Skybound Serenade

Avian Echoes
June 19, 2023
Number of Tracks
Avian Echoes
2023 Avian Echoes
1Skybound Serenade by Avian EchoesSkybound SerenadeAvian EchoesF Major7B130
2Flight of Melodies by Avian EchoesFlight of MelodiesAvian EchoesF Major7B130
3Feathered Chorus by Avian EchoesFeathered ChorusAvian EchoesB♭ Major6B130
4Whispering Plumage by Avian EchoesWhispering PlumageAvian EchoesB♭ Major6B166
5Wings of Harmony by Avian EchoesWings of HarmonyAvian EchoesA♭ Minor1A142
6Songbird Symphony by Avian EchoesSongbird SymphonyAvian EchoesA♭ Minor1A75
7Feathery Reverie by Avian EchoesFeathery ReverieAvian EchoesB Minor10A60
8Melodic Wingspan by Avian EchoesMelodic WingspanAvian EchoesF♯ Major2B103
9Tweeting Cadence by Avian EchoesTweeting CadenceAvian EchoesE♭ Major5B154
10Singing Feathered Friends by Avian EchoesSinging Feathered FriendsAvian EchoesG Minor6A101
11Harmony in Flight by Avian EchoesHarmony in FlightAvian EchoesE♭ Minor2A79
12Warbler's Waltz by Avian EchoesWarbler's WaltzAvian EchoesE♭ Major5B109
13Bird Melancholy by Avian EchoesBird MelancholyAvian EchoesD Major10B78
14Flapping Melodies by Avian EchoesFlapping MelodiesAvian EchoesF Major7B130
15Birdsong Interlude by Avian EchoesBirdsong InterludeAvian EchoesA♭ Major4B91
16Melodies of Flight by Avian EchoesMelodies of FlightAvian EchoesD Major10B78
17Serenade in the Skies by Avian EchoesSerenade in the SkiesAvian EchoesB♭ Minor3A117
18Whistling Plumes by Avian EchoesWhistling PlumesAvian EchoesD♭ Major3B82
19Tune of the Treetops by Avian EchoesTune of the TreetopsAvian EchoesA Minor8A100
20Feathered Ballad by Avian EchoesFeathered BalladAvian EchoesD♭ Major3B123