Songs in Rift by Hugar

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1lost by HugarlostHugarA Minor8A180
2fall by HugarfallHugarA Minor8A75
3volt by HugarvoltHugarG Major9B71
4IV by HugarIVHugarA Minor8A80
5far by HugarfarHugarA Minor8A170
6rest by HugarrestHugarG Major9B69
7mist by HugarmistHugarC Major8B95
8ai by HugaraiHugarD Major10B81
9solaris by HugarsolarisHugarF Major7B120
10keilir by HugarkeilirHugarE♭ Major5B77
11XYZ by HugarXYZHugarA Minor8A110
12form by HugarformHugarC Major8B76
13luna by HugarlunaHugarF Minor4A141
14ok by HugarokHugarC Major8B168
15ævi by HugaræviHugarG Major9B100
16bless by HugarblessHugarA Minor8A140 Album Analysis

Based on our data, Rift by Hugar is currently not as popular as other albums at the moment. Released on January 21, 2022, Rift currently has a total of 16 tracks by the label XXIM Records and it's considered an album, not a single. The album's current copyright is (P) 2021 Hugar Music ehf, under exclusive license to XXIM Records, a label of Sony Music Entertainment., with it's UPC being 886449488940.

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