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All Stray Kids Songs in Order by 21hwqmhgmp7uysjyfkz324e2a Spotify Playlist

All Stray Kids Songs in Order

by 21hwqmhgmp7uysjyfkz324e2a

cw: contains versions with woojin, i have an ot8 playlist without woojin on my page

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1ROCK (돌) ROCKStray KidsA Minor88A142
2BoosterStray KidsD♭ Major93B150
3갑자기 분위기 싸해질 필요 없잖아요 Awkward SilenceStray KidsB♭ Minor93A200
4편 My SideStray KidsC Major98B166
5School LifeStray KidsC Major108B130
6끝나지 않을 이야기Stray KidsF Major67B80
7QuestionStray KidsE Minor99A98
8Side EffectsStray KidsD Major1010B130
9VoicesStray KidsD♭ Major93B150
10Grrr 총량의 법칙Stray KidsD♭ Major103B98
11Road Not TakenStray KidsE Minor99A128
12ChronosaurusStray KidsD Major910B200
13EntranceStray KidsD♭ Major83B106
14Mixtape#4Stray KidsG Minor96A98
15WHO?Stray KidsF Major87B85
16TMTStray KidsD Major910B132
17SunshineStray KidsC Minor75A143
18My PaceStray KidsB Minor810A155
194419Stray KidsF♯ Major82B86
20Get CoolStray KidsD Major910B152
21District 9Stray KidsA Major1011B180
22잘 하고 있어 Grow UpStray KidsG Major99B174
23MirrorStray KidsE Minor89A93
24YAYAYAStray KidsA Minor98A132
25불면증 InsomniaStray KidsB Minor710A168
26LevanterStray KidsA Major711B150
27MIROHStray KidsA Major1011B126
28어린 날개Stray KidsB Minor910A140
29I am YOUStray KidsB Major81B145
30M.I.A.Stray KidsC Major98B140
31극과 극 N/SStray KidsE Minor79A130
32Mixtape#1Stray KidsE♭ Major85B100
33해장국 Hero's SoupStray KidsE Minor69A172
340325Stray KidsA Minor98A170
35BoxerStray KidsD Major910B105
36STOPStray KidsE Minor99A128
3719Stray KidsB♭ Major76B105
38You Can STAYStray KidsA♭ Major84B95
39AstronautStray KidsF♯ Minor811A120
40HellevatorStray KidsB♭ Major86B78
413rd EyeStray KidsA♭ Major74B140
42Mixtape#2Stray KidsE♭ Major55B174
43YOU.Stray KidsA Minor108A170
44Victory SongStray KidsG Major79B103
45NOT!Stray KidsE Minor99A170
46Mixtape#3Stray KidsD♭ Major63B114
47GLOWStray KidsG Major79B90
48AwakenStray KidsA Minor98A82
49Maze of MemoriesStray KidsB♭ Minor73A130
50Double KnotStray KidsF Minor84A147
51Another DayStray KidsD Minor57A95
52Awkward SilenceStray KidsB♭ Minor93A200
53TAStray KidsG Major109B126
54LevanterStray KidsA Major711B150
55M.I.A.Stray KidsA Minor98A140
56God’s MenuStray KidsF Major87B157
57Double Knot - EnglishStray KidsF Minor74A147
58Mixtape : Gone DaysStray KidsD♭ Major83B135
59I am YOUStray KidsB Major91B145
60GO LIVEStray KidsA Major911B154
61BoxerStray KidsD Major910B105
62Side EffectsStray KidsD Major1010B97
63TOP - English VersionStray KidsG Major99B98
64Double Knot -Japanese ver.- - Japanese versionStray KidsF Minor74A147
65AstronautStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
6619Stray KidsB♭ Major76B104
67EasyStray KidsF♯ Minor811A144
68VoicesStray KidsD♭ Major93B150
69Hello StrangerStray KidsA♭ Major94B100
70SLUMP ("Tower of God" ED)Stray KidsG Major99B160
71SLUMP - English VersionStray KidsG Major89B160
72Spread My WingsStray KidsB Minor910A140
73Mixtape : On TrackStray KidsD♭ Major83B171
74YAYAYAStray KidsA Minor98A132
75AirplaneStray KidsF Minor84A156
76TOP ("Tower of God" OP)Stray KidsG Major99B196
77風 (Levanter) -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsA Major711B150
78BEWAREStray KidsD♭ Major103B98
79ChronosaurusStray KidsD Major910B100
80QuestionStray KidsE Minor89A98
81PacemakerStray KidsD Major910B100
82Levanter - EnglishStray KidsA Major711B150
83BlueprintStray KidsG Major89B110
84District 9Stray KidsA Major1011B90
85Grow UpStray KidsG Major99B174
86The Tortoise and the HareStray KidsB Minor910A154
87MIROHStray KidsA Major1011B126
88PhobiaStray KidsD♭ Major93B142
89Victory SongStray KidsG Major89B103
90HavenStray KidsF♯ Minor1011A130
91Get CoolStray KidsD Major910B152
92My Pace -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsB Minor910A155
93HellevatorStray KidsG Minor86A78
94Double KnotStray KidsF Minor74A147
95MirrorStray KidsE Minor89A186
96My PaceStray KidsB Minor810A155
97TOP -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsG Major109B98
98Back DoorStray KidsG Major89B108
99SLUMP -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsG Major89B160
100TMTStray KidsD Major810B132
101B MeStray KidsB Minor910A150
102AnyStray KidsE♭ Minor92A110
103ExStray KidsF Major77B90
104We Go (Bang Chan, Changbin, HAN)Stray KidsF Minor94A174
105Wow (Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix)Stray KidsA♭ Minor71A128
106My Universe (Seungmin, I.N Feat. Changbin)Stray KidsD♭ Major83B92
107神メニュー -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsF Minor84A157
108Back Door -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsG Minor86A108
109ALL INStray KidsC Major88B140
110FAMStray KidsG Major89B105
111One DayStray KidsA♭ Major84B145
112ALL IN (Korean Ver.)Stray KidsG Major89B140
113Going Dumb (with Stray Kids)Alesso, CORSAK, Stray KidsF♯ Minor711A122
114WOLFGANGStray KidsD Minor87A162
115Mixtape : OHStray KidsB Minor710A88
116CHEESEStray KidsD Major910B90
117ThunderousStray KidsD♭ Major83B172
118DOMINOStray KidsG Major99B160
119SSICKStray KidsF Minor84A170
120The ViewStray KidsD♭ Major83B110
121Sorry, I Love YouStray KidsD♭ Major73B100
122Silent CryStray KidsF Minor94A104
123Secret SecretStray KidsC Major78B74
124Star LostStray KidsC Major98B128
125Red Lights (Bang Chan, Hyunjin)Stray KidsB Minor710A128
126Surfin’ (Lee Know, Changbin, Felix)Stray KidsC Major88B105
127Gone Away (HAN, Seungmin, I.N)Stray KidsD♭ Major73B144
128WOLFGANGStray KidsD Minor87A162
129Mixtape : OHStray KidsB Minor710A88
130ScarsStray KidsC Major78B80
131ソリクン -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsF Minor84A172
132CALLStray KidsB♭ Major76B90
133Christmas EveLStray KidsF Minor84A140
13424 to 25Stray KidsE Major512B92
135Winter FallsStray KidsB Minor710A98
136DOMINO - EnglishStray KidsG Minor96A160
137Scars - KoreanStray KidsF Major77B160
138AwakenStray KidsA Minor98A164
139ROCKStray KidsF♯ Minor711A90
1403rd EyeStray KidsF Minor74A140
141PlaceboStray KidsE♭ Major85B100
142InsomniaStray KidsB Minor810A84
143Behind The LightStray KidsE♭ Major55B174
144My SideStray KidsF Major97B166
1450325Stray KidsA Minor98A170
146For YouStray KidsD♭ Major63B114
147Maze of MemoriesStray KidsB♭ Minor73A130
148Broken CompassStray KidsF Minor94A98
149Hoodie SeasonStray KidsF♯ Minor711A90
150JUST BREATHE - feat. 3RACHA of Stray KidsSKY-HI, 3RACHA of Stray KidsF Minor84A113
151VENOMStray KidsA Major811B137
152MANIACStray KidsB Minor610A96
153CharmerStray KidsD♭ Major93B90
154FREEZEStray KidsD♭ Major93B90
155Lonely St.Stray KidsD♭ Major93B90
156Waiting For Us (Bang Chan, Lee Know, Seungmin, I.N)Stray KidsD♭ Major93B90
157Muddy Water (Changbin, Hyunjin, HAN, Felix)Stray KidsD♭ Major93B90

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