Relaxing music to sleep

Isochronic Tones Brainwave Entrainment, Binaural Beats Sleep Tones, Dog Sleep Dreams
Pure Fire Sounds to Study Vol. 1
2:00 January 18, 2023
B♭ Minor

Relaxing music to sleep Information

Acousticness 7%
Danceability 54%
Energy 40%
Instrumentalness 87%
Liveness 6%
Loudness 60%
Speechiness 11%
Valence 46%
Loudness -23.97 dB

Relaxing music to sleep Recommended Songs

New Age Spirituality Calming (Lambda) by Isochronic Tones Brainwave EntrainmentNew Age Spirituality Calming (Lambda)Isochronic Tones Brainwave EntrainmentA Minor08A0
1.5 Hz Delta Waves - Binaural Beats for Deep Sleep by Binaural Source, Frequency Vibrations1.5 Hz Delta Waves - Binaural Beats for Deep SleepBinaural Source, Frequency VibrationsN/AN/AN/A0
Pineal Gland (662hz) by The Unexplainable StorePineal Gland (662hz)The Unexplainable StoreC Major08B47
Healing Sound Therapy, Spiritual Awakening (Gamma) by Isochronic Tones Brainwave EntrainmentHealing Sound Therapy, Spiritual Awakening (Gamma)Isochronic Tones Brainwave EntrainmentC Major08B51
Nervous System (764hz) by The Unexplainable StoreNervous System (764hz)The Unexplainable StoreD♭ Minor012A86
Clairvoyance (Alpha Waves 8 hz) by SyntropyClairvoyance (Alpha Waves 8 hz)SyntropyB♭ Major16B70
Binaural Alpha Sinus 110Hz - 121Hz by Patterns in LightBinaural Alpha Sinus 110Hz - 121HzPatterns in LightA Minor08A71
Third Eye Chakra - Perception by The Unexplainable StoreThird Eye Chakra - PerceptionThe Unexplainable StoreE♭ Major05B72
528 Hz - 528 Hz Pure Tone - 528 Hz Frequency Pure Tone by Hz Frequencies Solfeggio, Miracle Healing Sleep Meditation, Beats Binaural528 Hz - 528 Hz Pure Tone - 528 Hz Frequency Pure ToneHz Frequencies Solfeggio, Miracle Healing Sleep Meditation, Beats BinauralN/AN/AN/A0
Not A Heavy One by VelociraptorrrNot A Heavy OneVelociraptorrrC Major08B133
Alpha Sinus 200 Hz - 208 Hz by NozonAlpha Sinus 200 Hz - 208 HzNozonD♭ Major03B68
Cetus by Moods and TripsCetusMoods and TripsA♭ Major14B78
432Hz Creative Thinking, Visualisation & Problem Solving by 432Hz Positive Energy432Hz Creative Thinking, Visualisation & Problem Solving432Hz Positive EnergyE Minor09A72
Pure Theta waves binaural beats relaxing sound atmospheres ambient music and chilling sound effects by Dr. HeadPure Theta waves binaural beats relaxing sound atmospheres ambient music and chilling sound effectsDr. HeadD Major010B180
Pure 3hz Delta by Isochronic Tones Brainwave EntrainmentPure 3hz DeltaIsochronic Tones Brainwave EntrainmentE♭ Major05B63
Jungle Spirits by Dreamflute Dorothée FröllerJungle SpiritsDreamflute Dorothée FröllerF Major27B68
Deep Alpha State 104Hz - 112Hz by Binaural LazersDeep Alpha State 104Hz - 112HzBinaural LazersB♭ Minor03A76
Haze Serene by Theta MaxHaze SereneTheta MaxD Major210B85
Restored Body (417 Hz) by Tammy SorensonRestored Body (417 Hz)Tammy SorensonC Minor35A81
Healing Emotional Wounds Wounded Emotion Detox Subliminal Affirmations by MindvellousHealing Emotional Wounds Wounded Emotion Detox Subliminal AffirmationsMindvellousD♭ Major83B62
Binaural Delta Sinus 160 Hz - L 161 Hz - R by Parascope DollBinaural Delta Sinus 160 Hz - L 161 Hz - RParascope DollB Minor010A73
The Weavers by SyntropyThe WeaversSyntropyD♭ Minor012A140
150 Hz - 156 Hz by brozains150 Hz - 156 HzbrozainsD♭ Major23B180
12/12/12 And Beyond by DahVid Weiss, L.Ac, PhD12/12/12 And BeyondDahVid Weiss, L.Ac, PhDB♭ Major06B72
639 Hz Re-Balancing by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller639 Hz Re-BalancingDreamflute Dorothée FröllerE♭ Major05B70
Meditative Gamma (L-108.6Hz R-207.6Hz) by Sophie JordanMeditative Gamma (L-108.6Hz R-207.6Hz)Sophie JordanF♯ Major12B112
Beyond Gravity (Alpha Drone L172Hz R180Hz) by OokeanBeyond Gravity (Alpha Drone L172Hz R180Hz)OokeanC Major28B144
Solar Plexus Chakra by J.S. EppersonSolar Plexus ChakraJ.S. EppersonD♭ Major23B132
Bom Bom by KezadetBom BomKezadetC Minor05A0
Theta Drone - Meditation by Theta AumTheta Drone - MeditationTheta AumE♭ Major05B69
High Plains Storm by Anna ThompsonHigh Plains StormAnna ThompsonE Major1012B86
Earth Energy 111 Hz New Beginnings by Ted WinslowEarth Energy 111 Hz New BeginningsTed WinslowA Major211B75
Djehuti: Mercury Cosmic Octave Frequency by Dr. Trinity AmunDjehuti: Mercury Cosmic Octave FrequencyDr. Trinity AmunN/AN/AN/A0
Recovery Stirring by Theta MaxRecovery StirringTheta MaxD Major410B85
Long Stimulation by BinauralLong StimulationBinauralC Major08B135
Alpha 8HZ by SchamanenAlpha 8HZSchamanenF♯ Minor111A72
Around Precise by Livia BinauralAround PreciseLivia BinauralD♭ Major03B139
Universal - Alpha sinus 91 - 95hz by Polyphonic GrainUniversal - Alpha sinus 91 - 95hzPolyphonic GrainB♭ Minor13A140
Binaural Alpha 12-10hz Drones 114hz by Michele LarkBinaural Alpha 12-10hz Drones 114hzMichele LarkA Major011B80
Ancestral Healing (174hz) by Source VibrationsAncestral Healing (174hz)Source VibrationsB♭ Major16B86
Travel by Relaxing VoidTravelRelaxing VoidE Minor09A136
Canis Major by Moods and TripsCanis MajorMoods and TripsG Major09B138
Gamma Sinus 100 Hz - 140 Hz by Arctic PadsGamma Sinus 100 Hz - 140 HzArctic PadsF♯ Major22B69
Halcyon Daydream (Theta Drone L108Hz R113Hz) by OokeanHalcyon Daydream (Theta Drone L108Hz R113Hz)OokeanA Major111B71
Clairvoyance Development (Lambda) by Isochronic Tones Brainwave EntrainmentClairvoyance Development (Lambda)Isochronic Tones Brainwave EntrainmentF Major07B0
Pain Relief Energetic Healing (Theta) by Isochronic Tones Brainwave EntrainmentPain Relief Energetic Healing (Theta)Isochronic Tones Brainwave EntrainmentE♭ Major05B120
Binaural Delta 160 Hz - 165 Hz by QholBinaural Delta 160 Hz - 165 HzQholD Major110B150
Seritonin Release (Theta) by Isochronic Tones Brainwave EntrainmentSeritonin Release (Theta)Isochronic Tones Brainwave EntrainmentF Major07B67
Theta Waves by Nicolas HeronTheta WavesNicolas HeronC Major08B79
2nd Chakra: D 3.0 by Steven Halpern2nd Chakra: D 3.0Steven HalpernD Major010B66
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