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Amiide, Chocoholic, Jyodan
From The Top
2:23 January 18, 2023
F Minor

From The Top Information

Acousticness 22%
Danceability 79%
Energy 43%
Instrumentalness 6%
Liveness 9%
Loudness 83%
Speechiness 7%
Valence 91%
Loudness -10.08 dB

From The Top Recommended Songs

Eyes on Me by TAMIWEyes on MeTAMIWD♭ Major43B80
Don't need to let it go by KinamiDon't need to let it goKinamiC Minor35A154
Got It All - Sam is Ohm Remix by MoMo, Sam is OhmGot It All - Sam is Ohm RemixMoMo, Sam is OhmG Major39B130
宿借さん by 放課後ホタル宿借さん放課後ホタルD Major810B142
ALOS by Daichi MiuraALOSDaichi MiuraD♭ Minor612A92
Caught Up by Nautilus, 多和田えみCaught UpNautilus, 多和田えみF Major77B95
Sugar & Cigarettes by the engySugar & Cigarettesthe engyA Major511B138
Ai by HOTEL DONUTS, PEAVIS, Leo, MAHBIE, Michael KanekoAiHOTEL DONUTS, PEAVIS, Leo, MAHBIE, Michael KanekoE Minor79A119
Hard Pool by KroiHard PoolKroiF♯ Minor711A134
Leave It To Me by grooveman Spot, 酒井尚子Leave It To Megrooveman Spot, 酒井尚子F Minor54A88
Lost by Salmon PinkLostSalmon PinkD♭ Major93B157
冷たい星空飛ぶ嗚呼今だけは永遠だ by Lil' Leise But Gold, KM冷たい星空飛ぶ嗚呼今だけは永遠だLil' Leise But Gold, KMD♭ Major43B150
Like I'm Home by CIRRRCLE, The Flavr BlueLike I'm HomeCIRRRCLE, The Flavr BlueE♭ Minor52A142
paradigm by ame_no_paradeparadigmame_no_paradeF♯ Minor811A96
Elevate by D.Y.TElevateD.Y.TD♭ Major93B133
Round & Round by Audio Dope, Noah SleeRound & RoundAudio Dope, Noah SleeF♯ Minor611A101
image by シトナユイimageシトナユイD♭ Minor812A180
Back To You (feat. Millie Snow, Nenashi) by Pyramid, Millie Snow, NenashiBack To You (feat. Millie Snow, Nenashi)Pyramid, Millie Snow, NenashiC Minor35A154
SLEEP PARTY (feat. mindfreakkk) - Daul Remix by Tokimeki Records, mindfreakkk, DaulSLEEP PARTY (feat. mindfreakkk) - Daul RemixTokimeki Records, mindfreakkk, DaulA Minor88A109
Reality is actually nothing by OsteoleucoReality is actually nothingOsteoleucoF Minor84A114
7番通りの曲がり角で - feat. kojikoji by Ohashi Trio, kojikoji7番通りの曲がり角で - feat. kojikojiOhashi Trio, kojikojiG Major59B130
ショートショート by 新東京ショートショート新東京G Major109B175
Vibing by uruwashiVibinguruwashiA Major811B95
この街はパレード by styこの街はパレードstyE Minor89A103
One Last by LeonaldOne LastLeonaldE Minor89A94
Mother And Me by SomewhereMother And MeSomewhereC Major18B90
ホログラム by Nao☆ホログラムNao☆C Major58B95
The Way You Are by 広瀬大地, RounoThe Way You Are広瀬大地, RounoD Major810B150
pop by leiftpopleiftF♯ Major62B128
Purple by Hannah WarmPurpleHannah WarmD♭ Major53B95
午後の光 by salasa午後の光salasaF♯ Major62B79
踊り by salasa踊りsalasaC Major38B80
ネイルの島 - Olive Oil Remix by salasa, Olive Oilネイルの島 - Olive Oil Remixsalasa, Olive OilB Minor410A80
Journey of Life by JUVENILE, 百足, ZineeJourney of LifeJUVENILE, 百足, ZineeD♭ Major83B95
曖させて by 新東京曖させて新東京D Major410B150
7 Signs by MALIYA7 SignsMALIYAA Minor88A92
Not Your Man by RoomiesNot Your ManRoomiesD♭ Major83B154
Secret System by MEZZSecret SystemMEZZF♯ Minor611A128
matter by Nezumi Coo, Chloe KibblematterNezumi Coo, Chloe KibbleE Minor69A160
カモン! by Keiichi Sokabeカモン!Keiichi SokabeD♭ Major53B115
スパンコールの女 by 離婚伝説スパンコールの女離婚伝説F♯ Minor911A178
Fill me up by ArcheFill me upArcheF♯ Major52B74
霞ゆく by Kani Ningen, luvis霞ゆくKani Ningen, luvisB♭ Minor73A110
はだかのゆめ by BialystocksはだかのゆめBialystocksA Major111B147
long way home - feat. Kenta Dedachi by Ohashi Trio, Kenta Dedachilong way home - feat. Kenta DedachiOhashi Trio, Kenta DedachiD Major610B200
低空飛行 by Neighbors Complain低空飛行Neighbors ComplainF♯ Minor511A90
SHEEP - REMIX by YOHLU, Osamu FukuzawaSHEEP - REMIXYOHLU, Osamu FukuzawaD♭ Major33B92
Circle6 by 空音Circle6空音D♭ Major83B97
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