looking in the cloud

LO-FI BEATS, Epic Media Net, O N L Y Lofi
Everything is Over
1:44 January 18, 2023
D Major

looking in the cloud Information

Acousticness 99%
Danceability 50%
Energy 4%
Instrumentalness 91%
Liveness 10%
Loudness 63%
Speechiness 7%
Valence 33%
Loudness -22.418 dB

looking in the cloud Recommended Songs

Moonlight by DerrolMoonlightDerrolD♭ Major43B122
Nostalgia Alive by Chill Hip-Hop Beats, Lofi Hip-Hop Beats, LO-FI BEATS, Lumipa BeatsNostalgia AliveChill Hip-Hop Beats, Lofi Hip-Hop Beats, LO-FI BEATS, Lumipa BeatsB Minor310A128
Booking by Geepeestar, LO-FI BEATS, Chillhop MusicBookingGeepeestar, LO-FI BEATS, Chillhop MusicC Major58B240
Subdued Ambience for Gaming by Lofi for CodingSubdued Ambience for GamingLofi for CodingE Major512B90
Going time by SUFIKKGoing timeSUFIKKC Minor55A85
Coasting by LoFi ChillCoastingLoFi ChillE Major512B90
Dance of Dragons by 24/7 lofiDance of Dragons24/7 lofiF Major57B160
Asi Te Beo Yo by Lofi Hip-Hop BeatAsi Te Beo YoLofi Hip-Hop BeatF Minor14A85
Fluid beats by Snake BeatsFluid beatsSnake BeatsC Minor15A180
Lofi Time by LofiMATLofi TimeLofiMATC Major38B84
Background for Coffee and Lofi by LO-FI BEATSBackground for Coffee and LofiLO-FI BEATSB Minor110A75
Lofi Water by Lofi MattLofi WaterLofi MattG Major19B80
Lofi for Space Travel by Teddie LofiLofi for Space TravelTeddie LofiB Major31B76
Coffee Jazz vibes by Chillhop MusicCoffee Jazz vibesChillhop MusicF Major27B83
Chill Lofi by DerrolChill LofiDerrolA♭ Major14B76
Lofi Marijuana by Lofi Hip-Hop Beats, Beats De Rap, LO-FI BEATSLofi MarijuanaLofi Hip-Hop Beats, Beats De Rap, LO-FI BEATSE Minor09A147
Lofi Depths by Lofi NationLofi DepthsLofi NationF Minor34A90
Open Lofi by Simple Lo-FiOpen LofiSimple Lo-FiC Major38B89
Amaranth by LO-FI BEATS, Studying, Reading Background Music PlaylistAmaranthLO-FI BEATS, Studying, Reading Background Music PlaylistC Major18B142
Sleepless Night by Chilled GoatSleepless NightChilled GoatC Minor105A170
In The Evening by LO-FI BEATS, Coffee House Instrumental Jazz Playlist, Cafe Jazz DeluxeIn The EveningLO-FI BEATS, Coffee House Instrumental Jazz Playlist, Cafe Jazz DeluxeA♭ Minor41A83
Proud - Lofi Beat by Lofi Sad, 90's Rap Beats, Hip-Hop MakersProud - Lofi BeatLofi Sad, 90's Rap Beats, Hip-Hop MakersB♭ Minor53A79
Lofi Bliss by Lofi ZachLofi BlissLofi ZachC Major38B93
Blissful Backward by Coffe LofiBlissful BackwardCoffe LofiA Minor28A90
lofi love <3 - lofi beat by Jiraflofi love <3 - lofi beatJirafB♭ Major36B82
Key by Brayan LlamasKeyBrayan LlamasA Minor08A175
Roblox Lofi - Instrumental Beat by Chill Hip Hop, Gaming MusicRoblox Lofi - Instrumental BeatChill Hip Hop, Gaming MusicC Major48B80
Feeling Great by Lofi.TrabbeyFeeling GreatLofi.TrabbeyA♭ Minor51A160
Lazy Day by Lofi MikeLazy DayLofi MikeE Minor69A115
Lofi Summer by Lofi HarryLofi SummerLofi HarryB Minor210A164
Igneousasa by FlarokIgneousasaFlarokA♭ Major14B121
Lofi Tokyo Flute by Beats De Rap, Lofi Tokyo, LO-FI BEATSLofi Tokyo FluteBeats De Rap, Lofi Tokyo, LO-FI BEATSA Minor28A95
Early Bells Lofi by Jamie LofiEarly Bells LofiJamie LofiB♭ Minor43A80
Under Water Lofi by Coffe LofiUnder Water LofiCoffe LofiA♭ Major34B85
Gon Be Alright by twuanGon Be AlrighttwuanA Major311B82
Trust Trees by NaiebTrust TreesNaiebA Major011B140
Chilled Lofi by LofiMATChilled LofiLofiMATE♭ Major35B82
Warm Backdrops for May Days by Lofi for CodingWarm Backdrops for May DaysLofi for CodingC Major38B150
Vibing - Lofi by Lofi Sad, 90's Rap Beats, Hip-Hop MakersVibing - LofiLofi Sad, 90's Rap Beats, Hip-Hop MakersD♭ Major63B75
Sounds for Work from Home by Lo-Fi & ChillSounds for Work from HomeLo-Fi & ChillA Minor38A75
Sinti No Voy by Lofi Hip-Hop BeatSinti No VoyLofi Hip-Hop BeatC Major28B77
Rainbow Morning by Lofi GirlRainbow MorningLofi GirlG Major99B88
Liquid Lofi by Lofi MikeLiquid LofiLofi MikeA Minor48A75
To to To by Phil MackTo to ToPhil MackF Minor34A80
Surrounding Lofi by Simple Lo-FiSurrounding LofiSimple Lo-FiE♭ Major35B85
Nigth Cruise - Lofi by Lofi Sad, 90's Rap Beats, Hip-Hop MakersNigth Cruise - LofiLofi Sad, 90's Rap Beats, Hip-Hop MakersB♭ Major66B172
Chill Lofi by Jamie LofiChill LofiJamie LofiB Minor310A82
Punta Cana by FetDrillPunta CanaFetDrillF♯ Minor511A148
Hesoyam by Lofi GirlHesoyamLofi GirlB Minor210A35
supalonely (lofi version) by golden erasupalonely (lofi version)golden eraE Minor49A120
L-M Records/RCA Records