Horse Attack Sqwad
Mummoni muni mun tammani
3:30 May 19, 2023
E Minor


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Song Analysis

-7.22 dB


"Peremec" by Horse Attack Sqwad was released on May 19, 2023. With this song being around four minutes long, at 3:30, the duration of this song is pretty average compared to other songs. This track is safe for children and doesn't appear to contain any foul language, since the "Explicit" tag was not present in this track. The track order of this song in Horse Attack Sqwad's "Mummoni muni mun tammani" album is number 7 out of 14. On top of that, Finland appears to be the country where this track was created.

We consider the tempo marking of Peremec by Horse Attack Sqwad to be Andante (at a walking pace) because the track has a tempo of 91 BPM. Based on that, the speed of the song's tempo is slow. Activities such as, yoga or pilates, can go well with this song.

This song is in the music key of E Minor. Because this track belongs in the E Minor key, the camelot key is 9A. In terms of popularity, Peremec is currently not that popular. Although the overall vibe is very danceable, it does project more negative sounds.


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