Happy Jazz Accidents by Upbeat Jazz Lounge

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Play the Tunes by Upbeat Jazz LoungePlay the TunesUpbeat Jazz LoungeC Major8B142
2There Are Only Happy Accidents in Jazz by Upbeat Jazz LoungeThere Are Only Happy Accidents in JazzUpbeat Jazz LoungeF Major7B136
3Super Happy Times by Upbeat Jazz LoungeSuper Happy TimesUpbeat Jazz LoungeF Major7B142
4Wishing the Weeks Away by Upbeat Jazz LoungeWishing the Weeks AwayUpbeat Jazz LoungeE♭ Minor2A141
5Frequent Jazzer by Upbeat Jazz LoungeFrequent JazzerUpbeat Jazz LoungeD♭ Major3B141
6Looking over the Top by Upbeat Jazz LoungeLooking over the TopUpbeat Jazz LoungeE Minor9A143
7Playing by the Tracks by Upbeat Jazz LoungePlaying by the TracksUpbeat Jazz LoungeA♭ Major4B143
8Between the Sheets by Upbeat Jazz LoungeBetween the SheetsUpbeat Jazz LoungeC Minor5A140
9Listening to Jazz on the Train by Upbeat Jazz LoungeListening to Jazz on the TrainUpbeat Jazz LoungeC Minor5A144
10Upbeat Jazz Lounge Deluxe BGM Music by Upbeat Jazz LoungeUpbeat Jazz Lounge Deluxe BGM MusicUpbeat Jazz LoungeC Major8B142