Distant Dreams (FYH339)

FYH339 - Find Your Harmony Radio Episode #339
2:49 January 18, 2023
F Minor

Distant Dreams (FYH339) Information

Acousticness 9%
Danceability 70%
Energy 96%
Instrumentalness 91%
Liveness 23%
Loudness 92%
Speechiness 4%
Valence 50%
Loudness -4.886 dB

Distant Dreams (FYH339) Recommended Songs

Luminary by Robert BLuminaryRobert BG Minor106A124
What The Fluke (ASOT 1087) by Sam Laxton, LKXWhat The Fluke (ASOT 1087)Sam Laxton, LKXC Major68B140
Stay (Tritonia 408) by Miss RodriguezStay (Tritonia 408)Miss RodriguezD♭ Minor912A126
Together We Rise by Ciaran McAuleyTogether We RiseCiaran McAuleyA Major1011B140
Infinite by Jimi PythonInfiniteJimi PythonD♭ Major93B128
Searching In Your Soul by Ronski Speed, Dj T.H., Sun Decade, Linnea SchossowSearching In Your SoulRonski Speed, Dj T.H., Sun Decade, Linnea SchossowE Minor99A123
Higher State (ASOT 1103) by Chris SchweizerHigher State (ASOT 1103)Chris SchweizerE Minor109A138
Meltdown by Db MokkMeltdownDb MokkD Major910B138
Midnight Sun - Extended Mix by John Grand, Dave RavalMidnight Sun - Extended MixJohn Grand, Dave RavalF Minor104A126
Miami Heat (Year in Review 2022) by AnskeMiami Heat (Year in Review 2022)AnskeC Minor105A132
Eccentricity (Mixed) by LÜRUMEccentricity (Mixed)LÜRUMB Minor910A127
Mercury & Solace (ASOT 1098) - Helsloot Remix by BT, HelslootMercury & Solace (ASOT 1098) - Helsloot RemixBT, HelslootB♭ Minor93A124
Falling - Craig Connelly Extended Remix by First State, Anita Kelsey, Craig ConnellyFalling - Craig Connelly Extended RemixFirst State, Anita Kelsey, Craig ConnellyF♯ Major92B140
The Lone Ranger (Year in Review 2022) by NWYRThe Lone Ranger (Year in Review 2022)NWYRC Minor105A132
Cielo (ASOT 1092) by ShogunCielo (ASOT 1092)ShogunB♭ Minor83A68
Ephemerides (FYH337) by Andrea RibecaEphemerides (FYH337)Andrea RibecaC Minor95A140
Zone T by StanVZone TStanVF♯ Minor1011A130
Factura (FYH336) by Rodrigo DeemFactura (FYH336)Rodrigo DeemB♭ Minor93A126
Heaven by Philippe El Sisi, Omar SherifHeavenPhilippe El Sisi, Omar SherifE Major1012B145
For a Lifetime (Destinations 21) by David BroadersFor a Lifetime (Destinations 21)David BroadersB Major91B138
Gas Lighter (RR040) by Stephen KirkwoodGas Lighter (RR040)Stephen KirkwoodB Minor810A125
Lone Wolf by LTNLone WolfLTNB Minor710A117
The Predictable Unknown - Mixed by Myon, JhirstThe Predictable Unknown - MixedMyon, JhirstG Major99B128
Verd3 (ASOT 1087) by KhoMhaVerd3 (ASOT 1087)KhoMhaC Major68B140
Tempus by LuminnTempusLuminnD♭ Major103B124
Heaven (ASOT 1094) by Philippe El Sisi, Omar SherifHeaven (ASOT 1094)Philippe El Sisi, Omar SherifC Major88B138
Metered by Rafael OsmoMeteredRafael OsmoB♭ Minor73A125
Dreamtime - Sherano Remix by Vimana, SheranoDreamtime - Sherano RemixVimana, SheranoE Minor99A128
Techtonic (ABGT491) by HausmanTechtonic (ABGT491)HausmanD♭ Major93B131
Stay - Mixed by Miss RodriguezStay - MixedMiss RodriguezD♭ Major73B170
Need You Here (Mixed) by Sneijder, VictoriyaNeed You Here (Mixed)Sneijder, VictoriyaD♭ Major103B133
Kintsugi (ABGT512) - Siskin Remix by BT, SiskinKintsugi (ABGT512) - Siskin RemixBT, SiskinC Major98B124
Deserve You (ABGT506) - Dosem Remix by Jordin Post, Dan Soleil, DosemDeserve You (ABGT506) - Dosem RemixJordin Post, Dan Soleil, DosemG Major89B124
AUR/ORA (ASOT 1099) by Marco V, Vision 20/20AUR/ORA (ASOT 1099)Marco V, Vision 20/20F Minor94A128
Unbroken (Year in Review 2022) by Pavel KhvaleevUnbroken (Year in Review 2022)Pavel KhvaleevB Minor910A125
Deem Theater by Rodrigo DeemDeem TheaterRodrigo DeemC Major88B122
To the Ground (Rebel Radio 082) by NOMADsignal, Nikol ApatiniTo the Ground (Rebel Radio 082)NOMADsignal, Nikol ApatiniA♭ Minor91A133
Autonomous - Mixed by NoureyAutonomous - MixedNoureyG Major99B128
Devotion (FSOE 767) - Dreamland Remix by Luminn, DreamlandDevotion (FSOE 767) - Dreamland RemixLuminn, DreamlandG Minor106A140
Finding Yourself (ASOT 1091) by D72Finding Yourself (ASOT 1091)D72D♭ Major103B136
We All Want by Christopher CorriganWe All WantChristopher CorriganD♭ Major103B138
Explorer by LÜRUMExplorerLÜRUMD♭ Major63B124
Extinction by Ralphie BExtinctionRalphie BG Minor106A140
Inception - Extended Mix by KolonieInception - Extended MixKolonieD♭ Major93B126
Take Me Away (ASOT 1104) by Laura van DamTake Me Away (ASOT 1104)Laura van DamA♭ Major84B112
Memory - Extended Mix by Sam LaxtonMemory - Extended MixSam LaxtonC Major108B140
Upstairs Terrace - Extended Mix by Avenue OneUpstairs Terrace - Extended MixAvenue OneF Major87B121
All Time High (ASOT 1083) - Club Mix by Corti Organ, HANDEDAll Time High (ASOT 1083) - Club MixCorti Organ, HANDEDG Major79B144
J'espere by Rodg, BRK (BR)J'espereRodg, BRK (BR)A Major811B108
Divinity (ASOT 1076) by Ralphie BDivinity (ASOT 1076)Ralphie BF Minor94A137
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