Been One

Rylo Rodriguez
June 30, 2023
Number of Tracks
Four Pockets Full, LLC
© 2023 Glass Window Entertainment
1System by Rylo RodriguezSystemRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B109
2On Da Floor (feat. EST Gee) by Rylo Rodriguez, EST GeeOn Da Floor (feat. EST Gee)Rylo Rodriguez, EST GeeD♭ Major3B109
3Right by Rylo RodriguezRightRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B109
4Real Type (feat. Lil Baby) by Rylo Rodriguez, Lil BabyReal Type (feat. Lil Baby)Rylo Rodriguez, Lil BabyD♭ Major3B109
5You'll Find the One by Rylo RodriguezYou'll Find the OneRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B109
6Free Game by Rylo RodriguezFree GameRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B109
7On The Run by Rylo RodriguezOn The RunRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B109
8Unfuckwitable by Rylo RodriguezUnfuckwitableRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B109
9Room Comfort (feat. Fridayy and Lil Durk) by Rylo Rodriguez, Fridayy, Lil DurkRoom Comfort (feat. Fridayy and Lil Durk)Rylo Rodriguez, Fridayy, Lil DurkC Major8B149
10Taylor Port Junkie (feat. Lil Yachty) by Rylo Rodriguez, Lil YachtyTaylor Port Junkie (feat. Lil Yachty)Rylo Rodriguez, Lil YachtyD♭ Major3B109
11Heartless by Rylo RodriguezHeartlessRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B109
12Equal Dirt by Rylo RodriguezEqual DirtRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B109
13Digital Pictures by Rylo RodriguezDigital PicturesRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B109
14End of the Road by Rylo RodriguezEnd of the RoadRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B113
15Leaks by Rylo RodriguezLeaksRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B109
16Ah Never Be The Same by Rylo RodriguezAh Never Be The SameRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B109
17You Should by Rylo RodriguezYou ShouldRylo RodriguezD♭ Major3B109
18Thang For You (feat. NoCap) by Rylo Rodriguez, No CapThang For You (feat. NoCap)Rylo Rodriguez, No CapD♭ Major3B109
19X-Hausted (feat. Lil Poppa) by Rylo Rodriguez, Lil PoppaX-Hausted (feat. Lil Poppa)Rylo Rodriguez, Lil PoppaD♭ Major3B109