Death To Dh'oine! - Mikolai Stroinski Information

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Mikolai Stroinski's 'Death To Dh'oine!' came out on October 28, 2016. The duration of Death To Dh'oine! is about two minutes long, specifically at 2:07. This song does not appear to have any foul language. Death To Dh'oine!'s duration is considered a little bit shorter than the average duration of a typical track. The track order of this song in Mikolai Stroinski, Marcin Przybyłowicz's "GWENT: The Witcher Card Game" album is number 3 out of 4. Based on our statistics, Death To Dh'oine!'s popularity is below average in popularity right now. Although the tone can be danceable to some, this track does projects more of a negative sound rather than a postive one.

Death To Dh'oine! BPM

We consider the tempo marking of Death To Dh'oine! by Mikolai Stroinski to be Allegro (fast, quick, and bright) because the track has a tempo of 142 BPM, a half-time of 71BPM, and a double-time of 284 BPM. Based on that, the speed of the song's tempo is fast. Activities such as, jogging or cycling, can go well with this song. The time signature for this track is 4/4.

Death To Dh'oine! Key

This song is in the music key of D Major. This also means that this song has a camelot key of 10B. So, the perfect camelot match for 10B would be either 10B or 11A. While, 11B can give you a low energy boost. For moderate energy boost, you would use 7B and a high energy boost can either be 12B or 5B. Though, if you want a low energy drop, you should looking for songs with either a camelot key of 10A or 9B will give you a low energy drop, 1B would be a moderate one, and 8B or 3B would be a high energy drop. Lastly, 7A allows you to change the mood.


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L-M Records/RCA Records

Section: 0.4998462200164795

End: 0.5037729740142822