A Beat Tape, Vol. 1
3:35 March 11, 2023
B Minor

ghettohoopdreams Information

Acousticness 3%
Danceability 57%
Energy 31%
Instrumentalness 13%
Liveness 10%
Loudness 80%
Speechiness 4%
Valence 47%
Loudness -12.228 dB

ghettohoopdreams Recommended Songs

E.T. Find Home by Apollo1E.T. Find HomeApollo1G Minor76A136
kms by DempseyRollBoykmsDempseyRollBoyB♭ Minor73A126
SAID NAH by Noah Hedges, ProjectbabyjvSAID NAHNoah Hedges, ProjectbabyjvE♭ Minor62A81
Blue Dream by Roland RejectBlue DreamRoland RejectA Major611B100
fix me by Ely Waves, Beautiful Beats, Jauque Xfix meEly Waves, Beautiful Beats, Jauque XA♭ Major34B90
Beat Box Intro. by JsmithBeatz, JudyBone$Beat Box Intro.JsmithBeatz, JudyBone$C Major58B92
Wonderful Day by CjayQ, glibsWonderful DayCjayQ, glibsB Minor710A116
SEASONS by Kota the FriendSEASONSKota the FriendB♭ Minor83A157
BLM by Jamaal Anderson, Leonine17BLMJamaal Anderson, Leonine17F Minor54A125
A Teen by V.I.CA TeenV.I.CA Major511B124
howyoumakemefeel by JsmithBeatzhowyoumakemefeelJsmithBeatzB Minor310A196
Many Men (Curtis) by Katori WalkerMany Men (Curtis)Katori WalkerB♭ Minor73A84
Maintain (Remix) by VybezDxntLie, Kiiba, Benji., Jurdan BryantMaintain (Remix)VybezDxntLie, Kiiba, Benji., Jurdan BryantB♭ Minor83A92
Eyes by QuadecaEyesQuadecaF♯ Minor411A69
On The Rise Intro by JsmithBeatzOn The Rise IntroJsmithBeatzB Major51B80
CLEAR VISION by Dirtylow, EijayCLEAR VISIONDirtylow, EijayA Minor58A120
Dark Blue by Suni TalyntDark BlueSuni TalyntC Major38B140
Heavy Rain by Bleak PurdyHeavy RainBleak PurdyG Major49B90
Benz by Samsonyte, LeRoyceBenzSamsonyte, LeRoyceE♭ Minor22A135
The New Break Up Song by Dee WileThe New Break Up SongDee WileA Minor48A83
It Was Written by D2xIt Was WrittenD2xB♭ Minor73A98
Impatiently by Lé Real, Shiloh, CJ BeatsImpatientlyLé Real, Shiloh, CJ BeatsD Major410B170
Roll With Me by TheolodgeRoll With MeTheolodgeD♭ Minor412A148
3am by JsmithBeatz3amJsmithBeatzB Minor310A196
Forget by Sycho BlackForgetSycho BlackF Minor64A97
SMOKE SCREEN by Zealbreak, Seamus Sana, Zach KohlerSMOKE SCREENZealbreak, Seamus Sana, Zach KohlerB♭ Minor53A129
Through My Eyes by Rob LegacyThrough My EyesRob LegacyF♯ Minor611A82
Will The World Keep Spinning Without You by KJ King of HeartsWill The World Keep Spinning Without YouKJ King of HeartsF♯ Minor911A120
Unique by SoundsbyWarrenUniqueSoundsbyWarrenC Minor65A82
No Hesitation by JsmithBeatz, R!CHNo HesitationJsmithBeatz, R!CHE Major612B177
...AND HERE'S 2 HOPING by Rob Regis, 90culture...AND HERE'S 2 HOPINGRob Regis, 90cultureB♭ Minor43A80
No Keys by ProjectbabyjvNo KeysProjectbabyjvD Minor47A156
Elevate by Jamaal Anderson, ProjectbabyjvElevateJamaal Anderson, ProjectbabyjvE Minor59A145
The Flux by Trayce ChapmanThe FluxTrayce ChapmanD♭ Minor412A126
Paranoia by Shane EagleParanoiaShane EagleA♭ Major34B125
Tell Me Why I'm Waiting by Stract, Shiloh DynastyTell Me Why I'm WaitingStract, Shiloh DynastyE♭ Major95B85
Who U Fuckin' With Pal by GrahamWho U Fuckin' With PalGrahamC Major48B90
Trademark by Thomson NasserTrademarkThomson NasserF♯ Minor611A96
Who’s 2 Blame by ULLYWho’s 2 BlameULLYA♭ Minor41A90
Cardiac Arrest by DtrueCardiac ArrestDtrueD♭ Major43B110
You & I by TheisyYou & ITheisyG Major59B148
5:35PM Freestyle by Mr. 5P, Monkieface5:35PM FreestyleMr. 5P, MonkiefaceA Minor78A89
Loaded by MRTZ PoetLoadedMRTZ PoetC Major88B170
The Time Is Right by Bwild907, Billa Camp, Mike SbThe Time Is RightBwild907, Billa Camp, Mike SbA♭ Minor61A140
Thinking of You by King ChrisThinking of YouKing ChrisF♯ Minor411A160
Icarus by Sycho BlackIcarusSycho BlackG Major49B123
They Don't Understand by ChynThey Don't UnderstandChynA Minor58A64
Fight Back! by DempseyRollBoyFight Back!DempseyRollBoyD Major510B95
Back2theway by Thomas JamesBack2thewayThomas JamesE Minor59A90
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