Calming Soft Tuned Piano

Calming Music For Pets, Asian Zen: Spa Music Meditation, PianoDreams
Baby Sleep: Sweet Bedtime Piano Music Vol. 1
2:00 January 18, 2023
E Minor

Calming Soft Tuned Piano Information

Acousticness 98%
Danceability 30%
Energy 34%
Instrumentalness 94%
Liveness 21%
Loudness 65%
Speechiness 6%
Valence 5%
Loudness -21.052 dB

Calming Soft Tuned Piano Recommended Songs

Ambient Plant Music by Music for Plants, Plant Music, Plant Frequencies CollectiveAmbient Plant MusicMusic for Plants, Plant Music, Plant Frequencies CollectiveC Minor15A84
Forest Song by Pacific Station, Magic RoomForest SongPacific Station, Magic RoomE Minor29A125
Constrained Clouds by Faithless RetributionConstrained CloudsFaithless RetributionA Minor18A139
Galt by Sebastian LegarragaGaltSebastian LegarragaF Major17B85
Feierabend Entspannung by Meditation ArchitectFeierabend EntspannungMeditation ArchitectC Major18B85
Atención y Estudio by Elena AmbientalAtención y EstudioElena AmbientalE♭ Major25B74
21 by Olivione21OlivioneD♭ Major03B143
宇宙能量交流 by 水晶頌缽宇宙能量交流水晶頌缽E Major012B67
Day to Night by Gongfu SpiritDay to NightGongfu SpiritG Major49B127
Entspannungsmusik by Einschlafmusik KleinkinderEntspannungsmusikEinschlafmusik KleinkinderF♯ Major02B69
Tales of The Gray Gift by Maddox FordTales of The Gray GiftMaddox FordD Major110B135
Sacral Chakra Cleansing Crystal Bowls by Christine LopezSacral Chakra Cleansing Crystal BowlsChristine LopezC Major18B72
Let Your Mind Relax by Headache ReliefLet Your Mind RelaxHeadache ReliefD Minor17A176
Slow Movements by Elfa's DreamsSlow MovementsElfa's DreamsE♭ Major05B74
In Early Autumn by Sun Echo, Whispering LandscapesIn Early AutumnSun Echo, Whispering LandscapesC Major08B97
貓的白噪聲 by 動物治愈音樂貓的白噪聲動物治愈音樂C Major08B109
Lavorare da casa oggi by Musica per LavorareLavorare da casa oggiMusica per LavorareA♭ Major24B82
Intangible Sensations by Azure PlanetIntangible SensationsAzure PlanetA♭ Major04B73
Flowe by XyrtooFloweXyrtooC Major18B65
Singing Birds In The Wind by The Nature Soundscapes, Calming Music For Pets, Focus and WorkSinging Birds In The WindThe Nature Soundscapes, Calming Music For Pets, Focus and WorkE Major112B86
Stop Thinking by Galactic LoveStop ThinkingGalactic LoveB♭ Major16B130
Deep Reality by Galactic LoveDeep RealityGalactic LoveE♭ Major25B112
Inspiration by Study MusicInspirationStudy MusicD Major110B135
Mental Focus by World Wide MusicMental FocusWorld Wide MusicE Major112B139
Calm the Mind by Peace Temple, Spiritual JourneyCalm the MindPeace Temple, Spiritual JourneyA♭ Major04B79
Miss of the Night by LMFAO32895Miss of the NightLMFAO32895B♭ Major06B138
Ağır Kanat Vuruşları by Davut ÖzdemirAğır Kanat VuruşlarıDavut ÖzdemirE♭ Major45B71
Carllinet Islet by Shay HollandCarllinet IsletShay HollandE Major212B90
在宅ワーク by 作業用BGM House在宅ワーク作業用BGM HouseA♭ Minor11A75
Rain Create by The NamasteRain CreateThe NamasteC Major28B105
Hillside Saunas by Breathe & StopHillside SaunasBreathe & StopB♭ Major16B72
trixify by TrixifytrixifyTrixifyE Major012B68
Respiratory Steam by Solfeggio Healing FrequenciesRespiratory SteamSolfeggio Healing FrequenciesB♭ Major16B74
Tranquil Plant Frequencies 528 Hz by Music for Plants, Plant Music, Plant Frequencies CollectiveTranquil Plant Frequencies 528 HzMusic for Plants, Plant Music, Plant Frequencies CollectiveC Minor15A84
セラピーミュージック by 心のオルゴールセラピーミュージック心のオルゴールE Major012B138
Lagoons by Yo Suzuki, Sayo OrikasaLagoonsYo Suzuki, Sayo OrikasaG Major09B77
自由意志宣言 by 水晶頌缽自由意志宣言水晶頌缽D Major010B66
528 Hz Mind and Body by Amber Cat528 Hz Mind and BodyAmber CatA Major011B66
Blata by ThrustodineBlataThrustodineD Major010B69
Attract Abundance by Boone self meditationAttract AbundanceBoone self meditationF♯ Major52B119
Wiegenlied by Instrumentalmusik HitsWiegenliedInstrumentalmusik HitsA Major111B79
Ever by Tiefer AtemzugEverTiefer AtemzugA Major011B60
672 Hz Throat Chakra: Evolution by The Soul Resonance672 Hz Throat Chakra: EvolutionThe Soul ResonanceA♭ Minor11A130
Full moon - Original mix by Eric FrankFull moon - Original mixEric FrankC Major08B68
My Temple by Divine ResonanceMy TempleDivine ResonanceE Major012B79
Inside by yimeInsideyimeF♯ Minor111A85
Silent Sea - Curly Version by GrofwSilent Sea - Curly VersionGrofwD Minor07A116
Create Sleep by DronealistixCreate SleepDronealistixF♯ Major02B75
Morning Breeze by Adam IsbernMorning BreezeAdam IsbernD♭ Major03B65
Dormir mejor by Dormir y Descansar ProfundamenteDormir mejorDormir y Descansar ProfundamenteD Minor27A103
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