Scale - Original mix

5:42 January 18, 2023
A♭ Major

Scale - Original mix Information

Acousticness 16%
Danceability 79%
Energy 66%
Instrumentalness 94%
Liveness 11%
Loudness 74%
Speechiness 6%
Valence 67%
Loudness -15.406 dB

Scale - Original mix Recommended Songs

Naked - Radio Edit by Rice BossNaked - Radio EditRice BossE Minor79A128
Palace - Original mix by Naomi KertPalace - Original mixNaomi KertA Major811B122
Dragon - Radio edit by Liamfast ShunDragon - Radio editLiamfast ShunA Major611B128
Circle Around - Original mix by Henry ZondakCircle Around - Original mixHenry ZondakC Major38B126
Silver - Radio Edit by Ashtyn KeldaSilver - Radio EditAshtyn KeldaA♭ Minor71A124
Say Nothing - Radio Edit by Tabea ElviraSay Nothing - Radio EditTabea ElviraA♭ Major54B127
Around The Bass - Radio Edit by Norton KellyAround The Bass - Radio EditNorton KellyG Minor76A126
Naked - Original mix by Rice BossNaked - Original mixRice BossD♭ Major43B130
Integrated - Radio Edit by Alina BastianIntegrated - Radio EditAlina BastianG Major99B124
Vix Vortex - Original mix by Amess ClinVix Vortex - Original mixAmess ClinA♭ Major74B129
Palace - Radio edit by Naomi KertPalace - Radio editNaomi KertA Major1011B125
Stay Relaxed - Radio Edit by ArondirStay Relaxed - Radio EditArondirB Minor610A124
Silver Glass - Original mix by Tolk PondoSilver Glass - Original mixTolk PondoG Major59B125
Bio Park - Radio Edit by Sinklut FerrinBio Park - Radio EditSinklut FerrinG Major99B128
Want For Two by TankeyTankedezWant For TwoTankeyTankedezD♭ Major53B138
Schrank - Radio edit by Fox & FoxSchrank - Radio editFox & FoxG Major99B120
Ceci Dolly - Original mix by Emank LonduCeci Dolly - Original mixEmank LonduF♯ Minor811A122
Happy Rhythm by Gammonild PolimanitHappy RhythmGammonild PolimanitD♭ Major103B130
Autumn Techy - Original mix by Sleng TombyAutumn Techy - Original mixSleng TombyC Major58B129
Flower Deepy - Original mix by Daymo TrimmoFlower Deepy - Original mixDaymo TrimmoB Minor510A125
New Energy - Radio Edit by Unny DemorNew Energy - Radio EditUnny DemorE Minor59A128
Strange Couple - Radio Edit by Dimon KevinStrange Couple - Radio EditDimon KevinG Minor36A128
Bold Dong - Radio Edit by Before NiloBold Dong - Radio EditBefore NiloB♭ Minor73A122
Look Under - Radio Edit by Gracelyn DariyLook Under - Radio EditGracelyn DariyB Minor610A248
Insipient by Tazmin ClementsInsipientTazmin ClementsE Major312B116
Solid Body - Original mix by Nessen LazySolid Body - Original mixNessen LazyB Minor710A122
Astro - Original mix by Dark PlaneAstro - Original mixDark PlaneD Major410B124
Fluo Moto Beat - Original mix by Lado PeachFluo Moto Beat - Original mixLado PeachD♭ Major63B128
Breakfast with deep - Original mix by Traman JohnBreakfast with deep - Original mixTraman JohnB♭ Minor53A126
Saloon - Original mix by Ryan BoltySaloon - Original mixRyan BoltyD Major510B125
The Feels - Radio Edit by Faustine TakakoThe Feels - Radio EditFaustine TakakoE Minor49A126
Interior - Radio edit by Mildrek ExtrunInterior - Radio editMildrek ExtrunD♭ Major83B124
Times - Original mix by Jordy FairclothelTimes - Original mixJordy FairclothelB♭ Minor43A124
Odessa by Elena LenoirOdessaElena LenoirD Major310B130
Nova Luna by Jokolun GarritanNova LunaJokolun GarritanF♯ Major102B130
Blattex Bolid - Radio Edit by Anmond KyuBlattex Bolid - Radio EditAnmond KyuB♭ Minor53A126
Alone River - Radio Edit by Angyol WillAlone River - Radio EditAngyol WillB♭ Minor73A127
911 - Radio Edit by Rob Lee Gray911 - Radio EditRob Lee GrayG Major49B130
Hold - Radio edit by Ta Ta ThoneHold - Radio editTa Ta ThoneB Minor610A140
Normal Wave - Radio Edit by Colibryx VellinNormal Wave - Radio EditColibryx VellinC Major88B125
Orion - Original mix by Philis StrutxergOrion - Original mixPhilis StrutxergA♭ Major84B128
Suite - Radio edit by Seravan TullpsSuite - Radio editSeravan TullpsA♭ Major94B131
Arise by Siana McdanielAriseSiana McdanielC Major48B116
Sweet And Time by Janae SweeneySweet And TimeJanae SweeneyB Major41B83
Allow In Duebill by Allow In DuebillAllow In DuebillAllow In DuebillF♯ Minor311A125
Forevers - Original mix by Crist YoungForevers - Original mixCrist YoungD Major610B131
Ama - Original mix by Karlos RixAma - Original mixKarlos RixD♭ Major93B125
Cherry Tech - Original mix by Another KommaCherry Tech - Original mixAnother KommaG Major89B125
Artifacts - Original mix by Aura KathrineArtifacts - Original mixAura KathrineE♭ Minor62A82
Moonquake by Gerard CoatesMoonquakeGerard CoatesB♭ Minor43A127
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