Songs in Durga Parivar by Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Pratah Smaranam by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaPratah SmaranamSwagatalakshmi DasguptaC Major8B96
2Ganesh Dhyanam by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaGanesh DhyanamSwagatalakshmi DasguptaF Major7B96
3Ganeshastakam by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaGaneshastakamSwagatalakshmi DasguptaG Major9B145
4Ganesh Pranam by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaGanesh PranamSwagatalakshmi DasguptaC Major8B96
5Lakshmi Dhyanam by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaLakshmi DhyanamSwagatalakshmi DasguptaE Minor9A72
6Sri Sukta by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaSri SuktaSwagatalakshmi DasguptaG Major9B67
7Lakshmi Stuti by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaLakshmi StutiSwagatalakshmi DasguptaF Major7B74
8Mahalakshmashtakam by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaMahalakshmashtakamSwagatalakshmi DasguptaE Minor9A96
9Saraswati Pranam by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaSaraswati PranamSwagatalakshmi DasguptaG Major9B170
10Saraswati Dhyanam by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaSaraswati DhyanamSwagatalakshmi DasguptaG Major9B170
11Saraswati Stotram 1 by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaSaraswati Stotram 1Swagatalakshmi DasguptaG Major9B169
12Saraswati Stotram 2 by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaSaraswati Stotram 2Swagatalakshmi DasguptaG Major9B45
13Saraswati Vandana by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaSaraswati VandanaSwagatalakshmi DasguptaG Major9B170
14Saraswati Sarda Stotram by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaSaraswati Sarda StotramSwagatalakshmi DasguptaF Major7B166
15Kartik Pranam Mantra by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaKartik Pranam MantraSwagatalakshmi DasguptaG Major9B140
16Pratham Shail Putrti by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaPratham Shail PutrtiSwagatalakshmi DasguptaF Major7B130
17Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaYa Devi SarvabhuteshuSwagatalakshmi DasguptaA♭ Major4B179
18Sarvamangal Mangalye by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaSarvamangal MangalyeSwagatalakshmi DasguptaC Major8B140
19Uma Maheshwar Stotram by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaUma Maheshwar StotramSwagatalakshmi DasguptaG Major9B103
20Durga Stotram by Swagatalakshmi DasguptaDurga StotramSwagatalakshmi DasguptaF Major7B75 Album Analysis

Based on our data, Durga Parivar by Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta is currently not as popular as other albums at the moment. Released on September 25, 2010, Durga Parivar currently has a total of 20 tracks by the label Times Music and it's considered an album, not a single. The album's current copyright is © 2010 Times Music, with it's UPC being 8902633120570.

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