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Sade Complete by crimson2099 Spotify Playlist

Sade Complete

by crimson2099

Spotify ID: 5VucOEYqeOzJZ9KIWdqF0B

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1Smooth OperatorSadeA Minor68A120
2Your Love Is KingSadeA Major411B135
3Hang On to Your Love - Long VersionSadeC Major78B108
4Frankie's First AffairSadeC Major58B105
5When Am I Going to Make a LivingSadeA Major711B94
6Cherry PieSadeF Major87B97
7SallySadeA Minor48A101
8I Will Be Your FriendSadeF♯ Minor611A118
9Why Can't We Live TogetherSadeB♭ Major36B104
10Is It a CrimeSadeF Minor44A122
11The Sweetest TabooSadeB♭ Minor83A92
12War of the HeartsSadeD Major510B181
13You're Not the ManSadeA Major411B79
14JezebelSadeD Minor27A92
15Mr WrongSadeE Minor49A170
16Punch DrunkSadeC Major38B177
17Never as Good as the First TimeSadeF♯ Minor611A108
18FearSadeF Major37B94
19Tar BabySadeD♭ Minor712A97
20MaureenSadeD♭ Major73B96
21Love Is Stronger Than PrideSadeA Major311B88
22ParadiseSadeF Minor74A199
23Nothing Can Come Between UsSadeF Minor64A104
24Haunt MeSadeA Minor28A105
25Turn My Back On YouSadeF Major47B99
26Keep LookingSadeD Major810B94
27Clean HeartSadeF♯ Major42B97
28Give It UpSadeB Minor610A108
29I Never Thought I'd See the DaySadeA♭ Minor11A72
30Siempre Hay EsperanzaSadeF Major67B91
31No Ordinary LoveSadeB Minor410A166
32Feel No PainSadeA♭ Major44B164
33I Couldn't Love You MoreSadeG Major29B98
34Like a TattooSadeF Minor24A136
35Kiss of LifeSadeF♯ Minor511A97
36Cherish the DaySadeA♭ Major44B80
37PearlsSadeG Minor16A87
38Bullet Proof SoulSadeG Major29B158
39MermaidSadeA Major311B82
40By Your SideSadeB Major41B146
41FlowSadeG Major49B84
42King of SorrowSadeA♭ Major44B82
43Somebody Already Broke My HeartSadeF Minor34A168
44All About Our LoveSadeE Major512B81
45Slave SongSadeA Minor48A118
46The Sweetest GiftSadeC Major18B121
47Every WordSadeA Minor58A88
48ImmigrantSadeD Major410B170
49Lovers RockSadeD Major410B146
50It's Only Love That Gets You ThroughSadeF♯ Major02B72
51Cherish the Day - LiveSadeF Minor84A80
52Somebody Already Broke My Heart - LiveSadeF Minor54A84
53Smooth Operator - LiveSadeD Minor87A125
54Jezebel - LiveSadeD Minor27A78
55Kiss of Life - LiveSadeF♯ Minor711A98
56Slave Song - LiveSade, The AbyssiniansA Minor58A118
57The Sweetest Gift - LiveSadeC Major18B119
58The Sweetest Taboo - LiveSadeB♭ Minor93A91
59Paradise - LiveSadeB♭ Minor93A100
60No Ordinary Love - LiveSadeB Minor710A82
61By Your Side - LiveSadeB Major61B146
62Flow - LiveSadeD Minor57A84
63Is It a Crime - LiveSadeF Minor54A105
64The Moon and the SkySadeB Minor610A74
65Soldier of LoveSadeC Minor65A90
66Morning BirdSadeG Minor16A176
67BabyfatherSadeB Minor610A138
68Long Hard RoadSadeA♭ Minor21A124
69Be That EasySadeA Major311B120
70Bring Me HomeSadeA Minor68A100
71In Another TimeSadeF Major47B148
72SkinSadeF Minor44A144
73The Safest PlaceSadeF Minor24A84
74Soldier of Love - Live 2011SadeC Minor85A90
75Skin - Live 2011SadeF Minor54A144
76Kiss of Life - Live 2011SadeB Minor810A97
77Love Is Found - Live 2011SadeB♭ Minor63A90
78In Another Time - Live 2011SadeF Major57B148
79Jezebel - Live 2011SadeD Minor27A129
80All About Our Love - Live 2011SadeE Major712B84
81Paradise / Nothing Can Come Between Us - Live 2011SadeB♭ Minor103A97
82Morning Bird - Live 2011SadeG Minor36A88
83The Moon and the Sky - Live 2011SadeB Minor610A74
84No Ordinary Love - Live 2011SadeB Minor810A170
85By Your Side - Live 2011SadeB Major51B146
86Cherish the Day - Live 2011SadeC Minor95A81

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