Golden Sun: Iconic Themes by Arcade Player

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
12nd Menu Screen (From 2nd Menu Screen (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerB Minor10A108
2Altin Caves (From Altin Caves (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerN/AN/AN/A
3Babi's Lighthouse (From Babi's Lighthouse (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerE Minor9A113
4Babi's Theme (From Babi's Theme (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerA Minor8A104
5Battle Theme (From Battle Theme (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerE Minor9A120
6Boss Battle (From Boss Battle (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerC Major8B107
7Colosso Battle (From Colosso Battle (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerA Minor8A156
8Desert (From Desert (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerA Minor8A146
9Final Beacon (From Final Beacon (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerA Major11B78
10Fusion Dragon Battle (From Fusion Dragon Battle (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerF Major7B160
11Game Over (From Game Over (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerE Major12B128
12Hurry! (Linked Battle) [From Hurry! (Linked Battle) [From "Golden Sun"]Arcade PlayerA Minor8A145
13Imil (From Imil (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerG Major9B79
14Ivan's Theme (From Ivan's Theme (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerE Major12B132
15Kolima Forest (From Kolima Forest (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerG Major9B97
16Lalivero (From Lalivero (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerD Major10B100
17McCoy's Palace (From McCoy's Palace (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerA Major11B111
18Mercury Lighthouse (From Mercury Lighthouse (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerB Minor10A115
19Overworld Theme (From Overworld Theme (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerA Minor8A120
20Running to the Match (From Running to the Match (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerE Minor9A130
21Saturos and Menardi Battle (From Saturos and Menardi Battle (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerG Major9B140
22Saturos Battle (From Saturos Battle (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerB Minor10A129
23Sol Sanctum (From Sol Sanctum (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerE Minor9A148
24Sol Sanctum Dungeon (From Sol Sanctum Dungeon (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerA Minor8A115
25The Ship of the Karagol (From The Ship of the Karagol (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerD Major10B115
26Title Screen (From Title Screen (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerD Major10B109
27Tolbi (From Tolbi (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerD Major10B120
28Tolbi Docks (From Tolbi Docks (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerC Major8B115
29Tret Tree, Flooded Altin (From Tret Tree, Flooded Altin (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerA Major11B115
30Trouble Encounter (From Trouble Encounter (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerA♭ Major4B132
31Vale (From Vale (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerC Major8B105
32Venus Lighthouse (From Venus Lighthouse (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerF♯ Minor11A128
33Victory (From Victory (From "Golden Sun")Arcade PlayerF Major7B147