Bask in His Glory

Donnett Thompson-Hall
October 27, 2017
Number of Tracks
Rare Diamond Productions
(C) 2017 © Rare Diamond Productions / VPAL Music
1How Great Is Our God by Donnett Thompson-HallHow Great Is Our GodDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B98
2Who Made the Angels Sing by Donnett Thompson-HallWho Made the Angels SingDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B98
3Bask in His Glory by Donnett Thompson-HallBask in His GloryDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B98
4Thank You for the Cross Lord by Donnett Thompson-HallThank You for the Cross LordDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B124
5The Old Account Settled by Donnett Thompson-HallThe Old Account SettledDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B98
6Let the Lower Lights Be Burning by Donnett Thompson-HallLet the Lower Lights Be BurningDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B98
7Main Purpose by Donnett Thompson-HallMain PurposeDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B98
8Heir to the Throne by Donnett Thompson-HallHeir to the ThroneDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B98
9Samson by Donnett Thompson-HallSamsonDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B98
10Leave Me at the Altar by Donnett Thompson-HallLeave Me at the AltarDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B98
11The Glory of Jesus by Donnett Thompson-HallThe Glory of JesusDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B98
12All Belongs to God by Donnett Thompson-HallAll Belongs to GodDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B98
13T'is so Sweet to Trust in Jesus by Donnett Thompson-HallT'is so Sweet to Trust in JesusDonnett Thompson-HallF Major7B98