7th String - instrumental

V - instrumental -
4:46 January 18, 2023
A♭ Major

7th String - instrumental Information

Acousticness 8%
Danceability 47%
Energy 81%
Instrumentalness 92%
Liveness 11%
Loudness 89%
Speechiness 3%
Valence 17%
Loudness -6.839 dB

7th String - instrumental Recommended Songs

Lifeline by XeuphoriaLifelineXeuphoriaF♯ Minor111A57
善惡終章-阿修羅_天域篇組曲 by 陰陽師 Onmyoji, Kay Production Studio善惡終章-阿修羅_天域篇組曲陰陽師 Onmyoji, Kay Production StudioB♭ Major96B128
往事 by BaoUner往事BaoUnerC Major98B110
Banquet of Spilits by QutabireBanquet of SpilitsQutabireC Minor105A140
Summer Farewell by AintopsSummer FarewellAintopsA Minor68A100
someone pulling the strings by 梶浦 由記someone pulling the strings梶浦 由記E♭ Major25B52
Disadvantage by 桶狭間ありさDisadvantage桶狭間ありさD♭ Major83B200
ENDER LILIES by Binary Haze Interactive, MiliENDER LILIESBinary Haze Interactive, MiliC Minor25A149
Dewdrop by Binary Haze Interactive, MiliDewdropBinary Haze Interactive, MiliC Major28B120
Cross by 西沢幸奏Cross西沢幸奏D♭ Major73B117
Believe in you - instrumental by nonocBelieve in you - instrumentalnonocF♯ Major52B92
In the forest by Kenichiro SuehiroIn the forestKenichiro SuehiroA Minor18A137
小さな恋心 by 加藤達也小さな恋心加藤達也D♭ Major33B130
聖蓮池_天域篇組曲 by 陰陽師 Onmyoji, Kay Production Studio聖蓮池_天域篇組曲陰陽師 Onmyoji, Kay Production StudioE Minor69A82
The heavenly realm by 桶狭間ありさThe heavenly realm桶狭間ありさB♭ Major26B179
Spark by Evan CallSparkEvan CallA Major211B97
Fist to Fist by Yasuharu TakanashiFist to FistYasuharu TakanashiD Major710B140
Scissors by THE SIXTH LIEScissorsTHE SIXTH LIED Minor97A131
始まりと終わり by 松田彬人始まりと終わり松田彬人F♯ Major52B81
ダイヤモンドの純度~Yukino Ballade~(Instrumental) by 雪ノ下雪乃(CV.早見沙織)& 由比ヶ浜結衣(CV.東山奈央)ダイヤモンドの純度~Yukino Ballade~(Instrumental)雪ノ下雪乃(CV.早見沙織)& 由比ヶ浜結衣(CV.東山奈央)A Major311B125
Hallyang Seo and Samul nori by 桶狭間ありさHallyang Seo and Samul nori桶狭間ありさA Minor78A80
Reminiscence Reincarnation - instrumental by MYTH & ROIDReminiscence Reincarnation - instrumentalMYTH & ROIDD♭ Minor812A124
he's on the back foot by Kensuke Ushiohe's on the back footKensuke UshioF Major87B115
Conversation by Kenichiro SuehiroConversationKenichiro SuehiroA Minor18A137
sal blossoms by Kensuke Ushiosal blossomsKensuke UshioD Major410B115
Closer by Marika TakeuchiCloserMarika TakeuchiD♭ Major83B111
許されぬ恋 by 甲田雅人許されぬ恋甲田雅人G Major29B92
Unti-L 〈100S-R2〉 by ASCA, mizukiUnti-L 〈100S-R2〉ASCA, mizukiB♭ Minor83A158
運命 ~剣舞~ by 芳賀敬太運命 ~剣舞~芳賀敬太E Minor79A80
Sword Princess's Path by Keiji InaiSword Princess's PathKeiji InaiD Major610B116
融雪<instrumental>(Subscription ver.) by THE SIXTH LIE融雪(Subscription ver.)THE SIXTH LIED Minor87A133
YOU and I by MindaRynYOU and IMindaRynC Major88B110
滴水成氷 by Evan Call滴水成氷Evan CallE Minor29A84
When The Moon Descends by Cravemob, Ashley AlishaWhen The Moon DescendsCravemob, Ashley AlishaD Minor27A124
君の名前の風が吹く by いとうかなこ君の名前の風が吹くいとうかなこF Major77B96
群岳·海生千礁 by 原田萌喜, 網易遊戲-ZEN工作室, 陰陽師 Onmyoji群岳·海生千礁原田萌喜, 網易遊戲-ZEN工作室, 陰陽師 OnmyojiE♭ Major65B109
Memento - instrumental by nonocMemento - instrumentalnonocA Minor98A125
天域平原Ⅰ_天域篇組曲 by 陰陽師 Onmyoji, Kay Production Studio天域平原Ⅰ_天域篇組曲陰陽師 Onmyoji, Kay Production StudioG Major49B101
二代目の欠点 by Evan Call二代目の欠点Evan CallA Minor08A66
私たちの敵 by 光宗信吉私たちの敵光宗信吉F Major07B98
Orario Morning by Keiji InaiOrario MorningKeiji InaiE Major212B82
双葉の本音 by Hiroaki Tsutsumi, 大嵜慶子, 橋本翔太双葉の本音Hiroaki Tsutsumi, 大嵜慶子, 橋本翔太C Major38B79
言霊の加護 by Kenichiro Suehiro言霊の加護Kenichiro SuehiroD Minor17A82
Cascading Window by Isaak WolfCascading WindowIsaak WolfE♭ Major55B85
Kioku by 帆足圭吾Kioku帆足圭吾A Major011B68
LEMONADE by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk], XAILEMONADESawanoHiroyuki[nZk], XAIE♭ Major65B136
Eventide by Rasmus FaberEventideRasmus FaberF Major77B121
escalate by AimerescalateAimerF Minor94A87
pian0s0l0 by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]pian0s0l0SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]A Major111B75
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