WELCOME【う・さ!】 チノVer. by チノ(水瀬いのり

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Harmonic Matches

Find songs that harmonically matches to WELCOME【う・さ!】 チノVer. by チノ(水瀬いのり. Listed below are tracks with similar keys and BPM to the track where the track can be harmonically mixed.

Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
day by day by Kanoday by dayKanoE Major712B127
ユメ<ウツツ→ハッピータイム by Petit Rabbit'sユメ<ウツツ→ハッピータイムPetit Rabbit'sE Major712B131
ノーポイッ!~ココアver.~ by ココア(佐倉綾音)ノーポイッ!~ココアver.~ココア(佐倉綾音)E Major1012B158
ふわふわ時間(映画「けいおん!」Mix) by Ho - Kago Tea Timeふわふわ時間(映画「けいおん!」Mix)Ho - Kago Tea TimeE Major912B180
WELCOME【う・さ!】 シャロVer. by シャロ(内田真礼)WELCOME【う・さ!】 シャロVer.シャロ(内田真礼)E Major912B159
出かけましょうと答えましょう by チノ(水瀬いのり出かけましょうと答えましょうチノ(水瀬いのりE Major1012B172
ゆめゆめグラデーション by Pastel*PalettesゆめゆめグラデーションPastel*PalettesE Major1012B135
にっこりカフェの魔法使い by Petit Rabbit'sにっこりカフェの魔法使いPetit Rabbit'sE Major912B110
覚えてていいよ by KOTOKO覚えてていいよKOTOKOE Major1012B178
しんがーそんぐぱやぽやメロディー by Petit Rabbit's with beansしんがーそんぐぱやぽやメロディーPetit Rabbit's with beansE Major1012B158
WELCOME【う・さ!】 ココアVer. by ココア(佐倉綾音)WELCOME【う・さ!】 ココアVer.ココア(佐倉綾音)E Major912B159
going going alone way! by 比企谷八幡(CV.江口拓也)with 材木座義輝(CV.檜山修之)&戸塚彩加(CV.小松未可子)going going alone way!比企谷八幡(CV.江口拓也)with 材木座義輝(CV.檜山修之)&戸塚彩加(CV.小松未可子)E Major912B125
あした元気になぁれ! by チノ(水瀬いのりあした元気になぁれ!チノ(水瀬いのりE Major912B170
一匙のお姫さま物語 by Petit Rabbit's一匙のお姫さま物語Petit Rabbit'sE Major912B144
ノーポイッ!~千夜ver.~ by 千夜(佐藤聡美)ノーポイッ!~千夜ver.~千夜(佐藤聡美)E Major912B158
fancy baby doll by Yukari Tamurafancy baby dollYukari TamuraE Major912B92
WELCOME【う・さ!】 Petit Rabbit's Ver. by Petit Rabbit'sWELCOME【う・さ!】 Petit Rabbit's Ver.Petit Rabbit'sE Major912B159
ハミングsoon! by ココア(佐倉綾音)ハミングsoon!ココア(佐倉綾音)E Major812B125
ヨロコビ・シンクロニシティ by チーム“ハナヤマタ”ヨロコビ・シンクロニシティチーム“ハナヤマタ”C Major98B165
My Best Friends by Rhodanthe*My Best FriendsRhodanthe*C Major88B117
ユナイト by Sachika MisawaユナイトSachika MisawaC Major98B94
太陽曰く燃えよカオス by Ushirokarahaiyoritai G太陽曰く燃えよカオスUshirokarahaiyoritai GC Major108B143
ユニバーページ by Suzuko MimoriユニバーページSuzuko MimoriC Major98B187
Eを探す日常 by リゼ(種田梨沙)&シャロ(内田真礼)Eを探す日常リゼ(種田梨沙)&シャロ(内田真礼)C Major98B130
ハピネスアンコール by Petit Rabbit'sハピネスアンコールPetit Rabbit'sC Major88B135
telepath 〜光の塔〜 by Sachika Misawatelepath 〜光の塔〜Sachika MisawaC Major108B165
楽園PROJECT by Ray楽園PROJECTRayC Major98B135
VSマイペース? by チノ(水瀬いのり)&リゼ(種田梨沙)&シャロ(内田真礼)VSマイペース?チノ(水瀬いのり)&リゼ(種田梨沙)&シャロ(内田真礼)C Major98B178
a cup of happiness by チノ(水瀬いのりa cup of happinessチノ(水瀬いのりC Major68B100
Jewelry by Saori HayamiJewelrySaori HayamiC Major88B99
Rolling! Rolling! by RO-KYU-BU!Rolling! Rolling!RO-KYU-BU!C Major98B175
バナナチョモランマの乱 (無修正版) by 悠木 碧バナナチョモランマの乱 (無修正版)悠木 碧C Major88B120
RIVALS by 田所あずさRIVALS田所あずさC Major98B91
シュガーコート・ドリーム by 白咲花(CV.指出毬亜)シュガーコート・ドリーム白咲花(CV.指出毬亜)C Major98B125
おうちに帰りたい by アクア (CV: 雨宮 天), めぐみん (CV: 高橋李依), ダクネス (CV: 茅野愛衣)おうちに帰りたいアクア (CV: 雨宮 天), めぐみん (CV: 高橋李依), ダクネス (CV: 茅野愛衣)C Major68B91
釣りの世界へ by 海野高校ていぼう部:鶴木陽渚(CV:高尾奏音), 帆高夏海(CV:川井田夏海),黒岩悠希(CV:篠原侑),大野真(CV:明坂聡美)釣りの世界へ海野高校ていぼう部:鶴木陽渚(CV:高尾奏音), 帆高夏海(CV:川井田夏海),黒岩悠希(CV:篠原侑),大野真(CV:明坂聡美)C Major88B186
Get goal! by RO-KYU-BU!Get goal!RO-KYU-BU!C Major108B147
ちくわパフェだよ☆CKP by Hinatabi Bitter Sweetsちくわパフェだよ☆CKPHinatabi Bitter SweetsC Major108B103
ちいさな冒険者 by アクア (CV: 雨宮 天), めぐみん (CV: 高橋李依), ダクネス (CV: 茅野愛衣)ちいさな冒険者アクア (CV: 雨宮 天), めぐみん (CV: 高橋李依), ダクネス (CV: 茅野愛衣)C Major58B79
Grand symphony by 佐咲紗花Grand symphony佐咲紗花C Major108B90

WELCOME【う・さ!】 チノVer. by チノ(水瀬いのり Information

This song is track #3 in ご注文はうさぎですか?? キャラクターソングシリーズ06 チノ by チノ(水瀬いのり, which has a total of 5 tracks. The duration of this track is 5:07 and was released on October 26, 2016. As of now, this track is currently not as popular as other songs out there. WELCOME【う・さ!】 チノVer. has a lot of energy, which makes it the perfect workout song. Though, it might not give you a strong dance vibe. So, this may not be something that you would want to play at a dance-off.

WELCOME【う・さ!】 チノVer. BPM

WELCOME【う・さ!】 チノVer. has a BPM of 159. Since this track has a tempo of 159, the tempo markings of this song would be Vivace (lively and fast). Based on the tempo, this track could possibly be a great song to play while you are running. Overall, we believe that this song has a fast tempo.

WELCOME【う・さ!】 チノVer. Key

The key of WELCOME【う・さ!】 チノVer. is E Major. In other words, for DJs who are harmonically matchings songs, the Camelot key for this track is 12B. So, the perfect camelot match for 12B would be either 12B or 1A. While, 1B can give you a low energy boost. For moderate energy boost, you would use 9B and a high energy boost can either be 2B or 7B. Though, if you want a low energy drop, you should looking for songs with either a camelot key of 12A or 11B will give you a low energy drop, 3B would be a moderate one, and 10B or 5B would be a high energy drop. Lastly, 9A allows you to change the mood.

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