DS2 (Deluxe)

July 17, 2015
Number of Tracks
(P) 2015 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
1Thought It Was a Drought by FutureThought It Was a DroughtFutureD Major10B125
2I Serve the Base by FutureI Serve the BaseFutureD♭ Major3B168
3Where Ya At (feat. Drake) by Future, DrakeWhere Ya At (feat. Drake)Future, DrakeD♭ Major3B162
4Groupies by FutureGroupiesFutureD Major10B126
5Lil One by FutureLil OneFutureF♯ Minor11A140
6Stick Talk by FutureStick TalkFutureG Major9B160
7Freak Hoe by FutureFreak HoeFutureD♭ Major3B99
8Rotation by FutureRotationFutureD♭ Major3B157
9Slave Master by FutureSlave MasterFutureD♭ Major3B140
10Blow a Bag by FutureBlow a BagFutureE Minor9A141
11Colossal by FutureColossalFutureE Minor9A130
12Rich $ex by FutureRich $exFutureF♯ Minor11A112
13Blood On the Money by FutureBlood On the MoneyFutureA♭ Major4B146
14Trap Niggas by FutureTrap NiggasFutureD♭ Major3B81
15The Percocet & Stripper Joint by FutureThe Percocet & Stripper JointFutureD♭ Major3B80
16Real Sisters by FutureReal SistersFutureA Minor8A160
17Kno The Meaning by FutureKno The MeaningFutureF Minor4A100
18F*ck Up Some Commas by FutureF*ck Up Some CommasFutureB Minor10A140
19Like I Never Left (feat. Diddy & Ludacris, feat. Pharrell, Pusha T & Casino) by Future, Diddy, Pharrell Williams, Ludacris, Pusha T, CasinoLike I Never Left (feat. Diddy & Ludacris, feat. Pharrell, Pusha T & Casino)Future, Diddy, Pharrell Williams, Ludacris, Pusha T, CasinoF♯ Major2B87