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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1A Sky Full Of StarsアトラスサウンドチームG Minor56A90
2Reach Out To The Truth -First Battle-平田志穂子G Major99B170
3Pursuing My True Self平田志穂子B♭ Minor83A119
4JoyアトラスサウンドチームF♯ Minor911A196
5Life Will ChangeLynC Minor95A132
6specialistアトラスサウンドチームE♭ Minor82A115
7巌戸台分寮アトラスサウンドチームG Major69B90
8Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There - instrumental versionLynF Major97B127
9Keeper of LustアトラスサウンドチームG Major89B112
10When Mother Was ThereアトラスサウンドチームA Minor88A103
11Butterfly KissアトラスサウンドチームB Minor510A96
12specialistアトラスサウンドチームA♭ Minor101A128
13Oh, DeathSUGR?F♯ Major72B140
14TwilightZero HeroE♭ Major95B160
15Beneath the Mask - instrumental versionLynF Major47B148
16Signs Of Love平田志穂子B♭ Minor73A105
17Colors Flying HighLollia, Sleeping Forest, SapphireB Minor910A124
18Time To Make History平田志穂子F Major87B95
19Shadow World平田志穂子F♯ Minor611A116
20King, Queen, and SlavesアトラスサウンドチームF Minor54A145
21LUV U NEED USlushiiD♭ Minor812A147
22SaunaアトラスサウンドチームA♭ Major84B129
23Backside Of The TV平田志穂子A♭ Major94B100
24Pursuing My True Self平田志穂子E♭ Minor82A119
25Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out ThereLynF Minor94A127
26Last SurpriseLynG Minor86A123
27CrossroadsアトラスサウンドチームC Major38B95
28Mass DestructionLotus Juice, 川村ゆみD♭ Major93B119
29Life Goes OnアトラスサウンドチームB Minor710A110
30A WomanアトラスサウンドチームD Major410B140
31Back With YouSUGR?A Major811B184
32youthful lunchアトラスサウンドチームF Minor74A150
33Tokyo DaylightLynA Major911B128
34Talk to MeDeniz LoveA♭ Major44B130
35So BoringアトラスサウンドチームE Major612B90
36Beneath the MaskLynF Major57B148
37Blooming VillainアトラスサウンドチームF♯ Major82B150
38海へ行こーぜアトラスサウンドチームA♭ Major94B170
39New BeginningアトラスサウンドチームC Major68B160
40Have a Short RestアトラスサウンドチームD Major310B76
41推理アトラスサウンドチームC Minor85A145
42Your Affection平田志穂子B Major91B119
43Make It HurtSUGR?B Minor410A90
44Rivers In the DesertLynG Minor76A130
45Sunset BridgeアトラスサウンドチームF♯ Minor511A75
46Heartbeat,Heartbreak平田志穂子F Minor74A100
47The Whims of FateLynF Major87B122
48Will PowerアトラスサウンドチームB♭ Major86B144
49Reach Out To The Truth平田志穂子G Major99B170
50Layer CakeアトラスサウンドチームB Minor610A128
51I BelieveSapphireB Minor710A132
52The RevenantErich Talaba, Jeff Cummings, Various ArtistsF♯ Major92B131
53Backside of the TVSapphire, Sleeping Forest, Anthony Sardinha, Max Boiko, Khrys WilliamsD♭ Major83B122
54Afternoon BreakアトラスサウンドチームA Major811B105
55猛者どもの睥睨Yoshihisa HiranoB Major71B108
56ASGOREToby FoxD Major910B115
57Changing SeasonsアトラスサウンドチームB Minor810A131
58Memory (From "Undertale")YZYXC Minor95A180
59Dance!平田志穂子, Lotus JuiceE Minor99A134
60Life Will ChangeJ-Music Ensemble, MohmegaF♯ Major72B135
61MEGALOVANIAToby FoxG Major69B120
62No Saints No SinnersRoss Tregenza, Various ArtistsG Minor46A90
63Wiping All Out【P3P】藤田真由美, Lotus JuiceB♭ Minor83A123
64Hopes and Dreams and Save the World - RemixPrometeusG Minor96A170
65ImaginationShiloh Dynasty, Patient ZeroG Major19B110
66rolling girldriftcatD♭ Minor912A195
67Signs Of Love平田志穂子B♭ Minor53A109
68PriceアトラスサウンドチームF♯ Minor811A92
69Beneath the Mask -rain-LynG Minor16A117
70Specialist (From "Persona 4")Rohan AdiyodiF♯ Major52B115
71Field of Hopes and DreamsToby FoxG Minor86A125
72キミの記憶川村ゆみD Major810B112
73crossing field (TOKYO MACHINE Remix) - Sakura Chill Beats SinglesLiSA, Tokyo MachineF Major97B90
74Take OverSapphire, The ConsoulsG Minor66A106
75Burn My Dread川村ゆみF Minor84A98
76unravel feat. Hatsune Miku (dj-Jo Remix) [Full]dj-JoG Minor76A135
77departure! (TVサイズ)Masatoshi OnoF Minor94A160
78No More What IfsSapphire, The ConsoulsD Major510B137
79School Days (From "Persona")GillStudio, daiagnosisD Major810B118
80深層心理アトラスサウンドチームF♯ Minor811A124
81With the Stars and UsSapphire, The ConsoulsF Major47B90
82The Days When My Mother Was ThereJ-Music EnsembleA Minor48A107
83All I Need Is MONEY!Yoshihisa HiranoA Minor38A132
84ポロニアンモールアトラスサウンドチームB Major21B80
85Throw Away Your MaskSapphireA Minor88A94
86Spider DanceNateWantsToBattleA♭ Major104B115
87ピースサインKenshi YonezuB♭ Minor93A100
88Normal Battle (Town)GillStudioB Major91B126
89Break Out Of...平田志穂子, Lotus JuiceE Minor109A175
90ShopToby FoxA♭ Major34B155
91Life Goes OnJ-Music Ensemble, Adam NeelyF♯ Minor611A112
92Dream In DriveTHE ORAL CIGARETTESG Major109B72
93Ghost Fight (From "Undertale")insaneintherainmusicD Major610B112
94ON TOPThe Girl Next Door, WMDB Major51B148
95When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars川村ゆみB♭ Minor73A90
96P3 fes川村ゆみ, Lotus JuiceB Minor810A112
97Death By GlamourToby FoxB Minor910A148
98Hopes And DreamsToby FoxC Minor85A171
99Touch offUVERworldE Minor99A100
100Life Will ChangeSapphireB♭ Minor83A132
101LossアトラスサウンドチームC Major68B140
102EscapeアトラスサウンドチームB Minor910A130
103Sun (From "Persona 3 Portable")GillStudioB Minor510A130
104Dance Hymn of the Soul - Disco In Velvet Room小宮知子B Minor810A112
105インフェルノMrs. GREEN APPLEE Major912B92
106Budokai 3 Opening Theme (From "Dragon Ball Z")Gaming WorldE Major812B186
107Poems Are ForeverDan Salvato, ShojiB♭ Major86B145
108Ideal and the Real (From "Persona 5 Royal")Sanjesh PA Minor38A96
109Ideal and the RealSleeping Forest, RichaadEBA Minor98A192
110I'll Rust With YouSteam Powered GiraffeF Minor84A92
111Starlight Star-ShineSteam Powered GiraffeD Major510B95
112雪の女王アトラスサウンドチームA Minor108A130
113ペルソナアトラスサウンドチームE Minor89A133
114Undertale Shop Trap BeatLil_rebaahA♭ Major74B155
115Shop - RemixQuashA♭ Major64B80
116Seen Enough to KnowDeniz LoveF♯ Major52B115
117Overworld - From "Super Mario World"QumuC Major58B130
118Fairy FountainMikel, GameChopsD Minor57A78
119Pokémon GymMikel, GameChopsG Major49B86
120Bubblegum K.K. (From "Animal Crossing: New Leaf")QumuG Major59B113
121Stronger Than You (feat. Estelle)Steven Universe, EstelleA♭ Major54B98
122Cynthia: Champion Cynthia (From "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl") / Battle! Champion (From "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl")QumuB Major81B96
123Lavender Town (From "Pokémon Red and Blue")QumuE Minor49A105
124Beneath the Mask (From "Persona 5")QumuF Major37B148
125Goldenrod City (From "Pokémon Gold & Silver")QumuD♭ Major43B108
126specialist - ”NEVER MORE” P4D-EDIT ver.アトラスサウンドチームA♭ Minor101A128
127Your RealityDan SalvatoC Major28B105
128dead girl in the pool.girl in redG Major79B130
129Breezeblocksalt-JF Major77B150
130BlossomSage.C Major48B125
131A World Without DangerFranck Keller, Ygal AmarF Major87B127
132Swear to My BonesアトラスサウンドチームG Major49B90
133My Hero AcademiaMusicalityC Major48B130
134TheaterアトラスサウンドチームF♯ Major102B130
135Lone Prayer (From "Persona")GillStudioA♭ Major104B160
136Bloody Destiny (From "Persona")GillStudioA Major911B95
137DragDay WaveG Major79B93
138Canary IslandsGoth BabeD♭ Major73B115
139End SummerGoth BabeF♯ Minor711A192
140Boo ThangGARYSHAWNG Minor76A100
141Kingslayer (feat. BABYMETAL)Bring Me The Horizon, BABYMETALD♭ Major93B93
142ShogekiYuko AndoB Major71B137
143Colors Flying High - opening movie versionLynE Minor99A124
144Royal DaysアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
145Take OverLynG Minor76A125
146No More What Ifs - instrumental versionアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
147Ideal and the RealアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
148Kichijoji 199XアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
149Mementos: Upper AreaアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
150No More What IfsLynE Minor99A124
151Mementos: Mid AreaアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
152To the Other WorldアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
153wish come trueアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
154Mementos: Lower AreaアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
155Prison LaborアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
156Featherman SeekerアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
157He's a Trickster☆福島亜美E Minor99A124
158New Year's VisitアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
159You and IアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
160Gentle MadmanアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
161Another IdeologyアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
162So Happy WorldアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
163Mementos: New AreaアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
164Out of KindnessアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
165I believeLynE Minor99A124
166Keep Your FaithアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
167Throw Away Your MaskLynE Minor99A124
168Ruin to ResolutionアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
169Ideal and the Real - end versionアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
170Royal Days - another versionアトラスサウンドチームE Minor99A124
171Our LightLynE Minor99A124
172Colors Flying HighLynE Minor99A124

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