Monsters With Machines 2005 Tour Compilation by Various Artists

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1The revenge of the shit demons by The ToiletThe revenge of the shit demonsThe ToiletC Major8B117
2Conversation with the asshole by The ToiletConversation with the assholeThe ToiletD Major10B120
3Enfermé dans quelque chose by The ToiletEnfermé dans quelque choseThe ToiletG Major9B120
4The world is my toilet now by The ToiletThe world is my toilet nowThe ToiletF Minor4A120
5Oooooooh the extreme hell by The ToiletOooooooh the extreme hellThe ToiletG Major9B120
6Get your shit together by The ToiletGet your shit togetherThe ToiletD♭ Major3B120
7Shit is the shit man by The ToiletShit is the shit manThe ToiletB Major1B120
8Be happy or die by The ToiletBe happy or dieThe ToiletB♭ Minor3A120
9Holy teachings by The ToiletHoly teachingsThe ToiletD♭ Major3B150
10Swing la bacaisse dans l´fond d´la boite a bois by The ToiletSwing la bacaisse dans l´fond d´la boite a boisThe ToiletC Major8B120
11The good thing by The ToiletThe good thingThe ToiletA♭ Major4B101
12The demon shit from hell with pink clothes by The ToiletThe demon shit from hell with pink clothesThe ToiletA♭ Major4B120
13079 a journey dans sa prison by Electrocutionerdz079 a journey dans sa prisonElectrocutionerdzG Major9B138
14We are the owls by ElectrocutionerdzWe are the owlsElectrocutionerdzA Major11B80
15Greed as an achievement by ElectrocutionerdzGreed as an achievementElectrocutionerdzE Minor9A92
16Empathological necroticism by ElectrocutionerdzEmpathological necroticismElectrocutionerdzF♯ Minor11A100
17x-p by The Smile Adventurex-pThe Smile AdventureB♭ Major6B90
18crotches by The Smile AdventurecrotchesThe Smile AdventureE Major12B113
19you are fat you are a fat man by The Smile Adventureyou are fat you are a fat manThe Smile AdventureB♭ Minor3A106
20dx-wn by The Smile Adventuredx-wnThe Smile AdventureB♭ Minor3A71
21the flesh prevaileth by The Smile Adventurethe flesh prevailethThe Smile AdventureD♭ Major3B175
22positive snowball fights with coke dealers by The Smile Adventurepositive snowball fights with coke dealersThe Smile AdventureA Major11B0
23dream stallion by The Smile Adventuredream stallionThe Smile AdventureF Major7B62
24lx-ft by The Smile Adventurelx-ftThe Smile AdventureB♭ Major6B95
25his thorn torn brow by The Smile Adventurehis thorn torn browThe Smile AdventureG Major9B116
26the royal medallions of the seven governors by The Smile Adventurethe royal medallions of the seven governorsThe Smile AdventureB♭ Minor3A98
27rx-ght by The Smile Adventurerx-ghtThe Smile AdventureB Minor10A94
28consecrated by The Smile AdventureconsecratedThe Smile AdventureA♭ Major4B119
29breakdance me to the glacier of sorrow by The Smile Adventurebreakdance me to the glacier of sorrowThe Smile AdventureG Major9B114
30An analysis of parasympathy by The Mourningside ExcursionAn analysis of parasympathyThe Mourningside ExcursionA♭ Major4B114
31Right down your alley by The Mourningside ExcursionRight down your alleyThe Mourningside ExcursionF♯ Major2B79
32Sour consciousness by The Mourningside ExcursionSour consciousnessThe Mourningside ExcursionA♭ Minor1A100
33Shower scene remix (reign of blood remix) by The Mourningside ExcursionShower scene remix (reign of blood remix)The Mourningside ExcursionG Major9B80