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ONF All Songs by qxu9nspxa7eaq8ejr6giy192y Spotify Playlist

ONF All Songs

by qxu9nspxa7eaq8ejr6giy192y

Spotify ID: 6JIoMwvCD37gWVllCFLYqe

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1ON/OFFONFC Major88B108
2DifficultONFB Major91B110
3If We DreamONFD Major610B136
4OriginalONFF Minor94A128
5Cat’s WaltzONFB♭ Major66B96
6CompleteONFD♭ Major83B124
7Fly Me To The MoonONFG Major89B118
8Good MorningONFG Major59B97
9Fifty FiftyONFE Minor79A120
10IncompleteONFG Minor76A112
1186400ONFD Major410B132
12Your DayONFB Minor910A128
13ON/OFF - Japanese Ver.ONFC Major88B108
14Original - Japanese Ver.ONFA♭ Major94B128
15Love Arrow→ONFF♯ Major72B102
16Complete - Japanese Ver.ONFD♭ Major83B124
1724時間 - Japanese Ver.ONFD Major410B132
18What is a love?ONFA♭ Major84B95
19We Must LoveONFA♭ Major84B105
20Ice & FireONFC Major88B106
21YayayaONFA♭ Minor81A117
22Happily Never AfterONFB Minor710A143
23I DoONFG Minor66A98
24PrettyONFF♯ Major92B110
25WhyONFB Minor810A80
26AsteroidONFD Minor97A130
27All DayONFC Major88B115
28Moscow MoscowONFD♭ Major63B91
29Twinkle TwinkleONFB♭ Minor93A90
30Everybody (from "Road to Kingdom (King's Melody), Pt. 1")ONFB♭ Minor93A126
31The We Must LoveONFF Minor94A105
32smileLONG:D, MK(ONF), ChawooE Major612B110
33It's RainingONFA♭ Major94B119
34New WorldONFC Major98B95
35No ControlONFE Minor89A144
36Sukhumvit SwimmingONFC Major88B150
37Belle EpoqueONFE Major512B95
38GeppetoONFB♭ Minor83A124
39Good GoodONFC Major98B100
40CactusONFA♭ Major34B80
41MessageONFF♯ Major92B99
42New World - SPIN OFF VersionONFC Major98B95
43Not a sad songONFF Major87B150
44Before Today is OverHYOJIN (ONF)A♭ Major94B164
45Beautiful BeautifulONFF Major97B125
46My Name IsONFF Major67B108
47Thermometer - ON Team VersionONFB Minor410A79
48Secret Triangle - OFF Team VersionONFA♭ Major84B126
49The RealistONFA♭ Minor81A165
50On-You - InterludeONFA♭ Major84B100
51Trip AdvisorONFF♯ Minor911A114
52FeedbackONFG Minor66A76
53I.T.I.L.UONFG Major39B77
54Beautiful Beautiful - English VersionONFF Major97B125
55Ugly DanceONFC Major78B188
56My Genesis (Übermensch)ONFD♭ Major83B117
57The DreamerONFA Major711B174
58PoppingONFB Minor810A121
59Summer PoemONFB Major81B144
60Summer ShapeONFG Major29B76
61Dry IceONFG Minor76A160
62Summer EndONFB♭ Major86B97
63GoosebumpsONFD♭ Major83B115
64WhistleONFA Minor78A102
65Fat and SugarONFF♯ Minor711A100
66AlarmONFG Major69B122
67Show Must Go OnONFA♭ Major84B174

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