Light by Tres CrowCold LightTres CrowD Major10B150
23Maine (Acoustic) by Tres CrowMaine (Acoustic)Tres CrowG Major9B140