Holy Gwodiology

Jyacko Backso
Holy Gwodiology
1:03 January 18, 2023
B Minor

Holy Gwodiology Information

Acousticness 54%
Danceability 68%
Energy 21%
Instrumentalness 92%
Liveness 10%
Loudness 62%
Speechiness 45%
Valence 53%
Loudness -23.091 dB

Holy Gwodiology Recommended Songs

Vibration by LamykamVibrationLamykamA♭ Major24B122
Passager clandestin by Le fil du rasoirPassager clandestinLe fil du rasoirF Major47B110
Chant A Tune by CamlandanChant A TuneCamlandanE Minor59A104
Rebel And Love by TOPRebel And LoveTOPD♭ Major33B134
K-A-J by Nut-KK-A-JNut-KE Major112B120
Where happiness is by Javillan DustinWhere happiness isJavillan DustinF♯ Minor711A121
Même si Romain by No pressure reelMême si RomainNo pressure reelF Minor74A125
Trackname by Bandido FogetoTracknameBandido FogetoD♭ Major53B113
King SO by SloomooKing SOSloomooA Major711B145
Starting Hundred Yearold Car by Machinima of ZionStarting Hundred Yearold CarMachinima of ZionC Major38B105
Pandomer by FreakZPandomerFreakZE♭ Major45B216
Paraíso Eterno by WONKOXParaíso EternoWONKOXA♭ Major54B130
Setting the Stage by Jyacko BacksoSetting the StageJyacko BacksoE Minor59A160
Big Castel by Latasha DrymonBig CastelLatasha DrymonF♯ Minor311A125
Breakfast at Tiffanys by Lester Lawrence, Damir BecicBreakfast at TiffanysLester Lawrence, Damir BecicD Major210B125
New Life by KatmaurinxNew LifeKatmaurinxE♭ Major35B134
Wanted Inventions by CannonowieXZWanted InventionsCannonowieXZE♭ Minor52A140
Locked in by Losing Mind ProcessLocked inLosing Mind ProcessB Minor310A128
Foyer Stone by Alecks SaloofskionoidsFoyer StoneAlecks SaloofskionoidsD♭ Major23B90
Herd Pugorma by Aldes ThagotonHerd PugormaAldes ThagotonB Minor310A128
Keep pushing by Ete IndienKeep pushingEte IndienD♭ Major33B180
Heartbeat And Promises by DoctorEDMZXHeartbeat And PromisesDoctorEDMZXB♭ Minor53A140
Nightmares of Beats by Spellbound TempestNightmares of BeatsSpellbound TempestD Major510B116
Coidler by Broducer of Unholy BaganzCoidlerBroducer of Unholy BaganzG Major69B136
Thal Dagamaku by Rogrothell CrongorosThal DagamakuRogrothell CrongorosA Minor108A123
Pizzy Ellefentoid by Immaculate EllefentoidPizzy EllefentoidImmaculate EllefentoidF Minor94A120
The triad by Namaste GandiThe triadNamaste GandiD♭ Major53B134
All Day Drift by Kitty AnneAll Day DriftKitty AnneB♭ Major46B134
Crazy For My Game by QuivereizZCrazy For My GameQuivereizZG Minor56A133
Take Me Down by SehhabaTake Me DownSehhabaD♭ Major43B120
Sunset by ChidezeSunsetChidezeD♭ Major03B103
Crustacean Hawk Moth by MakeiroCrustacean Hawk MothMakeiroD♭ Minor712A124
kensha by qoxskenshaqoxsF Minor34A123
inferential method by Valence Tourinferential methodValence TourG Major29B82
I loved for both of us by Anoop CassidyI loved for both of usAnoop CassidyF♯ Minor411A136
Life by FogwoutULifeFogwoutUC Major28B66
I'm With You by Love Angel Music BabyI'm With YouLove Angel Music BabyD Minor77A135
Bad Beetch by Googlickulare PatorsayBad BeetchGooglickulare PatorsayG Major39B49
Milty Myerscough by UniMilty MyerscoughUniD♭ Major43B193
Ya Hero by NuunaYa HeroNuunaD♭ Major73B132
Anborh by NjordAnborhNjordE Major312B115
Worshipful Piano by AuluuaWorshipful PianoAuluuaF Major37B110
Surrounded Sissy by Provides Showed ComposedSurrounded SissyProvides Showed ComposedD Major1010B150
Mijaroses by LanviceMijarosesLanviceA♭ Minor71A134
Crazy Of His Game by GreenieZXCrazy Of His GameGreenieZXB♭ Minor43A139
Kaju Katli by Soulmoon TKaju KatliSoulmoon TB Minor610A108
Mwogma by Heneratore ScalingMwogmaHeneratore ScalingD♭ Major53B110
coom depot by Spronker Tunescoom depotSpronker TunesF♯ Minor311A100
Joll Shid by Rhellanoe AcrendJoll ShidRhellanoe AcrendD Minor77A135
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