Between Sicarios
1:34 May 19, 2023
D♭ Major

Song Analysis

Acousticness 37%
Danceability 67%
Energy 37%
Instrumentalness 0%
Liveness 14%
Loudness 80%
Speechiness 36%
Valence 82%
Loudness -12.266 dB


On May 19, 2023, the song "Guadalajara" was released by Fortnight. With Guadalajara being less than two minutes long, at 1:34, we are fairly confident that this song is not explicit and is safe for all ages. Based on the duration of this song, this song duration is much smaller than the average song duration. The song is number 2 out of 18 in Between Sicarios by Fortnight.

The tempo marking of Guadalajara by Fortnight is Andante (at a walking pace), since this song has a tempo of 90 BPM. With that information, we can conclude that the song has a slow tempo. This song can go great with yoga or pilates.

D♭ Major is the music key of this track. This also means that this song has a camelot key of 3B. In terms of popularity, this track is currently not that popular. This song is very danceable, especially with its high energy, which produces more of a euphoric, cheerful, or happy vibe.


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