Naquele Pique

Boca, Flacko, LPT Zlatan, Di Cicilia, GDM
Naquele Pique
2:31 May 19, 2023
B♭ Minor

Song Analysis

-7.578 dB


Boca, Flacko, LPT Zlatan, Di Cicilia, GDM made "Naquele Pique" available on May 19, 2023. Naquele Pique is 2 minutes and 31 seconds long and may contain bad words that may be unsuitable for children. Because this song is the only song in Naquele Pique and no other songs are present in the album, we classify this track as a single.

With Naquele Pique by Boca, Flacko, LPT Zlatan, Di Cicilia, GDM having a BPM of 141, we would consider this track to have a Allegro (fast, quick, and bright) tempo marking. Because of this, we believe that the song has an overall fast tempo. Looking at the BPM of this song, this song might go great with jogging or cycling.

B♭ Minor is the music key of this track. Because this track belongs in the B♭ Minor key, the camelot key is 3A. Based on our statistics, Naquele Pique's popularity is unknown right now. The overall tone is very danceable, especially with its high energy, which produces more of a euphoric, cheerful, or happy vibe.


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