Yasuke by Flying Lotus

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1War at the Door by Flying LotusWar at the DoorFlying LotusD Minor7A163
2Black Gold by Flying Lotus, ThundercatBlack GoldFlying Lotus, ThundercatA♭ Major4B86
3Your Lord by Flying LotusYour LordFlying LotusD Minor7A84
4Shoreline Sus by Flying LotusShoreline SusFlying LotusD♭ Major3B105
5Hiding in the Shadows by Flying Lotus, Niki RandaHiding in the ShadowsFlying Lotus, Niki RandaE♭ Major5B78
6Crust by Flying LotusCrustFlying LotusA Major11B107
7Fighting Without Honor by Flying LotusFighting Without HonorFlying LotusB♭ Minor3A156
8Pain and Blood by Flying LotusPain and BloodFlying LotusD♭ Minor12A77
9War Lords by Flying LotusWar LordsFlying LotusD Major10B165
10Sachi by Flying LotusSachiFlying LotusA♭ Major4B83
11Your Screams by Flying LotusYour ScreamsFlying LotusD Major10B181
12Using What You Got by Flying LotusUsing What You GotFlying LotusB Minor10A86
13African Samurai by Flying Lotus, Denzel CurryAfrican SamuraiFlying Lotus, Denzel CurryA♭ Major4B183
14Where’s the Girl? by Flying LotusWhere’s the Girl?Flying LotusE♭ Major5B80
15Kurosaka Strikes! by Flying LotusKurosaka Strikes!Flying LotusG Major9B150
16This Cursed Life by Flying LotusThis Cursed LifeFlying LotusA♭ Major4B114
17RoBomb by Flying LotusRoBombFlying LotusE♭ Minor2A136
18Taiko Time // Sacrifice by Flying LotusTaiko Time // SacrificeFlying LotusB♭ Minor3A82
19Your Day Off by Flying LotusYour Day OffFlying LotusB♭ Minor3A84
20Your Armour by Flying LotusYour ArmourFlying LotusC Minor5A115
21Enchanted by Flying LotusEnchantedFlying LotusE♭ Minor2A93
22Mind Flight by Flying LotusMind FlightFlying LotusG Minor6A145
23Survivors by Flying LotusSurvivorsFlying LotusA♭ Major4B152
24Your Head // We Won by Flying LotusYour Head // We WonFlying LotusC Minor5A81
25The Eyes of Vengeance by Flying LotusThe Eyes of VengeanceFlying LotusG Minor6A122
26Between Memories by Flying Lotus, Niki RandaBetween MemoriesFlying Lotus, Niki RandaD Minor7A179