Public Housing, Pt. 2

Real Boston Richey
January 6, 2023
Number of Tracks
Open Shift Distribution
2023 Open Shift Distribution
1Krazy by Real Boston RicheyKrazyReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
2First Time by Real Boston RicheyFirst TimeReal Boston RicheyB Minor10A90
3IDK by Real Boston RicheyIDKReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
4Play With Me by Real Boston RicheyPlay With MeReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
5Pay For It by Real Boston RicheyPay For ItReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
6Site Flipping by Real Boston RicheySite FlippingReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
7Staying Focused by Real Boston RicheyStaying FocusedReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
8Light Switch by Real Boston RicheyLight SwitchReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
9Known Menace by Real Boston RicheyKnown MenaceReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
10Trenches by Real Boston RicheyTrenchesReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
11Ling Ling by Real Boston RicheyLing LingReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
12Ain't Right by Real Boston RicheyAin't RightReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
13Paper Tags by Real Boston RicheyPaper TagsReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
14Loner by Real Boston RicheyLonerReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
15On Site by Real Boston RicheyOn SiteReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
16Win For Losin by Real Boston RicheyWin For LosinReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
17Something Better by Real Boston RicheySomething BetterReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
18Ain't Enough by Real Boston RicheyAin't EnoughReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
19Watch How I Move by Real Boston RicheyWatch How I MoveReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
20I Want You (with Future) by Real Boston Richey, FutureI Want You (with Future)Real Boston Richey, FutureD♭ Major3B90
21Don't Get Me Started by Real Boston RicheyDon't Get Me StartedReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
22How You Coming by Real Boston RicheyHow You ComingReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
23Dawggy by Real Boston RicheyDawggyReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
24Certified Dripper 2 (with MoneyBagg Yo) by Real Boston Richey, Moneybagg YoCertified Dripper 2 (with MoneyBagg Yo)Real Boston Richey, Moneybagg YoD♭ Major3B90
25Super Coupe by Real Boston RicheySuper CoupeReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
26Ms. Twerksum by Real Boston RicheyMs. TwerksumReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
27Navy Seals (with Kodak Black & Lil Crix) by Real Boston Richey, Lil Crix, Kodak BlackNavy Seals (with Kodak Black & Lil Crix)Real Boston Richey, Lil Crix, Kodak BlackD♭ Major3B90
28EVERYBODY by Real Boston RicheyEVERYBODYReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
29Bullseye 2 (with Future) by Real Boston Richey, FutureBullseye 2 (with Future)Real Boston Richey, FutureD♭ Major3B90
30No Static by Real Boston RicheyNo StaticReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
31How TF He Like You by Real Boston RicheyHow TF He Like YouReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
32WHERE YOU BEEN by Real Boston RicheyWHERE YOU BEENReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90
33Keep Dissing 2 (with Lil Durk) by Real Boston Richey, Lil DurkKeep Dissing 2 (with Lil Durk)Real Boston Richey, Lil DurkD♭ Major3B90
34Getting Better by Real Boston RicheyGetting BetterReal Boston RicheyD♭ Major3B90