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Pain - Discography by pain_official Spotify Playlist

Pain - Discography

by pain_official

<a href="">Pain</a> is a musical project from Sweden by Peter Tägtgren (<a href="">Hypocrisy</a>, <a href="">Lindemann</a>). Click on the ♡ to follow the playlist!

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1Party in My HeadPainE Minor99A135
2Gimme ShelterPainA Major911B120
3On Your Knees (Again)PainD Major1010B170
4Rope Around Your NeckPainF Minor94A130
5Learn How To DiePainA♭ Major74B175
6Don't Let Me DownPainA Major911B75
7BreathePainF Minor94A160
8GreedPainA Minor98A94
9Choke On Your LiesPainG Major89B86
10The Last Drops Of My LifePainA Minor38A60
11Hate MePainB♭ Major76B80
12LiarPainE Minor109A170
13Thru The Ground - Demo Version 1996PainB Major101B83
14Supersonic BitchPainD Major1010B80
15End Of The LinePainC Major108B135
16Breathing In, Breathing OutPainE Minor109A160
17DelusionsPainD Major1010B145
18Suicide MachinePainA Minor108A115
19Parallel To EcstasyPainC Major108B165
20On And OnPainE Minor109A140
2112.42PainE Major412B65
22CrashedPainE Major1012B170
23Dark Fields Of PainPainD Major1010B165
24She WhippedPainD Major1010B147
25It´s Only ThemPainD Major1010B170
26Shut Your MouthPainD Major910B120
27Close My EyesPainD Major1010B100
28Just Hate MePainA Minor88A80
29Injected ParadisePainC Minor75A160
30Eleanor RigbyPainE Minor109A145
31ExpelledPainA Minor98A82
32Pull Me UnderPainD Major910B135
33Save MePainE Minor109A145
34The GamePainE Major1012B140
35Fade AwayPainE Minor69A80
36Don't Count Me OutPainD Major910B110
37Same Old SongPainB Minor910A95
38NothingPainE Minor109A125
39The Tables Have TurnedPainG Major99B155
40Not Afraid To DiePainA Minor108A127
41Dancing With The DeadPainE Major812B125
42Tear It UpPainB Minor910A100
43Bye/DiePainE Minor109A135
44My MiseryPainA Major911B170
45A Good Day To DiePainE Minor109A125
46Stay AwayPainD♭ Minor912A130
47The Third WavePainE Minor99A95
48Save Your PrayersPainC Major108B180
49Nailed to the GroundPainC Major108B120
50Zombie SlamPainE Minor109A170
51Psalms of ExtinctionPainE Minor109A170
52Clouds of EcstasyPainC Major98B130
53Play DeadPainE Major712B80
54Does It Really MatterPainG Major99B120
55Computer GodPainB Minor910A160
56Just Think AgainPainE Minor79A70
57Walking on GlassPainA Minor98A200
58Bottle's NestPainE Minor89A130
59BitchPainA Minor98A165
60I'm Going InPainC Major108B80
61Monkey BusinessPainD Major1010B180
62Follow MePain, Anette OlzonC Major98B135
63Have a Drink on MePainD Major910B95
64Don't CarePainD Major1010B170
65Reach out (And Regret)PainE Minor109A130
66Generation XPainD Major910B125
67No One KnowsPainF Minor104A160
68Live Fast / Die Young (It's a Cynic Paradise)PainD Minor87A150
69Not Your KindPainC Major108B160
70Feed UsPain, Anette OlzonC Major98B125
71Behind the WheelPainC Major98B125
72Here Is the NewsPainA Minor88A140
73Follow Me - Peter Vox VersionPainC Major98B135
74Clouds of Ecstasy - Bassflow RemixPainC Major98B130
75No One Knows - Rectifier RemixPainD♭ Major83B160
76Let Me OutPainF Major107B95
77Feed the DemonsPainE Major1012B120
78The Great PretenderPainC Major108B75
79You Only Live TwicePainC Major98B90
80Dirty WomanPainD Major1010B130
81We Want MorePainD Minor107A160
82Leave Me AlonePainF Major97B95
83MonsterPainD Major1010B95
84Season of the ReaperPainD Major910B140
85Crawling Thru BitternessPainB Minor1010A95
86The Great Pretender - Millboy & Peka P RemixPainA Major1011B75
87Dirty Woman - MC Raaka Pee RemixPainA Minor108A138
88You Only Live Twice - Rectifier RemixPainG Major109B115
89Leave Me Alone - Rectifier RemixPainA Minor68A95
90Eleanor Rigby - Live at Sundown Festival, 2008PainA Major911B145
91Follow Me - Live in Brussels, 2009PainA Minor108A135
92I Don't Care - Live at Raismes Festival, 2009PainA Major1011B170
93Bitch - Live at Raismes Festival, 2009PainA Major1011B165
94Crashed - Live in Czech, 2012PainD♭ Minor1012A85
95Walking on Glass - Live in Czech, 2012PainF Major97B100
96I'm Going In - Live in Czech, 2012PainE Minor109A80
97Monkey Business - Live in Czech, 2012PainE Minor99A180
98Dirty Woman - Live in Czech, 2012PainG Minor96A130
99Don't Care - Live in Czech, 2012PainF♯ Minor1011A170
100Fear the Demons - Live in Czech, 2012PainE Major812B120
101Dark Fields of Pain - Live in Czech, 2012PainG Minor96A165
102Eleanor Rigby - Live in Czech, 2012PainF Major87B145
103Stay Away - Live in Czech, 2012PainD♭ Minor912A130
104Bitch - Live in Czech, 2012PainA Minor108A165
105The Great Pretender - Live in Czech, 2012PainE Major912B150
106Same Old Song - Live in Czech, 2012PainD♭ Minor812A95
107On and On - Live in Czech, 2012PainE Minor89A140
108Shut Your Mouth - Live in Czech, 2012Pain, Rob DukesD Major810B120
109Let Me Out - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainA Major1011B95
110Dancing with the Dead - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainD♭ Minor912A125
111End of the Line - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainA Major911B135
112Dirty Woman - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainD Major1010B130
113Zombie Slam - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainE Major1012B170
114Psalms of Extinction - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainD Major910B170
115Suicide Machine - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainC Major98B115
116Nailed to the Ground - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainA Major1011B120
117It's Only Them - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainD Major1010B170
118The Great Pretender - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainA Major911B75
119I'm Going In - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainB Minor1010A160
120Monkey Business - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainD Major1010B180
121Have a Drink on Me - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainA Major811B92
122Supersonic Bitch - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainE Major1012B160
123Fear the Demons - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainE Major912B120
124Same Old Song - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainF♯ Major82B95
125Shut Your Mouth - Live in Stockholm, 2012PainB Minor910A120
126Designed to Piss You OffPainE Minor99A115
127Call MePainC Major88B90
128A WannabePainC Major88B81
129Pain in the AssPainE Minor99A152
130Black Knight SatellitePainG Major89B125
131Coming HomePainE Minor69A120
132Absinthe-Phoenix RisingPainC Major98B130
133Final CrusadePainG Major99B135
134Natural Born IdiotPainF Major87B115
135StarseedPainD Minor67A125

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